Top 16 Picks From Shopbop’s Black Friday Sale


Oh hey, Shopbop. I couldn’t be more thrilled that one of my very favorite Black Friday sales has started!! I swear, half my wardrobe seems to come from Shopbop. Per usual, the TME editors are pulling together a list of our top picks from the sale.

This is not that list.

As a fashion blogger…I am in the (often strange) position of Owning All The Things. I’m a minimalist at heart (so this part of the job sometimes gets to me), but it also puts me in a unique position of trial & error…on a MAJOR scale.

Because of this constant in-and-out of my wardrobe as trends and stock changes…I’ve noticed that there are some pieces that remain in constant rotation. These are the pieces that are either insanely versatile, or just really well made or both.

And….several of them happen to be part of Shopbop’s Black Friday sale.

Shopbop Black Friday Sale Favs: 16 Of My Most-Worn Pieces

So. Here’s my list of 16 pieces at the Shopbop sale that I can personally recommend. These wardrobe items are some of the hardest-working pieces in my closet, some of my most-worn. And yeah…most are pretty expensive. But stay tuned for the TME Editors’ Shopbop Sale Top Picks article (coming out soon). It includes a roundup my favorite pieces under $100.

1. Winter Boots: Sorel Kinetic

I can’t say enough about Sorel’s Kinetic boots. They’re a sneaker-winter boot hybrid, but instead of sacrificing the qualities of either…they really are as comfortable as sneaks…AND as warm as winter boots. One of my most-worn pairs of boots last winter (and I’m sure they’ll be a closet staple again this year).

2. OTK Boots: Stuart Weitzman

boots | black sweater | coat (in this year’s color) | light blue sweater – also at Nordstrom | black coat

This is my…third? fourth? year wearing Stuart Weitzman’s Lowland boots. I don’t treat them with anything (maybe I should), but they’re still in really good condition. I find that when it’s really cold, it’s hard to beat a skinny jeans + OTK boot combo. (Or heck, leggings and OTK boots.) I wouldn’t worry about black vs the dark gray — I think they could probably be used interchangeably (and the dark gray might even look better with black leggings).

Final note: Readers keep asking if OTK boots are on their way ‘out’. I think that as long as skinny jeans are a thing, as long as skirts are a thing, and as long as cold weather exists…OTK boots will likely have a place. Are the they hottest, most current trend? Nah. But they’re so flipping practical (and chic and…sexy even?) that their staying power is high.

3. Everyday Boots: Doc Martens

Oh hey, Shopbop. We couldn’t be more thrilled that 1 of our fav Black Friday sales has started. Here’s a list of 16 pieces sale we personally recommend. Go!

coat (xs) | jeans (25) | clutch | boots

These Dr. Martens Leona boots are a little newer to my closet, but they’ve already gotten a ton of wear. Not only do they look cute with my skinny jeans, but they’re the perfect boot to winterize boyfriend jeans or those wide-leg crop jeans. (I have all sort of ideas about tights and dresses too, so fingers crossed.)

4. Comfy Heels: Loeffler Randall Emelia Mules

leopard heels – on sale in gold at Shopbop | white dress | black top (sweater option at Shopbop) | shorts

I have these in leopard; Shopbop has them in gold. Any color would work — these little mules are some of the most comfortable I own. They were even comfortable enough to walk around cobblestoned streets in Italy this summer. I’ve recently decided that 2″ heels are my jam. I’m just so much happier wearing comfy shoes.

5. Sustainable Sneakers: Veja

straw bag | tee (size 1) | jeans (25X30)

Sustainable sneaker brand Veja is a TME team fav. They’re still fairly under-the-radar cool, and have that French-girl vibe I love. Veja does two things really well: One, their canvas sneaker is comfy right out of the box and has the most interesting color combos (I love this one)…and two, their white leather sneakers have the just the right amount of color to keep things interesting (these are my favs).

6. Bags: Clare V.

shorts (or this year’s here) | straw bag | white dress | black bag | leopard heels – on sale in gold at Shopbop

There are two Clare V bags in particular I just can’t quit. One is Clare V’s straw Pot de Miel — it looks like a honeypot and I get a ton of compliments on it. It’s one of those magic bags that hold much more than you’d expect. My only complaint is that it doesn’t pack into a suitcase easily. That problem was solved this summer by Clare V’s net Sandy tote. Slim, packs easily, but large enough to hold my wallet, sunglasses, lip balm, an Italian phrase book and a map.

7. Year-Round Top: Cami NYC Silk Camis

silver cami (xs) | similar-ish skirt (shorter, but drool-worthy) | similar boots | black cami (xs) | similar shorts

At the risk of sounding boring…YES, I’m still yattering on about these silk camis. They are — and I don’t say this lightly — one of my most-worn items of clothing. The 100% silk racerback (below right) is probably my most-worn style, but the silver metallic is a close second. I basically wear these pieces year-round, and I machine wash the black one. I wear them alone in the summer, and layer over a t-shirt or a turtleneck in the winter. I’ve even…worn the black one to bed. These things are total workhorses, and I plan on using the Shopbop sale to STOCK UP.

ps. Either pick up a good strapless bra (I’m considering this one) or try this bralette underneath.

8. White Tee: James Perse Semi-Sheer Tee

silver cami (xs) | tee (size 1) | similar-ish skirt (shorter, but drool-worthy) | black cami (xs) | similar jeans: dark silver or – whoacopper

I’ve tried a ton of t-shirts on…and the best one for layering, hands-down, is still this semi-sheer James Perse tee. I’m wearing a size 1.

9. Denim Jacket: L’Agence Janelle

jacket (size small)| longer dress | straw bag | vans | work dress

I cannot stress this enough: This is — easily — the best denim jacket I’ve ever worn. It’s so soft, it’s more like a cardigan than a jacket. Even my mother — who is super-picky and frugal — picked up this jacket and never looked back. I obviously have it in the light wash (from Intermix), but the newer, darker wash would be equally amazing. You can find the darker wash at Shopbop, Intermix or Saks.

10. Leather Jacket: IRO

These IRO leather jackets are expensive (here’s a very similar one, and here’s a slightly shorter option)..but man, they’re good. Butter-soft leather that just gets better with age, a perfect fit, and styling that looks just as good with jeans as it does with fancier pieces. Someone recently asked about warmth…and YES. I am able to wear it all winter. I just layer underneath (sweater + baselayer), and add a scarf, mittens, and a hat. I also sized up (38) to accommodate sweaters…but the jacket will gently stretch over time. You won’t care — it’ll just get better.

ps. If you want my exact leather jacket…Intermix has it on sale for $549, but only in sizes 36 & 38.

11. Cute Sweater: Black, But Interesting

Oh hey, Shopbop. We couldn’t be more thrilled that 1 of our fav Black Friday sales has started. Here’s a list of 16 pieces sale we personally recommend. Go!

similar sweater | similar jeans (same style, different wash)

This sweater is a couple years old now, but it’s still getting a ton of wear. I like that it feels more elevated than just a plain black sweater — it has more personality. I tend to wear it layered over a silk cami…and then the whole look can go from day-to-night pretty easily. Great for travel or city adventuring. This particular sweater is long gone, but Shopbop has a few sweaters with a similar vibe.

12. Black Cashmere Turtleneck: Equipment

sweater – more sizes/colors on Amazon | puffer | velvet leggings | similar feather bag

Here’s the deal: While this Equipment sweater has been one of my most-worn pieces for the last four years…there are now a bunch of new cashmere options I like better. Also, my exact sweater is no longer being made, and Equipment’s newer turtleneck — the Delfina — is not exactly the same. The body is shorter and it’s not *quite* as thick as the original. That said…it’s still a damn good sweater. And…a few of my newly discovered cashmere favs are also in the Shopbop sale.

13. Cozy Cashmere Sweaters: 360, Vince, Nadaam

I have a whole post coming out about my very favorite cashmere sweaters right now…SPOILER it’s these. Naadam is my ultimate top choice (see my post here) — and they’re having their own Black Friday sale, too. But there are few pieces at Shopbop, so it’s worth comparing prices. That said, 360 Cashmere is another recently discovered brand that is so deliciously thick and drapey — I’m in love. And I tried on a ton of Vince sweaters to figure out which ones were nice and thick — top two are below. If I’m paying Vince prices, I want MAJOR cozy cashmere vibes.

gray vince sweater – xs| aloe vince sweater (also in cream) – small | 360 black sweater | jeans

14. Sheer Black Tights: Wolford

Oh hey, Shopbop. We couldn’t be more thrilled that 1 of our fav Black Friday sales has started. Here’s a list of 16 pieces sale we personally recommend. Go!

Wolford’s Velvet De Lux 50 black tights are my go-tos in winter, worn anytime I need to be a little fancy. Sheer black tights are pretty close to foolproof, and they don’t totally wreck a fancy outfit like opaque black tights *sometimes* can. They’re just easier to style. And this Wolford pair is the most durable (and comfortable) that I’ve found…and juuuust warm enough. (Wolford’s entire line of tights is pretty great — definitely worth stocking up during the sale. One pair of lace Wolford tights I’ve had for…10 years now? They definitely last.)

15. Slip’s 100% Silk Pillowcase

Oh hey, Shopbop. We couldn’t be more thrilled that 1 of our fav Black Friday sales has started. Here’s a list of 16 pieces sale we personally recommend. Go!

I cannot say enough about Slip’s 100% silk pillowcases. They reduce hair frizz and wrinkles — my mom and I both swear by them. Shopbop has a bunch of Slip silk pillowcases on sale right now.

16. Jeans

sweater | jeans | snake boots (same boot, different color) | backpack | sweater | similar jeans

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention jeans. A ton of my denim favorites are in the sale, as well as a few styles I’ve been dying to try. Here’s the full list of denim I’m 100% comfortable recommending…

For more Black Friday shopping & #DressingRoomSelfies, plus fall, winter & holiday outfit ideas head over here. Happy Thanksgiving!




  1. Very excited about your favorite cashmere post. I discovered Naadam a few years ago and love them…can’t bring myself into buying any other brands now.

  2. The All Saints jackets are great…but the IRO is a MUCH higher quality. The tailoring is impeccable, and the leather is much softer and more supple. Which helps to explain the price difference.

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