Shopping: Baseball Hats and Summer Dresses






1.  This is just a soft little jersey dress in a very glam silhouette.  Love it with a quirky hat and the most amazing?  ridiculously awesome? shoes ever.

Roxy Aloha Trucker Hat, $24

Modcloth Jersey Sundress in navy, $50

Tweet of Foot Sandal, $99


2. Sexy little dresses with baseball hats and complicated sandals are my favorite thing ever.  And the extra ruffle on this dress would nicely hide a post-partum tummy.   (These sandals, BTW, are only medium-comfortable, but are softening up nicely.  And they are an additional 30% off the sale price if you actually walk into a store.)

Lone Star Baseball Hat, $48

Valaxa Dress, $138 at Anthro

Madewell Gladiator Sandal, on sale for $39


3. The math works even with maxi dresses!  And I'm suddenly loving navy sandals. 

JCrew Metallic Baseball Hat, $52

Striped Jersey Maxi Dress, $79 at Nordstrom

Saltwater Sandals, $40


4. Love how the casual hat and shoes balance out a pretty dress.  You'll just look cool, not over-dressed or fussy.  (I'll bet this dress will sell out fast.)

Vanities Striped and Printed Hat, $70

Ink Positively Dress, $75 at Modcloth

Madewell Clemente Sandal, $128


Glad you guys like this combo as much as I do….