The Case For Eileen Fisher’s Slouchy Silk Pants (ps. On Sale)


Two years ago, I did a review of EILEEN FISHER’s simplified capsule wardrobe, called The System. I reviewed a boxy silk shell (a v-neck version is in-stock here), a pair of Audrey-Hepburn-esque crepe pants, and these slouchy silk joggers. At the time, my nod went to the crepe pants as ‘the favorite’. But that review came out in December of 2018, and the silk joggers and I had not yet lived through a summer together.

Turns out they summer really, really well.

The Perfect Black Pants: EILEEN FISHER Slouchy Silk Joggers

Last summer, these silk joggers ended up being the pair I grabbed anytime I needed to look somewhat polished in 90 degree weather. End of school parent-teacher conferences? Silk joggers. A meeting across the city? Silk joggers. Work? Silk joggers. Turns out they are the perfect summer work pants: cool, breezy, polished. They don’t wrinkle, are machine-washable, ARE available in plus-sizes, and are sustainably made.

Best of all? They’re currently 30% off at Saks.

When I needed to walk to the doctor’s this week and realized that my only options for the 80-degree day were sweatpants, jeans or denim cut-offs*…I grabbed these silk joggers. And basically haven’t taken them off since. They’re a surprising little wardrobe workhorse, one that easily fits into A Summer of Soft Pants, yet will absolutely, 100%, transition well into fall when we tend to wear real clothes again. I highly recommend them.

6 Ways I’m Wearing EILEEN FISHER’s Slouchy Silk Pants

So now these happy little silk pants are well-tested and real-life-approved, here are six ways I’m styling ’em for the daily.

To The Doctor’s Office: Silk Pants + Graphic Tee

These pants are perfect for any summertime air-conditioning situation. I especially like them with an oversized graphic tee, knotted at the waist.

Perfect black pants? EILEEN FISHER's The System. The silk joggers make for cool, breezy, polished outfits. No wrinkles, machine-washable, sustainable, available in plus-size.

similar tee | pants (xsp) | similar shoes | bag

To The Grocery Store: Silk Pants + Linen Top

I will always and forever love my linen tops, and I’ll never shy away from a black-and-brown combo, either, especially when the brown is really a rich tan. The brown is sold out in this top, but there’s a blue-and-white striped that would look really cute with black pants (as well as several other colors). This linen tank runs a bit snug in the bust, so size up if that’s of concern. (I’m wearing a size 2, but prefer the top button unbuttoned to both prevent gaping and make the top less conservative.)

Perfect black pants? EILEEN FISHER's The System. The silk joggers make for cool, breezy, polished outfits. No wrinkles, machine-washable, sustainable, available in plus-size.

top (2) | pants (xsp) | similar sandals | bag

My Work Uniform Last Summer: Silk Pants + Sneakers

I wore this outfit countless times last summer. It’s just polished enough, and insanely comfy. Like I said above, I do love black + black and this is literally my summer work uniform. (I’d just throw a sweater on over it in the air-conditioning.) The matching silk shell is almost sold out, but the v-neck version is marked down at Saks OFF. This is another piece where cost-per-wear works in my favor: I’ve worn it a ton.

Perfect black pants? EILEEN FISHER's The System. The silk joggers make for cool, breezy, polished outfits. No wrinkles, machine-washable, sustainable, available in plus-size.

top (xsp) – or v-neck | pants (xsp)| sneakers

My Work Uniform Last Summer: Silk Pants + Heels

If I needed to elevate my above work uniform, I swapped out the sneaks for heels and added some sort of structured topper (like this old bomber from Maje) to combat overzealous A/C.

Perfect black pants? EILEEN FISHER's The System. The silk joggers make for cool, breezy, polished outfits. No wrinkles, machine-washable, sustainable, available in plus-size.

top (xsp) | similar bomber | pants (xsp) | heels (old favs, but they’re on eBay)

Work From Home: Silk Pants + An Oversized, Boxy Top

I love the louche elegance of silk joggers with a wildly over-sized, drapey top. This top is from ShopBURU (love Morgan — she’s a seriously great person) and also has matching shorts, if interested.

Perfect black pants? EILEEN FISHER's The System. The silk joggers make for cool, breezy, polished outfits. No wrinkles, machine-washable, sustainable, available in plus-size.
Perfect black pants? EILEEN FISHER's The System. The silk joggers make for cool, breezy, polished outfits. No wrinkles, machine-washable, sustainable, available in plus-size.

top (s) | pants (xsp) | heels – high, low

At Home Date Night: Silk Pants + Silky Cami

I cannot state enough how useful I find these Cami NYC silk camis. I now own two black ones and one navy, simply because they’ve become my everyday summer tank tops. I wash mine in the washing machine on cold, and hang to dry. And tucked into these silk joggers, the look is…almost fancy (yet feels like PJs). Gotta love an elastic waist that works with a full tuck, too.

Perfect black pants? EILEEN FISHER's The System. The silk joggers make for cool, breezy, polished outfits. No wrinkles, machine-washable, sustainable, available in plus-size.

cami (xs) | pants (xsp) | heels (by Naturalizer – insanely comfy)

Have you guys tried any of EILEEN FISHER’s The System? It’s so funny…online it doesn’t look that exciting, but these two pieces have solved many ‘what do I wear’ moments. There’s part of me (the part that’s been quarantining too long) that just wants to rid my closet of anything that’s not a black silk tank top, white tee, or striped shirt and just BE DONE WITH IT, but I’m gonna sleep another night on that idea. Or maybe 12.

These pants, tho. Keepers.



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  1. I have a handful of the system pieces among other things from Eileen Fisher. The beauty of her clothes is in their simplicity and how well they work together once you have a couple pieces. Not to mention everything is so well made and looks so good on! I’m not surprised at all that you find yourself reaching for the silk joggers over and over again.

    • It’s funny how true this is. I have a handful of other Eileen Fisher pieces and they’ve survived SO many closet clean-outs (or have been stolen by my mom, haha). The stuff is just so good.

  2. I remember a situation with a mammogram and dress wearing, that’s probably why you didn’t think to wear a dress……

    • BWAH HA HA HA!!! OMG YES. Truth be told, I prob haven’t worn a dress to a doctor’s office since then…that’s too funny. Totally blocked it out. 🙂 xoxoxoxo

  3. Almost all Eileen Fisher clothing looks totally boring/old lady/fuddy duddy in stock pictures….even in store on the hanger. The beauty of her stuff comes alive when you put it on. The fabrics are great – fit feel and move well. And somehow the simple styles come alive when you put them on. I have a number of pieces and really love them.

  4. Have you tried the pants that they made for this year? The reviews are saying they are not built as well. Wondering what your thoughts are before I buy. Also, would you mind telling me your height. Thanks so much!

    • I have NOT tried this year’s pants. FWIW, I notice that people do seem to complain about many other products (not just Eileen Fisher’s) “no longer being made as well” and when we’ve investigated…it’s almost never true. I think we tend to glorify pieces in our mind, maybe? 🙂 In any case, I’m 5’2.5″

    • AHHHH…maybe? A year and a half ago (when I received them) I was happily wearing size 25 jeans and now I’m a solid 26 (and we’re just going to gloss right over the reasons why). But the pants still fit great. That said, I DO think Eileen Fisher runs a bit big in general. But the good news is that these pants are pretty flowy – I feel like there is some size flexibility here.

  5. Silk pants are great; moving nicely with you. BUT! We’re in the deep South where it can be hot in January. WE NEED COTTON!! Cotton is literally king down here. Silk & poly hold in heat. Give us cotton please!

    • Really?? I find that 100% silk (actual silk, not silky blends) is easily as cooler (if not cooler) than cotton. It’s the poly blends that really hold in the heat.

  6. I swear the moment I say to myself, “You are on a clothing hiatus,” TME comes out with a post like this and makes me REALLY want some damn silk pants…definitely going to have to sleep on this and think about it.

    Do you find these pants are good for being outdoors during our hot, muggy East coast summers? Or are they better for being cool yet put together once you’re in the AC? I tend to avoid pants all summer long just because the swamp-ass is real (sorry for that TMI but humidity is a jerk).

    • These are THE BEST for the hot, muggy, East Coast summers. That’s literally the biggest reason I can’t quit them.

  7. I have the tank dress from The System and it is one of my closet workhorses. So versatile and I wear it year round (I’m on the West Coast with milder winters). Add boots and a sweater in winter, wear with sandals and a sunhat in summer. Knot a T over it. Add a blazer and ankle boots or heels. I love her clothes. Love that they are sustainable and stylish in a timeless way, and very forgiving of body type and cycling weight. Love that I can support a woman and her business. Definitely the clothes I reach for time and again. I’ve found they’ve transitioned to shelter in place really well. Some clothes are just sitting in my closet, but hers are repeatedly in rotation. The perfect blend of elegance and comfort.

  8. Okay so I ordered the bone and the black. I love a good lightly colored pant in the summer plus I was inbetween sizes and I figure why not try both.

  9. I ended up buying three pairs after your initial review – got two on sale at Bloomingdales and bought a snakeskin pair on Poshmark. They are definitely closet staples. Thank you!

  10. I k ow the world is upside down, but thank you for the recommendation. I bought the bone and black. These are the summer pants I did not know I needed. The quality, drape and fit say professional, but they feel like wearing pajamas. They are lined and do not reveal any lumps and bumps. They are forgiving of any quarantine fluffiness, but will easily still fit when my gym opens again and my main entertainment is no longer in the kitchen.

  11. hoping they run a little loose because i took a chance and ordered the xs (no smalls left of course!)…saks is always good about returns though. notes on sizing? EF is usually very generous!

  12. The Buru top looks like it is available now in small. I have it in both black and sand and find myself reaching for them ALL. THE. TIME. Definitely worth it to try to snag one…

  13. I gotta echo the commenter who said silk doesn’t work for southern girl heat, but I think it totally depends on the construction and the color. If these are lined, then no way. Even if they are lined in silk. Once you add another layer to silk, it then becomes heat trapping, in a winter long johns kind of way. That being said, I wore silk pants to the doctors office yesterday (during a rainy Houston summer day, think “steam shower” hot) but they were Helmut Lang stretch silk pants. I need to talk about these pants! First, I bought them on sale at Nordstrom for $155 (a steal). Second, they are the silkiest silk I have ever touched (and I am a silk snob), and even after I washed them they kept their shine. Third, they are a straight leg pajama style cut with a wide, high waist band. I wore them with a blousy silk tank and my waistline was well defined and perfectly placed (I’m 5’9”). I think these work for the heat because the straight cut allows air flow (I worry about a taper cut) and it’s only one thin layer. Regarding color, I have learned the hard way to only wear black silk in the summer, otherwise the sweat marks are HIGHLY visible. Even navy is a gamble.
    All that being said, silk pants in the South are still only doable for walking from the car to an air conditioned building. I would never wear them if I knew I was going to be outside longer than that. If I’m going to be outside, it’s linen shorts and a THIN, flowy cotton top. My accessories? A personal fan around my neck, a backpack purse with a bottle of ice water for me and kids, and a container with a cooling towel soaked in water! I am THAT person!
    Are the Eileen Fisher pants lined? I’m seeing conflicting info online.

  14. What kismit! I searched for this post two days ago when I ran across these pants while cleaning out my closet. (I noticed that you’d update the bomber jacket link and was amazed!) Thanks for the ongoing inspiration; it’s very helpful.

  15. Old comment here but I’m thinking they removed the pockets in this year’s version. So bummed! I am going to return due to that. :/

  16. The pants are worth it! Thanks for the suggestion! I just ordered the shell to match. Perfect work staples that come in petite. I know these are going on every inevitable work trip coming this summer/fall!

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