A California-Casual Capsule Wardrobe From The Shopbop Fall Event


By now, you guys know how much we love Shopbop. I’m shamelessly sucked in by their fast Prime shipping and returns, and even though it’s literally as easy and convenient as shopping on Amazon, it still feels like you’re shopping a well-curated boutique. (Well, as close to “shopping” as it gets from the comfort of your couch at 1am….) And the Shopbop Fall Event allows you to shop a wide selection of solid, reputable brands at a number of price points — all with a Buy More Save More discount structure. Twist my arm.

Truth be told, I didn’t actually intend to put together my own post for the Shopbop fall sale, but when we were pulling together our top picks for the TME team post, I just couldn’t leave well enough alone. Gwen capped us all at our top eight picks (she is a serious force to be reckoned with and we love her for it) — and I had narrowed mine down to maaaaaybe…20…ish? Which brings us to this: the dozen or so picks that were special enough to make it into their own little edit. And wouldn’t ya know…they work together as the perfect fall capsule wardrobe — with a decidedly casual, California slant.

(Note: click here or on the collage, below, to instantly shop all featured items.)

Doc Martens, a Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack & cashmere sweaters...we're shopping the ultimate casual capsule wardrobe — at Shopbop.

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1 / Daydreamer Def Leppard Tee: Daydreamer tees are some of my favorites — they have a perfect, broken-in feel, and they’re slouchy without being sloppy. This one is the exact fit of my beloved Led Zeppelin tee. Classic, not cropped, and sure to be in heavy rotation.

2 / Rebecca Minkoff Sweatshirt Dress: Total sucker for 1) all things tomboyish that have just a bit of a flirty edge and 2) sweatshirt dresses of all walks. This is cute enough to wear for Zoom calls or a date, but at the end of the day, it’s still a sweatshirt dress. I’d wear it most with the sneaks and the vest included in this capsule, but with the cardigan coat and Docs (below), and maybe a luxe, slouchy sock? So cute. Feels like a good price point for a piece like this, too.

3 / Ultrasoft Woven PJs: Totally classic plaid, cute enough to strut around in a bit and feel just a bit sexy, but most definitely in-laws appropriate (you know what I mean). Would I wear the top knotted with boyfriend jeans and the Tretorns here? You betcha.

4 / The North Face Nuptse Down Vest: I recently bought the jacket version of this vest, and it’s SO good. As much as I love a lightweight, sleek down vest or jacket (I’m actually on the hunt for the perfect one right now…), the old school loft of this makes it such a winner. And, strangely, it feels more modern (despite the fact that it’s a revival of the 1996 version — funny how fashion works…). The best part of both this vest and my jacket, though: the stashable, waterproof hood that tucks invisibly into the collar. Big, puffy down hoods just don’t make sense to me, and the only time I really use a hood here in California is for keeping rain at bay, so it’s kinda the perfect hack.

5 / Corduroy Trousers: I shouldn’t have to say much about these — you’ll either love them or you’ll hate them. I’m clearly in Camp Love — they’re comfy, slouchy, a nice departure from denim, a little bit retro and just…cool. With that graphic tee and the Docs? Yep. Good price point, too.

6 / NAADAM Cropped Crew Cashmere Sweater (affordable swap here): This IS a Buy More, Save More style sale, so adding an investment piece or two here just makes sense. This is admittedly a spendy piece, but it’s also cashmere, and it’s freaking classic, and it seems like 90% of the NAADAM pieces the team has tried have seemed worth their price tags. The oatmeal-y taupe is one of my favorite colors for fall. It plays well with blacks, browns and everything in between so well. Looking for an affordable option? This one is just a bit heftier but would seamlessly swap into the capsule.

7 / MOTHER Tomcat Jeans (affordable swap here): I can’t count how many pairs of MOTHER denim I have hanging out in carts all over the internet. (Real life, friends. Tell me I’m not the only one?) But if I had to choose one pair from the sale for this collection, this seems like a solid recommendation. Well reviewed by both People of the Interwebs and team TME, alike. Also looking to these Wranglers as an affordable alternative. I bought my first pair of Wranglers in…15 years, maybe? this summer, and they do WONDERS for the booty. I’d recommend sizing up one.

8/ Windowpane Scarf: This is my favorite weight of scarf — it does add some coziness, but you’re not smacked with the immediate need to remove it the second you head indoors. Neutral, interesting — it’s the perfect oh look, let’s pretend I’m putting some effort into this getting dressed thing kinda accessory. UPDATE: quantities are limited; I love this as another “neutral” affordable option, or this as a more luxe investment that would get loads of wear.

9 / Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack: Everyone’s favorite backpack in a classic pebbled leather, and it rarely goes on sale. As much as I’ve been using smaller bags lately, this is the perfect size for toting the extra layers fall is so famous for (or that scarf, above, when not in use).

10 / Vince Collarless Cardigan Coat (affordable swap here): Another investment piece — in a big way. But I know, I just know this sweater coat would be about the only topper I would need for 75% of our fall days here. A little bit oversized, modern yet timeless and just an easy piece to go over everything from dresses to leggings to jeans to those paper bag-waist cords…you name it. There’s a single button closure, too, so it really can pull off more of a “coat” vibe when needed. This sweater blazer is a totally different color but would complement the capsule just as well, and it’s a fraction of the price.

11 / Tretorn Sneakers: My mom wore Tretorns on the tennis court in the 80’s, so these are majorly nostalgic for me. Super clean, flattering. The perfect combo of street and chic.

12 / Sherpa Lined Dr. Marten Chelsea Boots: All about a pair of pull-on Dr. Martens, which I’m convinced increases their wearability exponentially, and the sherpa lining on these just beckons. We walk the trails a lot around here, and these would be perfect for tromping through the often wet and marshy meadows while still feeling somewhat on-trend. A little bit practical, a little bit grunge. Sounds about right.

Hope you nab some great deals out there, friends. Happy shopping!

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And this one’s for the Pinners!

Doc Martens, a Rebecca Minkoff Julian backpack & cashmere sweaters...we're shopping the ultimate casual capsule wardrobe — at Shopbop.


  1. I am so intrigued by these Wranglers you speak of. No, seriously. Style them up and show us! I saw a pair the other day and I was smitten. I grew up thinking you could only wear these while two stepping or working on the ranch. So dumb, I know. Maybe it’s where I grew up. I would honestly love to love Wranglers.

  2. I should say silly of me, not dumb. I’m correcting my poor choice of words. Although silly can be offensive, also. Ugh. I just want to love some Wranglers.

    • Ok, bought the Wranglers!! Will post a review (to social, at least) soon! And I won’t fault you for using either silly or dumb — there are enough people picking apart words on the internet these days — your intention was clear! 🙂

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