Be Gone, Winter Blues: 20 Cool Finds From Our Amazon Storefront


You clicked, so you know. Winter blues can actually be that bad. It’s okay. It’s already February. We can do this. I’m with you.

Ever hear of using retail therapy to put a dollar-sign-shaped bandage over a small- (or mid-) sized dip in serotonin? Nah, me neither. Sounds interesting though.

Jk, jk. While retail therapy is real (and maybe sometimes, a really euphoric and cathartic experience…), it’s only half of the reason I gathered these items and made this post. The other half is that well, these things are just cool, fun, happiness-provoking and oddly, just so happen to be…. blue. The good kind of blue.

Winter Blues? Our Amazon Storefront Has 20 Finds To Perk You Up

Oh, and all of these beautiful blue finds are from our beloved Amazon. But I’m sure you figured that already. I just love surfing their website for the really good things…. not all of that cheap stuff. So, that is what I brought for you here. Only the gems. You’re welcome.

Our Amazon finds all live on our Storefront in a bunch of organized lists, which make surfing the site reeeally easy and kinda thrilling.

OK, let’s get into these fun blues to fight a little seasonal depression.

1. Bored? Whip out an adventure board game to escape everyday doom.

2. Smelling things makes you happy? Join the club and plug this in.

3. Anxiety-ridden post caffeine? Skip the coffee and pour some organic hot chocolate instead.

4. Still bored? Do a really pretty puzzle, goshdarnit.

5. Lost your flame? Rekindle it by hanging this flag decor. Yeah, that’ll fix it.

6. Feel the need to splurge? Do it on something small-ish like this luxury candle/diffuser set.

7. $60> splurging didn’t help? Here ya go. Get the newest Staud bag.

8. Head cold? Cashmere beanies never get (c)old.

9. Want to be everyone’s BFF? Buy this 24-pack of mini M&Ms and distribute accordingly.

10. Dehydrated? C’mon. Taking care of yourself is important. Slurp 64 oz+ daily from this lovely bottle and get a hold of yourself.

11. Cold coffee getting you down? Fix the problem and get it in a YETI.

12. Makeup looking tired? Curl those lashes and feel anew.

13. Just… tired? Smudge on this Elemis intensive eye cream and fake the energy. (Or don’t. Life is tiring.)

14. Having trouble getting outside? Warm hands help, especially when they’re wrapped in Pendleton wool.

15. Got a self-care hour? Paint on Essie’s First View blue.

16. Multitasker? Slap on these firming eye gels and get all your sh*t done.

17. New year new yogi? Downward dog in these Beyond Yoga leggings in Deep Sea Heather.

18. Just love pretty sweaters? Bam. Vince wins again.

19. Now really into the color blue? Me too. Ordering this light, cozy pullover in Celestial Blue Heather.

20. Jeans make you feel better? You’re in the right place. These Moussy Vintage ones are pretty freaking great. Dang.

Remember to follow our Amazon Storefront to keep up with all of our current faves and new finds!

Spring is on the horizon, friends. We’ll be fine. 💙

Xo, Abby

Oh, Hi there, Pinners…

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