Shop Your Closet: Wear Your Guy’s Tie


A huge trend lately has been menswear on women.  Not just trouser pants and button-down shirts, but serious menswear – think three-piece suits, oxford shoes, fedoras.  It's surprisingly sexy on women.  So when I came across this shot, I fell in love:

Screen Shot 2012-01-08 at 2.23.31 PM

(photo credit:  Justin Chung for GQ's Like The Boys with Georgia Fowler)

But…the bow-tie.  Mike is totally NOT a bow-tie kinda guy.  And I have doubts that a bow-tie simply draped over my shoulders would last long with the two little nutcases I run around with everyday.  But the vibe is great.  Really relaxed and sexy.  So then I thought…why not a actual tie?

So I stole one of Mike's.  And I kinda love it.


You know how often button-down shirts schooch around underneath your sweater and become uncomfortable?  Yes?  Well….when all buttoned up and anchored with a tie….the shirts stay put.  This was probably the most comfortable version of shirt-under-sweater that I've worn in a while. 

We live close to some fancy-schmancy private boy's school out here (think blazers and ties), and I always feel sorry for the boys during recess.  We'll drive by and see them playing football and soccer in their blazer-and-tie uniform.  It just seems so formal and weird.  

But maybe not so weird…


(wearing: Rich & Skinny bootcut denim, Dansko crazy horse boots c/o Dansko, Theory white button-down, J. Crew Factory shawl-collar sweater, 1901 tie)

Certainly didn't slow me down much.  Could still, you know, tackle the boys and stuff.  

And guess what, nursing moms??


I could only entertain Pax with that water glass for so long. Nursing was surprisingly easy.  The shawl-collar sweater is one of my nursing standbys, so I ended up just moving the tie out of the way by moving it over a bit.  I didn't even need to loosen it. 

I was totally comfortable, and felt kinda cool.  Maaaaybe a little sexy even?  This was a total win in my book.  Maybe someday I'll try the bow-tie.






  1. Ah, there’s those boots again! I’ve been crushing on them since you posted the Dankso contest and they have been surprising hard to find in size 39! Finally scored a pair on Endless today for $40 off. Can’t wait to sport them!

  2. Haha, ever heard of the book “Birdie’s Big Girl Dress”? The first picture is soooo straight out of that book (but in real life..)! Awesome book for little fashionistas – and it encourages wearing men’s bow ties!

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