Shop Your Closet: Update Your Skinny Jean Uniform With Long Socks


Shop Your Closet is a weekly series that is intended to help moms make the most out of what they already own.  These styling tips aren't always groundbreaking, but with the sleeplessness and general chaos of life, they (hopefully) serve as helpful reminders for our less-inspired days.


(wearing: ancient Gap sweater layered over J.Crew cashmere v-neck for extra warmth, Levis skinnies, Frye boots, Salt sunnies, and Lands' End Canvas socks)

This has been my old standby mom-uniform since R was born…almost four years ago now.  And, uh, I actually bought this ancient sweater while pregnant with R.  So yeah – well worn.

Needless to say, this outfit gets tired.  I still put it on because it's warm, comfy, and stylish enough thanks to the cool boots and skinnies, but wow.  I'm bored.

So I added socks.  Tall socks peeking out of boots is a fast and easy update if you are getting tired of your skinnies.  Socks with stripes lend a sporty vibe, cable knit socks go cozy-chic, and socks with a bright pop of color always look cool.


(wearing: on R – Joe's jeans, Gap checked button-down, Splendid hoodie, consigned tee, 77 kids hat)

Because your socks are going over top of your jeans, layering them over tighter-fitting jeans works best.  Or try leggings – this look was made for leggings.  



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  1. I have been looking for socks like this everywhere! I just looked on LE canvas and they weren’t there. Did you get them recently? Have you seen them anywhere else? thank you!

  2. You can find cute cheap stripey socks or argyle socks at the dollar store. If you fold the tops down (so they are inside out), you get a colorful, stringy pop of color coming out of your boot. Just something different to do that also adds texture.

  3. Can I have your boots? Please? I’ve wanted those boots since… pretty much since as far back as I can remember. Some day…
    This is a super cute and comfy looking outfit!

  4. Whoa love this! Pimping this look today with mu mukluks and a long coat since it is 30 below here in Fairbanks! Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Love this look! THis is my weekend look for sure (Working outside of the home during the week). LOVE those boots. Can you tell me how they run? I typically buy a 1/2 size bigger in boots for my thick socks, but sometimes Fryes run large. Thoughts?

  6. Ok I thought I already wrote this comment but I think maybe I didn’t click to post it or something since I’m not seeing it here…go mom brain 🙂 Anyway, I wanted to ask you Shana – I keep seeing you out doing some hardcore romping with these awesome boots. How do they hold up in wet/damp conditions, and do you worry about scuffing them or getting them muddy or dirty?? I’m ashamed to admit that I don’t own any boots yet, and I’m terrified of spending a good chunk of cash on something that will have to weather such…intense conditions 🙂

  7. Jamie, I totally do hardcore romping in my boots!  The fact that they are so dark (instead of the lighter camel that I covet) helps.  I'm also pretty religious about taking care of them, though.  Salt is the worst – if I come in and they have that dried white salt stain, I'll actually wipe them off with a damp, almost wet cloth.  But mud and dirt?  I pretty much just ignore, and just brush 'em off before wearing the next time.  HOWEVER:  Before I put them away every Spring/Summer I take them to shoe repair guy.  Shoe repair guy does a recondition if they are in really bad shape, and a new polish.  They also put a new bottom layer on and fix the heel. This costs anywhere from $30 – $70 depending on how bad they are.  (Hmmmm…..the $70 only applied to an old vintage pair that needed lots of saving.  Typically the cost is closer to $40).  
    And as you've probably noticed, I keep boots like this FOREVER.  I will most likely be pushing my grandkids on the swing in these babies.  🙂

  8. I am so in love with this look! It is so fresh! My skinnies aren’t skinny enough to do this, but I practically live in leggings! Today, I did this! I had on a tunic and on the bottom I had gray leggings, black over the knee slouchy socks with crochet patterns and brown suede slouchy boots. It really looked cute! And it kept my feet nice and toasty since we had about a foot of snow 🙂 I actually was in love with the whole outfit. I just bought a fold over black jersey skirt at Old Navy and had seen the idea somewhere to pull it up and wear it as a dress or tunic. So, I put on a gray and navy striped layering tee (long sleeve) from Target, pulled the skirt up over, like a tunic, paired it with charcoal leggings, long slouchy patterned black socks, and brown boots. I layered a chunky mixed metal necklace and a pretty red scarf on top to complete the outfit! I had such a blast mixing and I’d have never thought to add the socks under the boots (but over the leggings) had it not been for this post! It kept my feet warm and dry and looked really cute!

  9. Love the look! I’m so bummed because I can’t find those particular Frye boots anywhere 🙁 I don’t think they make that style anymore. Can you let me know anywhere else I can find them?

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