What To Buy At The Shopbop Sale


Gang, Shopbop is having its giant GO BIG sale.  Take up to 25% off of just about everything with code GOBIG18.  Since the discount increases with the amount you spend, I tend to use this sale to invest in bigger pieces (shoes, jeans, etc.), as well as stocking up on some of my most-worn items (like this tee)

Keep reading to see which pieces I think are worth considering, as well as the pieces the rest of the TME team is drooling over.  (A even has a mens’ boutique at the bottom, if interested.)

One word of caution:  things are selling out FAST.  So don’t sit on it.

Happy shopping!

*NEW* Swim To Buy At The Shopbop Sale

We asked our contributors to give us their 4 ABSOLUTE FAVORITE swim pieces – now on sale. Let’s dive in..

Shana’s Favorites

Laura’s Favorites

Cam’s Favorites

Jess’ Favorites

Julieta’s Favorites


What To Buy At The Shopbop Sale

This section is from me, S.  But if you keep reading past my very-detailed list (I just get on a roll sometimes)…each TME contributor has pulled the pieces that they’re seriously considering.  Hope this helps!


Truth be told, we were a little disappointed in the bag selection (even the selection of Minkoff backpacks weren’t the best colors…unless you still want black or light gray).  ANYWAY.   Here are four items worth considering….


Pretty Little Tops

I tend to invest in one great top…and then wear it to death. Here are a few that caught my eye.



Of course, I’m going to talk about denim.  Frankly, this one is easy:  go get the AGs.

White Boots

I swear, this is one trend that will be sticking around.  Here are the four pairs I love:



I don’t know if I’m just grumpy….but I hated almost everything.  They were either too embellished or too boring or too hard to walk in (I don’t trust slides….I just don’t)….and I think, really, when it all comes down to it, I’m just leaning towards simple, tan sandals.  Here are four pairs I can actually see myself rocking all summer:


White Dresses

Know what goes perfectly with tan sandals?  Little white dresses.  And thanks to the makers of bleach, they’re not as scary to wear as they sound.

Bright Dresses

Not sold on the white?  Here are a few others that got me swoonin’….

Shortie Outfits…

Because my five-year-old self had some solid summer dressing strategies.


Scotti’s Shopbop Sale Favorites

I love Shopbop’s sale for stocking up on my favorites…faux-leather leggings, comfy sweaters, designer jeans . . . But I also look for interesting pieces that can add a little something to an otherwise basic outfit. (Feather sandals, I’m looking at you!)

Jess’ Shopbop Sale Favs

(Jess here) Shopbop’s sale picks have me feeling SPRING!

Cam’s Shopbop Sale Favs

Cams says: I’m looking forward to Spring (it’s been in the ’60s/’70s here, so…). I’ve got my eye on easy footwear, dresses, shorts and tops – anything I can throw on, wear all day and feel comfortable and cool in.

Gwen’s Shopbop Sale Favs

(It’s Gwen!) I’m a sucker for pretty PJ’s, SHOES and if nothing else..you have to try these SPANX leggings.

Laura’s Shopbop Sale Favs

(Laura here) Loving the graphic sweatshirts, great denim and sleek sandals. The white AGOLDE jeans I have and LOVE. The straight leg is so flattering in the white since it balances out your leg more than skinnies. They run a little big so size down.


Julieta’s Shopbop Sale Favs

Julieta says: I use this sale to get things that don’t really go on sale often like my favorite jeans, good underwear and leggings to conceal that mom stomach I have, and of course shoes and bags in light colors to start getting ready for the new season.

A’s Shopbop Sale Favs

A here. I just packed a bag for Spring Break. A carry-on bag. Done. Can’t wait!!!

Men’s Shopbop Sale Favs, otherwise known as East Dane Sale Favs

Great finds for the well dressed good guys in our lives.