Shop Your Closet: Wear Socks With Your Loafers


Mamas, I have always had a soft spot for geeks.  I, myself, am a geek.  I married a geek.  And, if I do my job correctly, my sons will also grow up to be geeks.  

Go geeks, go.


(wearing: J. Crew sweater, J Brand cropped denim – similar here, Gap leopard-print socks, Sperry woven loafers)

The advantage to all of this geekiness is that I feel right at home in exposed socks and loafers.  

If I add orange lipstick and make my socks leopard print can I claim this is "geek chic"?  (These dot socks would be pretty cute also.)


I'm going with yes.  Anything that gets me out of boots (am SO sick of boots by now) but still keeps me warm is a win lately. 

But I drew the line at adding nerd glasses.  I know, I know – I'll be shunned from all the cool fashion blogger clubs for not embracing nerd glasses.  Isn't that just like a geek?  Can't get on board to the cool trends, even when the trend is geeky.

Besides, these nerd glasses are more my speed:

Screen Shot 2012-03-09 at 1.05.31 PM

Although, after looking at recent pics of R (the above is from over a year ago)….I think I'm losing the geek war:


He drew on tatts, Mamas.  Tatts!  I don't have tattoos!  Mike doesn't have tattoos!  Why does my four year old want tattoos?

Tats and aviators.  He's cooler now than I have ever been – heck, most four years olds are cooler than I have ever been.  I love how self-assured so many of these little people are.  I can only hope I don't do anything to screw him up.  Motherhood is scary, Mamas. Don't you think?



ps.  Speaking of cool kids…have you checked out Planet Awesome Kid?  My new fav.



  1. I wonder if this generation that we’re raising will be more sure of themselves bc we’re always sticking a camera in front of their faces? My kids are nowhere near camera shy, they’re totally confident and comfortable in ways that I NEVER was/am.
    And the nerd glasses, I can’t love them either. Thanks for acknowledging the elephant in the room.

  2. Kristen, your comment cracked me up!  I don't mean to hate on the nerd glasses – I totally get why people love them – what's not to like about a sexy librarian?  But….sigh.  I'm SO over it.  They are starting to look a bit tired.  I'm ready for the next trend….

  3. I need to get some cool socks…I was just complaining to my husband about not being able to wear my loafers because they give me blisters unless I wear socks, but I can’t wear socks with loafers.
    I stand(happily)corrected.

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