Just In Time For Summer: 30 Finds From Our Amazon Storefront


It’s a given at this point. The seasons are changing, so we’re…headed to Amazon. And since its summer, we’re talking glowing skin, beachside hangs, cute warm-weather outfits, amazing smells, refreshing drinks?? Paradise.

I mean…if these are the summer vibes we’re going for, I couldn’t be more excited.

Summer is (basically) here, & so here's a list of 30 Amazon finds to get you ready for fun in the sun. Think: tank tops, a beach bag & watermelon coffee (that has great reviews).

Amazon Has Summer Covered: 30 Random Finds On Our Storefront

So, specifically for your summer enjoyment, I’ve put together another list of 30 (very) random and (very) fun finds to get you prepped and ready for a couple months in the sun. Make sure to check out our Amazon Storefront for all of these finds + more.

1. WTF (Why This Fruit), Nespresso? Don’t know, but apparently this limited-edition coffee flavor is amazing. Ordered.

2. Ice-cream-money forgetter? Worry not — this coin purse has you covered.

3. Got a little money to burn on the prettiest tank top in the world? I’m jealous.

4. Your kid has an entrepreneurial, lemonade-stand-manager-esque spirit? Prepare yourself for those doorbuster driveway sales.

5. Field mom? Give my regards to your hips and knees. Then, take a load off with an easy stool.

6. Missing your vintage tube socks? Here’s a fresh update.

7. Summer makeup on a budget? This $20 bronzer is magical.

8. White-noise addict? Don’t let silence run your vacation sleeps — try this little machine.

9. Craving summer salads? This brand makes the most eye-pleasing (+ delicious) dressings.

10. Tempted to go braless? If you need a li’l something, these nipple covers are a secret savior.

11. Are you a constant wineglass-mixer-upper? These cowboy drink markers will help.

12. Best farter ever? Obviously I’m talking about your husband. Scoop up this funny mug to announce his new title.

13. Love a margarita but not the sugar? Or alcohol? THIS. Here’s a paloma.

14. Your home smells a little stale? Apotheke candles to the rescue.

15. Cautious packer? You need this razor travel case. Here’s the matching (and seriously outstanding) razor.

16. Need a new deodorant? People are obsessing over this one.

17. Constantly forgetting your beach hat? Slip it on your adorable bag.

18. Time for a sundae? Pile on the sprinkles & make it nostalgic.

19. Looking for a new scent? Try a few samples before you commit. (Spoiler: It’s IMPOSSIBLE to pick just one in this set.)

20. Want to take your garden up a notch? A little ambient lighting will do just that.

21. Still haven’t mastered buttering corn on the cob? Who has? This butter spreader is genius.

22. Unsure about summer trip plans? Get inspired with a travel guide & hit “book.”

23. Making summer drinks that call for salt rims? This Tajin rimmer. And only this.

24. Really love pickles? Great, now you can stick ’em on yourself.

25. In the mood for a refreshing smoothie? Grab a bag of these Blender Bombs and cut your prep time in half.

26. You’re one of those people who brings the kitchen sink to the beach? Jeez, go you. This mini folding table will rock your world.

27. Taking a hike? I don’t want to be dramatic but…a LifeStraw is a lifesaver.

28. Always a fan of gadgets of the unnecessary-add-on variety? I bring you this YETI cooler.

29. Want to be the most fashionable in your Krewe? Done & done.

30. Camping on the schedule? These freeze-dried meals are oddly fun (and yum).

Happy summer!!

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Hey there, Pinners…

Summer is (basically) here, & so here's a list of 30 Amazon finds to get you ready for fun in the sun. Think: tank tops, a beach bag & watermelon coffee (that has great reviews).

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