Shopping: Chic, Soft Jackets


Because the Shopping Enabler lacks any sort of impulse control where soft jackets are concerned….she* was only able to "narrow" it down to fourteen.  

*Talking in 3rd person helps me feel less guilty.  And then I too have someone to blame.




1. Quilted Chambray Bomber Jacket, $118 at Anthropologie

So cute with a flippy little skirt or dark wash denim.  I'd also add a baseball hat.

2. Contrast Knit Blazer, $198 at J.Crew

This one is pricey, but could easily transition from work to the playground.  I'd also love to see this paired with printed denim (or work pants), and then schlumpy boyfriend jeans on the weekend. 

3. Olivia Moon Knit Blazer, $79 at Nordstroms

Sweatshirt fabric, cut into a simple blazer.  This comfy little number comes in black or gray, and would look awesome with the sleeves pushed up.

4. Bella Luxx Cocoon Jacket, $168 at Shopbop

The easiest way for a new mama to look put-together.   This baby hides a pooch, allows easy nursing access, and will look amaze over the slubbiest of tees (or nursing tanks).  Add a scarf and hat if you are chilly.

NOTE:  The trim is silk, which won't wash well, but I'll bet you can easily spot-clean it.



5. Jacquard Wrap Cardigan, $79 at Zara

Yup, this is a cardigan.  But so cool and slouchy and patterned…it stands in as a jacket. 

6. Of The Flock Hooded Jacket, $198 at Free People

This is more coat-like than the rest…but so crazy fabulous that I couldn't leave it out.  A perfect topper for leggings, no?  (Or denim.  Obviously.)

7. Contrast Sleeve Parka, $99 at Mango

Parkas are so big this fall that they really deserve their own post.  But this is one of my favs.  I love the drawstring to help fake a bit of a waist.  (Or show one off if you've got it.)



8. Silence and Noise Knit Cocoon Blazer, $79 at Urban Outfitters

A perfect cross between a blazer and cardigan.  The extra long length is great for mamas who need some bum coverage.

9. Helmut Lang Crop Tux Blazer, $450 at Bloomies

Here's the deal:  These soft little jackets can get fancy.  This piece, as expensive as it is, could transition perfectly from work to kiddos to an evening out.  Before kids (back when I was working in a "real" job) I bought something similar from DVF.  It's now….ummm….eight years later?  Nine?  And that little jacket is still one of the workhorses of my closet.  (You may have seen it here.)

10. Slub Terry Jacket, $35 at Lands End

Ok.  The styling is brutal – ignore everything else she's wearing.  But the jacket?  It has good lines.  I like the cropped, swingy shape, the fact that it also comes in petite, and is washable.  Not bad for a Lands' End sweatshirt, right?

11. Splendid Athens Colorblock Jacket, $126 at Bloomies

A cute little baseball jacket in the softest of fabrics.  So cute with any cut of denim, but would also be great for work with a pencil skirt and silk blouse.



12. Sebby Hooded Fleece Peacoat, $70 at Kohls

Kohls has a whole line of sweatshirt jackets.  This one is the peacoat version, and comes in a ton of colors.  (True to form, I like the dark gray.)  Or…try the toggle coat version in bright orange.  

13. Foxcroft Petite Peacoat Cardigan Sweater, $102

For the tiniest of moms (like my Mom).  This is a thin knit sweater-jacket that won't look like it's eating you.

14. Solid Fleece Peacoat, $29 at Aeropostle

I don't love how this looks all buttoned up…but it's a sweatshirt-gone-peacoat and is currently on sale for $30.  I'll bet it looks much better on.  (Also comes in navy.)


Happy shopping!







  1. I think my computer just ate my comment. I was saying, I bought a jacket today, feeling like I should have first checked out the blog for your suggestions. Then I came home to find that my new jacket is #7! How funny is that? Thanks, and I hope you are feeling well.

  2. Shana,
    Love the jacket picks! I am secretly longing for cooler weather. All good thoughts and prayers coming your way for tomorrow! You will do amazing as usual, I know.

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