Memorial Day Weekend Sales: Top 10 Must-Haves For Home


The joy of a long weekend is to Celebrate (Thank You to all who have served and continue to serve, in all our wars, on all our front lines, to keep us all safe!!!) AND to CHILL. Is shopping chilling? Uncertain. What is certain, is that there are home goods — that help the everyday-life-chill, the everyday enjoy-life-to-its-fullest, especially while we’re all spending more time at home — that are on MAJOR SALE RIGHT NOW. Things like Parachute Sheets and Tuft and Needle Mattresses that rarely go on sale, are on sale right now!!!

Linens, Home Organization & Outdoor Fun: Top 10 Must-Haves On Memorial Day Sale

So I’m going to stop talking and start highlighting them so that we can all chill sooner; right after we real quick shop, like its our job and chill depends on it.

More time at home — means making it cozy & fun — easy when things like Parachute linens & sustainable outdoor dining are on sale for Memorial Day.

1 Outdoor Lanterns | 2 Bins Bags Baskets & Totes | 3 Better Bath

4A Tuft & Needle Mattress | 4B Parachute Sheets

5A Melamine Dinnerware | 5B Outdoor Dining Set

6A Turkish Towel Love | 6B Folding Sun Chair | 7 Family Tent

8 Outdoor Lounge Set | 9 Outdoor Planters

10 A Right Price Projector | 10B Top Rated Outdoor Projector

10C Outdoor Movie Screen

Memorial Day Sales: Top 10 Must-Haves For Home

Outdoor Lanterns

Light-up your backyard, patio, deck or porch with some mood lighting to enhance the chill, but also to make time spent there together feel more special, more intentional.

Bins, Bags, Baskets & Totes

All the things, need all the places, to be put away, moved around and organized! One of the keys to summer at home, is going to be creating movable stations, so that we transport fun, from the playroom, to the kitchen, to the porch, to the yard. And maybe even to the beach or on a hike!

Better Bath Towels

Is there anything, other than sleep, that feels as good as clean? Great bath towels are such an absolute pleasure to wrap yourself in. Fresh towels coming in hot!


Is there a single adult in the world who is sleeping well right now? We can all do better. If a new mattress has been on your list, now is a great time for great deals on one. I own a few Tuft & Needle mattresses, and of them, The Mint is my favorite. Nectar is also having a major sale right now, and they also get great reviews! So is Casper and same.

Fresh Sheets

No single investment is one better spent than new, fresh sheets right now. They will feel like the dream they will also encourage you to actually have, because you’ll be so comfortable, you will actually sleep. And sleep, matters.

Melamine Dinnerware

I wasn’t a fan, until I was. Which was shortly after breaking a glass on the stone patio. And now, I’m all about the melamine outdoor dining everything, because it helps me chill.

Outdoor Dining

Change of scenery is EVERYTHING right now. Take dinner outside. Send art projects and LEGOs and Magnatiles and snacks outside. Just go outside, take food, and sit here. Here’s the deal, and the deal: West Elm is my favorite go-to for outdoor dining. I’ve measured all the tables, tried and tested them myself, shopped for better alternatives. When Portside goes on Buy More Save More Sale, we just do that. Quickly. Before it sells out. Oh, and it’s **SUSTAINABLE** So there’s that too. These are my favorites, for extension, various seating options, and configurations.

Turkish Towels

Long live our LOVE of Turkish Towels, but OMG, now they also have stitched hearts? They quick dry, they look lovely, even as your family forgets to hang them and just drops them all over the place. And they wrap into so many covers, that you may as well just call them your joggers of summer. My 2020 prediction is that we all wear Turkish Towels around ourselves all day long. See how much more fun that Zoom meeting just got? And one super-cute alternative, also quick-dry, just for more summer fun!

Folding Sun Chairs

Take notes from the people setting the best example right now: the people who mask-up and just take a chair outside, to the balcony, patio, sidewalk, driveway, half-in and half-out of the garage, to the deck, yard, park, beach, to the newly closed street. Just take a chair outside, and sit your butt down, and chill. See how life’s greatest pleasures can be more Fun In The Sun? OK, fine, that’s not on sale, but it’s $12. The one on sale is $10. Can we just give me a $2 pass here?

Family Tents For Camping

Whether it’s in your own backyard, or on an actual campsite, something tells me, we’ll all be camping more this summer and better off for it. These are a few of my own favorite family-sized tents.

Outdoor Lounging

If there’s one project I have so much pleasure in helping people take-on these days, it’s in improving their lounge situation at home. These are by far the best deals, on my favorite sets right now.

Outdoor Planters | Victory Gardens

More on Victory Garden Planting soon to come. For now, get the containers they go in. Again, I’m all West Elm Buy More Save More Sale for outdoor planters. These are my favorites:

Outdoor Movie Night

New normal calls for socially distanced and safe. That’s doable with outdoor movie nights. And OMG the joy in explaining to the kids what a drive-in movie theater is and wishing there were more of them still in existence! Make one at home! I searched, for a client, read all the reviews, and came up with this as the highest quality outdoor projector. But the FaceBook TME Insiders threw a strong rec toward this far more affordable one. You choose. And then find a white wall, hang a sheet (not a Parachute sheet, we do not hang those for movie night) or inflate a screen. And pop the corn in your fire pit for extra fun.

My work here is done, friends. I’m going to go grab my kids, squeeze the heck outta them, toss something on the grill, and CHILL!!! Love to all of you—stay strong, stay safe, hang tough. Click-quick, and then relax, you’ve earned it.

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