Shop Your Closet: Wear Black and Navy…Deliberately



(wearing: Stylemint Lola Jeans in black, an old Theory button-down – similar, cropped navy sweater from Ann Taylor – similar, Mia Buckaroo Boots – can be found on eBay…or I'd wear these in a heart-beat)

Mamas, we just spent the most ah-mazing week in Baltimore.  Have you been?

Mike was there all week on business, staying at some fancy-schmancy hotel we'd never normally afford (*cough $300 a night *cough)…so my choices were thus:

1.  Stay at home for a week – alone with the boys –  while they whined for Dad

2.  Go and play all day long in the kid-wonderland that is Baltimore

Easy decision.  But I was on strict orders from Mike:  "Babe – you can only come if you ask me for nothing all week.  I'm serious – NOTHING."

Um…OK.  Geez.  Like I'm high-maintenance or something. (Says the girl who routinely wakes her husband up at 3AM for a glass of water.)

But anyway. We all went, I asked Mike for nothing, and we all had a blast.  After Mr. Important was done  with his week-long meeting, he joined us for playtime.  And boy, that aquarium sure is somethin'.

Of course, you are more interested in the outfit. Black and navy.  Together.  Like you mean it. 


I kinda loved it.  It felt….sophisticated?  No, that's not quite the word I want.  It felt cool, but in a French-girl kinda way.  Gamine!  That's it.  I felt positively gamine.  Hence the attempt at fancy eyeliner.


And Mamas, I'm wearing Stylemint's new skinny jeans.  They came out a while ago, but didn't look like much online.  The online pics make them look almost baggy at the ankles.  So I ignored them.  HOWEVER…they are only $60, so in the interest of "research" I caved.  And am so glad I did.  I've barely taken them off since.  

Anyway, I've been warming up to the whole navy-and-black thing since last fall when Emerson Frye styled their fab navy peacoat with black skinnies (see it here on Pinterest).  I think the key is to go all-in.  I like the pop of white to make the black/navy color distinction clear.  (Gray, I think, would also work.)

I wore this outfit several times last week, including on our playdate with Mike.  It's one of the few outfits that went from day-to-night effortlessly, without high heels.  Bonus.  

(I'm also patting myself on the back because the navy sweater was an Ann Taylor sale rack steal for $4!!  And the white shirt is a old work standby that hasn't been touched in a looong time.  Love making use of old clothes.)

What do you think, Mamas?  Is navy and black in your future?  And who else LOOOOVES Baltimore??  We're planning a trip back in December to see the Polar Express in 4D (you feel wind, rain, etc.)  Wanna join?




  1. Swoon for black and navy! Italians have sported it for years! I also love blue with navy. I’m close to Bmore too! Live in DC 😉 You can email me for sure. Would love to meet you in person even for a coffee/tea with my 20 month old girl.

  2. love the black & navy! i’m also a fan of black & brown/tan. they’re all neutrals so they all “go”, right? i’ve been eyeing the StyleMint skinnies too, but i’m weary of buying jeans online. how is the rise on them?

  3. I love wearing black and navy together! I figured that one out in high school after one of the coolest girls in school wore it and rocked it.
    As for Baltimore, I only love the waterfront area – if you venture out a block too far you are in scary (aka real) Baltimore and I do not love that!!

  4. I live in Baltimore! I love it. It’s a wonderful city. And it’s funny because I was just thinking that I have not yet taken the kids to the park with the crazy tunnels downtown…
    My friend and I read your blog faithfully and implement as best we can. Big fans:) If we ever run into you in Baltimore don’t be surprised if we ask for advice or an autograph, and if you need any ideas on what to do with active little boys in Baltimore, we’ve got you covered!

  5. Separate topic: Just bought super cute lower (not ankle) brown boots but I wear black all the time. Can I pair these two together? and HOW? Thanks! LOVE THIS BLOG!!!
    Sorry, I didn’t know how to contact you w/o msging on this post.

  6. hahahaha Amy SO TRUE about “real Baltimore” 🙂
    And Shana I think my heart just stopped when I heard the words “wanna join” – YES PLEASE let’s have an ANMJ reader party when you come back this way!!!!

  7. We love Baltimore for family stuff, too. We live in the DC area so it’s a nice day trip. The aquarium’s great, of course, but we also love Port Discovery (making a trip there this weekend, in fact) and the Maryland Science Center. Friends say the B&O Railroad Museum is cool, too.
    And props to shopping your closet: “reuse/rewear” is my theme for blog posts all this week!

  8. Cute! I have some stylemint credits sitting around….how is the sizing and stretch? I am a 28 in paige, do you think similar for stylemint?

  9. Love this look! And love the idea of breaking up the darks with a white dress shirt. I tend to ignore my old work shirts (too boring) but they might just make a dark navy sweater/dark denim combo work…Thanks!

  10. I can’t wear black or navy; both terrible on me.
    But since an entry of yours a bit back saying they were best friends, I’ve felt okay dressing my daughter with them!

  11. I think I couldn’t pull it off well enough for people around here to understand it was intentional and not that I got dressed in the dark. Lol. And I just don’t think I like that much dark all together. I have such dark hair and blue eyes I just feel like I look too cold and need something bright to cheer up the outfit, you know?

  12. I love this look on you! And I’m the person who expressed doubt about the skinny jean/moto boot look earlier, but it looks great. Now I need to go buy those boots I’ve been drooling over…

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