Shopping: 15 Flat Summer Sandals That Are Both Cute AND Comfy


Mamas!!  We had a random 80 degree day a week(ish) ago.  I know!!!  It was fabulous.  Raines amused himself with the hose outside (God, five year olds are easy) while I snuggled Pax down for a nap.  You know those really restful naps?  The lazy summer kind, where the windows are wide open, the sunlight pours in, and you can hear the bees buzzing and smell summer with every breath?

Yes.  That.

Sadly, the next day was back to the rain/50 degrees/blah/dreariness that has defined this Spring.  But I smelled it, Mamas.  Summer is coming.*

*Draugelis family motto, right up there with Army of Lovers

Since there are very few ways that I can stand to "accessorize" in summer (quotes are intentional – I barely accessorize in summer)…sandals make up a key part of my summer momiform.  My summer sandals must be cute and comfy, and extra points for an element of cool.  Here are fifteen of my current favorites. (I really couldn't narrow it down!)



The Nudes

1. Wanted Acapulco in Tan, $49

The slight gold accents are like jewelry for your feet:  subtle, yet pretty.

2. Birkenstock Cairo in Toffee, $90

Hello, darlings.  You've been missed.  Welcome home.  

3. Madewell Whistlestop Sandal, $138

I bought these last year, and they are shockingly comfortable for a sandal with very little footbed padding.  I have worn these walking around Philly with the kids.  They make my outfit.  You can see them in action here

4. Naya Helena Sandal, $120

This sandal comes in three ever-so-slightly different shades of nude.  Now that's dedication to the shade! [slow clap….clap….clap]   Also?  One of the reviewers called these a "great walking shoe".  BAM.

5. French Connection Vicky Sandal, $115

Soft and gorgeous and nude.  Yesssss.  (My husband's three favorite things.)


Zee Coloures

6. Salt Water Sandals for Women, $40ish

The navy ones seem to have disappeared off the internets, except for the manufacturer's link above.  However, if you'd rather have any other color (red, yellow, silver, perhaps?), then Zappos has a good selection.  I bought a red pair last summer (here's the full review) and love them still.  

7. Lucky Brand Covela, $69

Mint?  And silver?  With a cork bottom?  I'm in.

8. Kork-Ease Yvette, $135

I'm kind of a sucker for a good ankle-wrap strap.  And the navy here is gorgeous.  But if you still aren't convinced, they also come in tan.  I'm talking to you, you wild and crazy tan-loving Mama!

9. Madewell Hole-Punch Sandal, $90

So cute, so sweet, so comfy.  Seriously – the footbed is nice and padded.  LOVE THESE. (Yup, tan also.  For the same wild and crazy bunch.)

10. Ted Baker Ballena Sandal, $150

What could be wrong with a neon strap, mirrored toe, and padded footbed?  Answer:  NOTHING.


The Embellished

11. Minnetonka Ibiza Sandal, $55

I'm cheating! I featured this last year!  But it's still good.  And now comes in three different colors and I love them all.

12. Clarks Indira Rue Sandal, $80

What the heck, Clarks?  These unassuming little comfort sandals in teal snake are awesome. I'll bet you never expected to see those words together….

13. Pikolinos Alcudia blah blah blah blah, $200

These sandals are stoopid expensive, and have a bizarre name that I didn't feel like typing out.  Pikolinos, please rename these to something easier (may I recommend 'the Shana'?) but otherwise don't change a thing.  These are my heart-beat-fast sandals.  These are the sandals that will – instantly – make any outfit.  Forever more.  For any situation.  Cost per wear?  Uh…can we do it?

14. TOMS Oahu Strappy Wedge, $69

Ok, so, I realize that these aren't flat.  BUT!  BUTBUT!  They are so comfortable, that they deserve a place amongst the heros of comfort sandals.  A VOILA!!  Here they are.   

15. Zigi Girl Adorable Sandal, $50

Calling the wide-footed!  One reviewer described herself as having a "WIDE foot and somewhat disproportionately fat feet (sigh)".  However, she found that these "fit perfectly if not a tad on the wide side."  Ah ha!  

There you have it.  The sandals that have been haunting my dreams.  Which pair(s) are haunting yours?



ps.  This write-up has been brought to you courtesy of a looong day of unexpected potty training and glasses (plural!!) of Sav Blanc.  BOOYA  




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  1. OMG!!! The PIKOLINOS!! I don’t care about the stupid name…they are awesome!!! saving now::))
    ps…are you wearing a medium in the Theory sweater from the sneaker post?

  2. Also I’ve been seriously contemplating getting a pair of toms wedges for the summer… I’ve heard very good things. One of my friends wears them all day as a 1st grade teacher, so they must be pretty comfy!

  3. Hope potty training went ok?:0
    So I see a BOOYA???
    Duck Dynasty?? It is a very funny show.!
    Can anyone tell me about the Salt sandals? All I see are kids sizes..

  4. I have the Clarks Indira Rue sandals in black/silver, and I LOVE them! I got them to accommodate my not-yet-expanded pregnant feet during the summer – I wanted something cute and comfy, and these fit the bill perfectly. They’re a little bit wider in the forefoot (and adjustable with the straps in back), so they’ll be great in the coming months (I’m 25 weeks now, this is going to be a fun summer…!)

  5. What are your thoughts on ankle straps making your leg look larger? I’d always heard that so I’ve stayed away from sandals with them. So sad because they’re too cute!

  6. I am mentally tsk-ing right now. The options, while seriously adorable, may work for mamas with cute little normal feet, but the only ones that suit duck-footed mamas (like myself) are options 2 and 11, and as a non-Birks fan I am down to one option. Sandals for wide feet are hard! I think it’s why so many moms turn to flipflops in the summer.

  7. Oh yippee – Thanks for givin them a look! I liked the ankle strap and the fact that they aren’t completely flat. Hoping the cork looks good in person.

  8. Okay, this has nothing to do with sandals but I need some urgent help regarding VPL. For several years now I have been devoted to Hanky Panky thongs…cute comfy, work under almost everything and got me all the way through my first pregnany (aw stretch lace I love you). But now I am pregnant again and have some pelvic floor damage. I kegel and kegel and kegel but the increase in pressure, and a job that means I can’t pee as often as I would like, has left me needing undies that can support incontinence pads…ie panties, not thongs.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? I hate the idea of not wearing thongs with tights, leggings and skinny jeans and all my maternity dresses are made from clingy jersy and I just don’t trust the hype of those “no VPL promise” panties.
    This is seriously a fashion dilemma unique to moms. Help me PLEASE!

  9. Yay! I’m finally getting the hang of all of this fashion-y stuff! I already bought the Clark sandals… very excited to see that I purchased them on my own before you told me to. I never thought I would be a 30 y/o walking around in Clarks, but, yes, they are VERY cute and VERY comfortable. 🙂

  10. I have fallen in love with Soma Vanishing Edge in microfiber..I wear them under everything! They are comfy, stay in place, have washed well so far (I try to line dry them) and I can wear them under my tightest skinnies no problem! (I’ll wear them with leggings if I’m positively sure my Hind End will be fully covered at all times ha!)
    I hope this helps!

  11. Has anyone worn k jaques sandals. I have been thinking about “investing” but don’t know if the price is really worth it.

  12. Jules – I’ve been looking at these, too. My issue is that most of the reviews I’ve found talk about the sole being stiff, or that the straps rub initially. Sigh. They ARE fabulous, but for $200, I don’t want to have to break anything in. And I think I want more padding on the footbed. But…..I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was tempted. It sounds like once they are broken in they are pretty fabulous….

  13. Well….I think if you have really thick ankles, ankle straps *can* accentuate that. But it really depends on the strap, and where exactly it hits. In general, you don’t want something hitting at a wide point on your leg. But I think most people’s legs taper at the ankle.
    I don’t think that ankle straps make legs look larger in general…does this make sense?
    Bottom line – you gotta try them on and see. 🙂

  14. The Salts are so annoying to buy. If you go to their website, I think they have a conversion chart….but Zappos should too. If they aren’t showing women’s sizes, look at a different color, maybe? Grrrrr….

  15. Is the warm sand color of the Madewell Whistlestop sandal the same color you bought last year?? In your real-life picture they look lighter. I love how they coordinate with your Makr Rucksack. Subtle perfection.

  16. Have you tried the Saltwater Sandals? I bought a pair last year after seeing them all over blogs and loved them. I even ordered a second pair in red for this summer to go with my black from last year. I don’t have wide wide feet but my feet are wider than normal and they fit me great. They also stretch out a little bit which makes them even more comfortable.

  17. I have a few pairs of K Jaques…if you get a flat sole the stiffness is not an issue..with a thick heel it is. They do not break in. there is no padding they are for looks only. I will not buy any again. (my 2 pennies?)

  18. Did you size up or down for the salt water sandals? I am a solid 9.5 (I had to look at their site for the conversion, I was confused at first too!) so I am not sure if I should go with a 9 or size up to a 10. Thanks!

  19. Interesting. The Salts don’t look like they’d stretch much, but I suppose natural materials are more likely to stretch out with wear. I’ll have to invest in a pair (or two)

  20. I was just looking at the Salts and from looking at the company’s website and at Zappos. I think Zappos is listing them under the UK sizes, which they are calling youth sizes. I could be wrong, but that’s what it looks like from the reviews. If that’s true, then you’d need to add 2 to get your size. So, if you wear size 8, order a size 6 from Zappos. It also looks like if you wear a half size, you should size up, not down.

  21. I love the ultra-buckle-y look of the Whistlestop ones but it doesn’t look like they’re available in Europe. 🙁
    Last year I got some Neosens sandals ( ) and they were cute with skirts and trousers and great for walking. I wore them all summer in Amsterdam and then in the fall on a trip to Barcelona (where I was also carrying my 18month old in the Ergo much of the day). Sizing notes: I have slender heels and had to get an extra hole punched in the strap to buckle them tighter.
    On the more colourful front, I just got some Peter Kaiser sandals in electric blue patent ( ). My goal was to get something that looked suitably dressy to wear to a wedding but that I could also chase after my toddler and wear with jeans. Sizing notes: These ran large and I had to exchange for a size smaller than usual.

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