Shopping: 10 Gorgeous Statement Necklaces under $100


After a while, all statement necklaces begin to look the same:  a big 'ol jumble of stuff.  But as promised, here are ten of my favorites, all under $100 (most are around $40).  These are the ones that still caught my eye, even after my head exploded from an overabundance of gem.




1.  Anthropologie Frozen Fruit Necklace, $48 

2. House of Harlow 1960 5 Station Necklace in red, $75 

3. Panacea Crystal Collar Necklace, $48 at Nordstroms



4.  Chasca Necklace, $58 at Anthropologie

5. Blue Mondrain Bib Necklace, $38 at Bauble Bar

6. Spring St. Design Group 'Drama' Necklace, $32 at Nordstroms



7. Noir Weave Bib, $36 at Bauble Bar

8. Sabine Multi-Color Statement Necklace, $78

9.  Multistone Slider Cord Necklace, $45 at Express


Um.  I promised ten.  And that was only nine.  Here's one more:  

Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 3.02.36 PM

Cara Accessories Roped Necklace, $42 at Nordstroms

I'm totally intriuged by this little sparkler.  I had originally deleted it from the list…but then I keep going back for more.  This might actually be my new favorite?  Sigh.  Fickle, I know.  THIS is why I've been searching for a new statement necklace for years.  I'm totally overwhelmed by choice.  OMG.



ps.  Have you heard of Bauble Bar?  Holy MAMA.  It's page after page of fun little necklaces…most priced oh-so-cheap.  If you are not feeling my picks above, check them out.  But be warned:  it's addicting.


  1. Love # 4! Although my statement necklace usually consist of your idea of throwing on a jumble of what I own, never sure if it really works, but it changes each time I do it & change (or variety) is good for me 🙂

  2. I love #1. Thinking of buying it right now, in the name of efficiency. (I hate when I mean to buy something, and then never get around to it, and then I need it and don’t have it and inevitably have to settle for something worse. Shopping is such hard work. I know!)
    Anyway, I might need a little tutorial on how to wear a statement necklace without feeling silly. Although I think there’s a lot of ideas in your archives if I can find them 🙂

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