We Updated Our Amazon Storefront For Spring! Come Take A Look


If there’s one thing we know, it’s that Amazon does not ever disappoint when it comes to a treasure hunt.

(Wait. Is it still a treasure hunt if you’re not really intending on hunting a specific treasure? And you just want to see what’s out there…and happen to stumble on said treasure…time and time again? Or is that just…luck? Or good perspective?)

Jeez, I didn’t mean to mind-twist you here. I just like looking for special things. It’s so much more fun when you don’t have a particular special thing in mind, and you’re pleasantly surprised every time by randomly special things. And that’s just what Amazon does right.

If you don’t have the energy or time to embark on your own treasure hunt for literally no reason, I’ve done it for you here (and probably will do it again and again until Amazon becomes treasureless. Which will be never).

Ah, just check out our Amazon Storefront for all of the stuff.

Embark on a treasure hunt for cool Amazon finds on our Storefront! 20 random items that'll put a li'l spring in your step (think: a Fossil bag, Jellycat plush & more).

A Fresh Set Of Random: 20 Amazon Finds On Our Storefront

So, here we go again with a fresh set of things! I’ve updated our Storefront with a bunch of new inspiration & some really pretty spring finds too.

Yet again, there’s not one singular rhyme nor reason to the ones that I’ve listed below — AKA my faves of our Storefront revamp. They just all happen to be smile inducing, idea producing, creatively motivating, and unmistakably random & fun. And that’s just how we like it.

1. Currently growing a baby? This Hatch belly oil has got your…stomach.

2. Stir-fry aficionado? Try these aesthetically pleasing Asian sauces for a punch of flavor.

3. Love hot dads? Let them know by saying it loud and proud on a trucker hat.

4. Often need gifts in a pinch? This cocktail kit will save you over and over (and over, x6).

5. Don’t have an Italian grandmother? Read this pasta cookbook for all the saucy knowledge your fam is missing.

6. Craving some spring in your step? Lemon crew socks.

7. Can’t stop buying all the trendy water bottles? Ugh, same. Here’s the latest — insulated, stainless-steel, & sure to be your newest emotional-support water bottle.

8. Dyson is out of your price range? This Drybar blow-dryer brush yields reeeeally similar results.

9. Into quilted jackets but unsure about all the prints? Try this solid beauty.

10. Been searching for the perfect dish for your olives? Rest assured, this olive boat (with a pit port) exists. Perfect for impromptu charcuterie nights.

11. A tote is too big, but a clutch is too small? Sling on the ultimate hybrid: a hobo bag from Fossil.

12. Bored of ordinary fusilli, linguine, orecchiette? Make flower-shaped pasta instead.

13. Starting to mix some sliver into your gold? These hoop earrings bridge that glistening gap.

14. Really love those adorable hooded baby towels? Here’s one for adults.

15. Think pickleball could be your new thing? Grab this pickleball set, and go hit a chop, dink or flapjack. (I looked up pickleball terms, OK? No idea what any of those mean.)

16. Got a teething baby on your hands? Oof. This carrot-shaped teether may help.

17. Ever hear of Jellycat plushes? Now you have (I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing). You’re welcome. (Ah, just look at this one, this one and this one too, while you’re at it.)

18. Tea for two? These tea-bag squeezers are freaking genius.

19. Love the smell of coffee? Here’s an exfoliating way to skip the caffeine spike — scrub instead of drink.

20. Got cake? Well, now you’ve got 40 (recipes from this cookbook).

Remember to follow our Amazon Storefront to keep up with all of our new lists, finds, and allll the randomness.

Xo, Abby

Oh, hi, Pinners…

Embark on a treasure hunt for cool Amazon finds on our Storefront! 20 random items that'll put a li'l spring in your step (think: a Fossil bag, Jellycat plush & more).
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