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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not that…it’s Shopbop Sale time!!

If you’ve yet to shop (or even browse) Shopbop, think of it as an online boutique full of the. best. brands. Though much of it skews very *investment piece,* there’s plenty of inventory under $200 (or even under $100), like Levi’s, Veja, Rails (to just name a few).

Shopbop Sale: The Best Denim, Shoes, Dresses & Accessories In The Spring Event

How it works: It’s a spend more — save more type of sale. So depending on how much you spend, you can take 15%, 20% or even 25% off your cart. The key is to look for products marked, “Key Style” to see if they’re part of the sale. (And — good news — those Stuart Weitzman OTK boots we’ve been wearing for years are included in the sale. Black or dark gray are both great options.)

So. If you’ve been lusting over those designer jeans, now’s the time. If you’re been waiting for spring to get a new trench coat (or maybe you never pulled the trigger on that gorgeous wool coat), done & done. White sneaks? Snap ’em up.

You get the idea.

Shana’s article is out now — she covered a ton of stuff you’ll recognize that she has (and loves) from the sale, and Scotti did the same. Linzi also published and article on the four main categories she’s shopping (yup, clogs are in it), so be sure to check that out. For now, keep reading for our editors’ top 8-12 favorites…happy sale shopping!

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Laura | Linzi | Em | Jess | Cam | Scotti | Julieta | Gwen | Shana

Laura’s Shopbop Sale Picks

Linzi’s Shopbop Sale Picks

I’ve rounded up some favorites below but you can find the four things I’m buying in this post!

Em’s Shopbop Sale Picks

Jess’ Shopbop Sale Picks

Cam’s Shopbop Sale Picks

Scotti’s Shopbop Sale Picks

Find even more of Scotti’s Shopbop sale favs (plus stuff she already owns and loves), right here.

Julieta’s Shopbop Sale Picks

Gwen’s Shopbop Sale Picks

Shana’s Shopbop Sale Picks (Things I’m Actually Buying)

Whenever these big sales pop up, our most-asked question is always, “Yeah, but what did YOU buy?” That’s typically tough to answer in a timely fashion (at least for me…I often write first, then figure out myself last-minute), but this year I wanted to do things differently. First of all, I NEED to pick up another Cami NYC silk cami, which has always (always!!) sold out in black before I could snap it up. So after my usual “research” I stayed late at the office and actually put in an order (poor Gwen is here too, waiting for me to finish).

But here’s what you need to know: This isn’t the best stuff in the sale.

My list below doesn’t necessarily include the best investment pieces, nor does it cover some of my most-worn, most-loved pieces, which now happen to be on sale. If you want to see my complete edit of the Shopbop sale (including pieces I’ve been wearing and loving for years), check out my other article, here.

But if you want to see what’s in my cart? Here it is….


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