Amazon Prime Day: Cozy Fall Faves From Our Storefront


What? It’s Amazon Prime Day again?? Yup, that’s right. October has been a real sales-heavy month so far, and we are not mad about it. From right now until 2:59 a.m. EST this Thursday the 13th, Prime Day is in full swing. Soooo…let’s get into it. No time to spare.

Oh, and guys… Prime Day deals just so happen to cover, like, tons of cute fall wear. We’re talkin’ luxe-looking jackets and coats, basic long-sleeve tees (that are actually really pretty), sweaters galore (including CASHMERE — yeah), and a few ahhhmazing fall shoe choices (like ones we go to every single year). Gah, welcome, Prime Early Access Sale. Our fall wardrobes are happy to see you again.

Best Prime Day Deals: Luxe Fall Fashion, Cozy Home Upgrades & More Amazon Faves

There’s also a giant amount of home things in the Prime Day sale, as per usual. If you’re looking for some type of home update or tech thingy, just search ‘er up. I’m sure you’ll be in luck with a sale. To help narrow things down for you, we have a page dedicated to Amazon — our top picks and articles featuring the stuff we own, love and truly recommend. As for cute, cozy fall home additions, peek past the style bit, and you’ve got a few favorite picks. The home curation is giving…sleepy, cozy (had to say it again), caffeinated (you’ll see what I mean), autumnal feels. And we love those in the home — and at a discount.

if you haven’t yet visited, our Amazon storefront is another perfect host for all of our current faves and things we’ve got our eyes on (i.e., everything linked below and noted above). If you’re ever browsing aimlessly, I’m fairly certain that a little look at our storefront could help. For now, here are the top favorites from our Amazon storefront that are beautifully part of the Prime Early Access sales.

Check out our Amazon Storefront here.

Heads up: Prime Day may be over but many of our cozy fall picks are still available! Happy shopping.

Prime Day deals cover allll the bases, & our Amazon storefront has what we're eyeing (think: fall fashion, cozy home upgrades, cool kitchen gadgets & more).

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Prime Day Must-Haves: Fall Fashion + Style

1. This check pattern and colorway is so on-trend this fall. 30% off!

2. This Theory cashmere pullover is 44% off in three deliciously versatile colors.

3. An effing (100%) cashmere beanie at 25% off. ‘Nuff said.

4. The model pics of this Free People thermal just got me. Basic and simple yet super stylish (and sexy?).

5. One of Free People’s bestselling jackets & sooo good as a light (pajama-feeling) layer.

6. Adorable white fall sneakers under $50 (actually, under $42 if we’re being real…)

7. Shana loves this tee (thumbholes!!! and totally long enough to cover your butt in leggings).

8. This cardigan definitely looks like it’s over $40 (it’s not right now!) and is adorable paired with the matching shorts.

9. Free People’s got lots of pretty lacy bralettes.

10. Some slouchy sweater goodness in a classic cable knit juuust over $100.

11. In need of a warm Chelsea boot? These Dr. Martens. Faux-fur-lined and 25% off.

12. Trench coats are in, and this one is affordable af.

13. An easy way to incorporate deep blue for fall = this Deborah Lippmann nail polish.

14. The color description of this nail polish is “full-coverage berry wine crème.” It got me.

15. A down puffer jacket? Expensive looks-and-feels with a side of sherpa at $100.

Prime Day deals cover allll the bases, & our Amazon storefront has what we're eyeing (think: fall fashion, cozy home upgrades, cool kitchen gadgets & more).

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Prime Day Must-Haves: Home Upgrades, Kitchen Gadgets & More

1. The green of this French press is MOODY as heck, and I love it.

2. Same green. In an electric kettle.

3. Same green. In a regular kettle.

4. A STEM game you just wanna play a million times. (Brain-numbness miiight be a side effect, but it’s…an enjoyable kind. I swear.)

5. Retro-vintage vibes? I’m in — always — and this “Clue” game has just that.

6. Have and love this coffee and the added benefits.

7. If you’re a pumpkin-spice fanatic…this diffuser.

8. Will never not add this baby if it’s on sale. (Under $90.)

9. These energy bites actually taste good (and somehow harness B vitamins & caffeine??). Chocolate snack game-changer.

10. Just throw collagen in errrything for good measure (and good skin, hair, bones…lol). This one’s chocolate.

11. Just hand soap that smells good (it’s actually a pack of three). $10.

12. We cover this heated mug on the regular (hi, Laura) because it’s worth it.

Other Prime Early Access Deals You Should See

If you’ve got time for more….

Make sure to follow our Amazon page to keep up with all of our new lists and favorites, and happy Prime Day (once again)!


Hey, Prime Pinners….

Prime Day deals cover allll the bases, & our Amazon storefront has what we're eyeing (think: fall fashion, cozy home upgrades, cool kitchen gadgets & more).
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