Our Black-Owned Business Favs Of The Month!


It’s time for one of our very favorite series here at TME: Black-Owned Business Favs of the Month! So. Many. Tempting. Things. Gah!

I (Syd) don’t have my ears pierced but these earrings in Linzi’s list or these from Laura’s list make me wish I did. And I still find myself scrolling through Beads Byaree and sighing dreamily over all the gorgeous pieces. And I know we’re already in August…BUT this swimsuit is just everything.

Okay, okay, without any further ado let’s get into our contributor picks!

Laura’s Black-Owned Business Favorites

It's our monthly roundup of our favorite black-owned businesses & products — fashion, home & beauty (+ gorg jewelry, too). Here's what we're shopping.

01/ Détroit is the New Black Tee: Love this version of their iconic tee in French. So cool. Did you know that this store functions as a rotating art gallery in Detroit, too? And they’re focused on bringing community and art into their business, in addition to rad clothing. So much yes. 

02/ Beads Byaree love ring: How seriously cool is this? What a statement ring.

03/ Omi Woods cowrie shell earrings: These are beautiful.

04/ Brother Vellies huaraches: Gorgeous sandals from an incredible shoe company. I could just stare at their whole line of gorgeous footwear all day.

05/ Timi Alaere Free Spirit shorts: Gah, I love these so much. What a phenomenal print. I just now realized they ship from Australia though, so if you’re in the US, these are from a Black-owned shop and also a fabulous print!

06/ Kiya Tomlin jersey pencil skirt: I have and adore this skirt. It’s versatile and oh-so-soft. It’s long enough to wear as a midi skirt or pulled up high under your top for a knee-length skirt (and it stays put.) It would become your go-to comfy pencil skirt. For sure!

Linzi’s Black-Owned Business Favorites

Summer is in full swing and I’m ALLLLLLLL about easy summer clothes with fabulous accessories. I featured this type of easy summer look here last month with sustainable picks (many from black-owned businesses as well), but below are some of my current loves.

It's our monthly roundup of our favorite black-owned businesses & products — fashion, home & beauty (+ gorg jewelry, too). Here's what we're shopping.

01 / Modern Gold Hoops: Aggggh! I do NOT need another pair of hoops, but I keep coming back to gaze adoringly at these. Sometimes hoops feel a little too conservative for me unless they’re huge, but THESE….THESE are fabulous! Easy-to-wear size, but interesting and modern and fun, and I could obviously keep going. Marcia Vidal is based in UK and you can see some of her other beautiful handcrafted pieces here.   

02 / Bracelet: The single bracelet is stunning, but if it’s in your budget, getting a few of these and stacking them is pretty breathtaking. Lingua Nigra is based in Chicago, and you can see some of her other handcrafted artistic pieces here

03 / Basket Bag: I featured this bag in my sustainable pieces picks, but I’m going to feature it again because it’s fabulous. So beautiful in person, and I’ve been using it for all kinds of things (car-put-all-the-stuff-in-basket, carry-stuff-from-downstairs-to-upstairs basket, hide-stuff-in-the-living-room-basket, etc). They have several other styles here.   

04 / Bow Earrings: I have and love these earrings from SOKO. They are simple enough that they don’t overtake an outfit but modern enough that they’re not at all boring. SOKO provides global market access to artisans in Kenya who produce pieces from locally-sourced sustainable materials (upcycled horn/bone, recycled brass, and sustainable wood). You can read about their mission here. They have select pieces on Verishop and have collaborations with Madewell and Reformation, but they have their largest selection of their gorgeousness on their website here.

05 / Sandals: Yes! Mine came in!!!! And they are truly special. They aren’t going to be my walk-the-whole-city shoes, but they are definitely my new favorite I-want-to-wear-something-special shoes. They’re made to order in Lagos, Nigeria with locally-sourced materials, so know you’ll need to be patient while they’re making them. Other special pieces from Shekudo are on their website as well as TheFolklore.

Scotti’s Black-Owned Business Favorites

It's our monthly roundup of our favorite black-owned businesses & products — fashion, home & beauty (+ gorg jewelry, too). Here's what we're shopping.

01/ Double Hoop Mother of Pearl Earrings: I’m a huge fan of statement earrings and this color is gorgeous. Love the unique design.

02/ Graphic Tee: Somewhere Between Proverbs 31 and Tupac…amazing. Reviewers say it’s super-soft and good quality, and it comes in a bunch of colors. (“She is clothed in strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future.”)

03/ Brass Hoop Earrings: I love how the clasp on these hoops allow them to swing a bit more than your typical hoop earrings. The hammered finish gives them a beautiful texture, too. (I love the pic of the reviewer with her mask–it made me want these earrings even more!)

04/ Personalized Cutting Board: I love love love this customizable cutting board as a gift idea for a wedding, Mother’s Day, anniversary, etc., The idea of putting a special recipe in the handwriting of a loved one on a cutting board is genius. Such a cool, unique gift. 

05/ Infinity Necklace: This necklace is GORGEOUS!! It could be worn with a simple t-shirt and jeans, or a fancy dress and look amazing either way. Just one of the many beautiful pieces from OmiWoods! (Available in silver, gold vermeil or solid 14K gold.) 

06/ Glitter Champagne Flute: I love the glitter on these (they come in gold, silver, rose gold and other colors), but it was the reviews that really sold me. People love these fun glasses!


Shana’s Black-Owned Business Favorites

It's our monthly roundup of our favorite black-owned businesses & products — fashion, home & beauty (+ gorg jewelry, too). Here's what we're shopping.

1/ Trust Black Women Tee – I was searching on Etsy for a good Black Lives Matter tee when I came across this one. Love it. (And if you’re still searching for a Black Lives Matter tee, they have that, too.)

2/ Start Happy Organic Body Wash – I’m a sucker for good packaging, and I’m obsessed with this clean, strong, almost…masculine vibe for bath. Plus it’s organic and smells like geranium and peppermint, and YES: a perfect way to start the day.

3/ Rayo & Honey Start Where You Are – Really solid advice, and especially good for one little boy who has a tendency to get overwhelmed. (And his mama.)

4/ African Wax Print Drum Lampshade – This lampshade literally made me gasp. It’s beautiful, obviously, but in an almost messy, quirky, Alice-down-the-rabbit-hole kind of way. I LOVE it.

5/ Jade Swim Bikini Top – I actually ordered this exact top, but it was too small (I ordered a small for some bizarre reason..I typically need at least a medium). But the color is GORGEOUS and the suit was really well-made.

6/ Jade Swim High-Rise Bikini Bottoms – This color is even more vibrant in person, and looks amazing when mixed with their sunny yellow top.


Kat’s Black-Owned Business Favorites

It's our monthly roundup of our favorite black-owned businesses & products — fashion, home & beauty (+ gorg jewelry, too). Here's what we're shopping.

1 / Zelie for She Set: I recently snagged a set from Zelie for She and am so in love with the fit and the quality. When I saw this white lace set, I instantly had a new crush! I love this brand and can’t wait to add more pieces to my wardrobe.

2 / JIBRI Robe: For the longest time I had trouble finding a robe that would fit me and wasn’t just black or white. This robe looks so silky and beautiful, and is exactly what I want to wear around the house. 

3 / Briogeo Be Gent, Be Kind Hair Mask: Briogeo is my all-time favorite hair brand. I was excited to see that they recently developed a new mask!

4 / More Than Enough Book: I recently bought this book, and it is next on my read list! The book is an account of Elaine’s life working as a young VP for Conde Nast — I can’t wait to get all the boss babe tips!

5 / OMI Woods Necklace: I love a saintly necklace moment and think this one is so stunning. 

6 / Sarep And Rose Fringe Tote: I think this tote is so fun and really like the detailing on the bag. It also comes in several colors.

7 / Feminine Funk T-Shirt: Spiritual gangster t-shirt that gives me all the self-care vibes. I think we all need a few more reminders to take care of ourselves. 


Em’s Black-Owned Business Favorites

It's our monthly roundup of our favorite black-owned businesses & products — fashion, home & beauty (+ gorg jewelry, too). Here's what we're shopping.

1 / BespokeBinny Apron: Everything in this London-based Etsy shop features the most fabulous textiles and patterns. I’m notorious for collecting aprons (and then not wearing…because lazy), but I can’t imagine letting this stay cooped up in the pantry. It’s too beautiful. (p.s. even with shipping from the UK, it still feels like a good value, too — especially as a gift.) Available in plus sizes, too.

2 / Sarep + Rose Drawstring Bucket Bag: I dare you not to fall in love with the entirety of offerings from Sarep + Rose. The proportions of this bag are perfect — not too big or too small, and it feels simultaneously on-trend, and like something collected and vintage. My favorite. 

3 / Satin Lined Turban: OK, where was this during my chemo days? These gorgeous turbans pop on just like hats — no elaborate tucking or tying required — and they’re satin- lined, so they’re extra soft, even on bare skin. Lots of solid colors available, too, but I love this bold yet neutral pattern. And all head wraps are made in Ghana by highly-skilled, female entrepreneurs. 

4 / Sarep + Rose Weekender: I told you you’d fall in love with the whole collection. This weekender is pure luxury — the big handheld, leather bag all my jet-setting dreams are made of. 

5 / Oui The People Matte Gold Razor: If this fine piece of personal grooming equipment isn’t the definition of self-care, I don’t know what is. Gorgeous enough to leave out on the soap dish, it employs a single sharp blade so as not to irritate sensitive skin. 

6 / Portrait Coffee Company Rocket Love Soy Candle: Portrait Coffee is a Black-owned coffee roastery out of Atlanta, Georgia — and they also just happen to make a soy wax candle that sounds like freaking heaven, featuring blood orange, bergamot and sandalwood. 

7 / Nakimuli Convertible Swimsuit: Holy heck, friends — this swimsuit is cool. On top of looking like it came off of a ’90s beach Barbie Doll (in the best way possible!!), the convertible straps can be worn multiple ways, and it’s available in sizes up to 3X. 

Lex’s Black-Owned Business Faves

It's our monthly roundup of our favorite black-owned businesses & products — fashion, home & beauty (+ gorg jewelry, too). Here's what we're shopping.

01 & 02 / The Lip Bar – I had the luxury of trying the Lip Bar recently, and I’m obsessed. I got one of the Fast Face kits (Boss Moves), and I’m no beauty expert, but I’ve used the Face Quad thus far (I still to read the directions) and heart it. It’s a bit more color than I’m used to (I like neutrals), but it’s perfect for Zoom calls. Now the lip gloss — is freakin’ amazing. It stays on super-well (I got Heartbreaker), and looks so good. I totally recommend.

03 & 04 / More Tracey’s Faceys Face Masks | So I’m pretty sold on Tracey’s Faceys now that I’ve had the opportunity to try different face masks. I love that she has the metal nose clip and a place to slide in the filter (Goose used coffee filters for hers). The supermom mask is super-cute, and Goose would love the solar system one. Tracey’s Faceys is also a woman-owned business who’s frequently launching new patterns, and includes a little letter with her mask shipments. My other face mask faves are from Taylor Jay — nice and thick with good coverage (but she doesn’t have kids’ masks).

05 / Taylor Jay Cardigan Wrap | It’s in the collage again because it’s HERE! It’s as good as it looks — so much so that I haven’t worn it yet, because it’s definitely more than Zoom-worthy. It makes me feel faaancy. As soon as my Leith Bodycon dress is clean, I’ll snap a selfie. I feel like the two will be perfect together (but it’ll also look juusst right with jeans). Once the weather gets cooler, I’m sure I’ll be wearing it for my fancier Zoom calls, and maybe even on walks or physically distant non-gatherings.

06 / Bolé Road Scarf — I think A introduced us to this one, and their home products are good. But I had my home splurge fest early in the pandemic, so I’m looking at this scarf. It’s the perfect year-round accent piece for us forever-cold people, plus it’s linen. Need I say more?

07 / Vintage Army Fatigue Jacket | Oh, hey! And here’s another piece Annmarie turned me on to. While editing her Weekly Favorite Finds this weekend, I came across her shout-out to The Sable Collective, “comprised of Black and marginalized communities of artisans and entrepreneurs.” I’m drooling for one of these one-of-a-kind jackets (which are also made nearby here in Pennsylvania.)


What are you guys loving right now from Black-Owned businesses? Let us know in the comments if there’s something you’re currently obsessing over (or if there’s a piece you’d want us to style up).


Team TME

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