Too School For Cool: Fun, Giftable Finds From Zulily


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Welp…Hump Day just got a lot more fun with these hilarious, whimsical finds from Zulily, y’all.

Need a Star Trek-themed present? I got you. Speaking of the universe, how about a gift mug for your friend who is always stargazing? I got you. Something for the Stranger Things fan in your life? I got you. Maybe even some cheeky Winston Churchill inspired lip balm? I got you. And you better believe I’ve got you covered on RBG gift ideas, too.

Also on sale today at Zulily? Cozy Ugg slides and slippers. Yup! Ooh, and Lucky Brand (I love their bags, tees, and shoes)…just to include a few expected fashion finds. But I love having a little theme here on my collage posts and today’s theme is…silliness.

Wacky, fun, tongue-in-cheek, sassy, nerdy gifts are kinda my jam around here and I say it’s never too early to start building up that silly gift stash in your closet. So, let’s get to it!

A Wacky Gift Shop Round-Up To Put Some Silly In Your Week

I’ve said it before, but I always have so much fun putting these Zulily collages together. Today was no exception.

There are a ton of great mugs, games and gifts from the brand, Unemployed Philosophers Guild. I barely even scratched the surface here, so head over to the site to see them all. Plus, I threw in a few more favorites from some other brands here, too!

A ton of great mugs, games and gifts from Unemployed Philosophers Guild. Nerdy gifts for your friends + family.

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1 | Monty Python Quotes Mug

Monty Python quotes mug. A cute gift for the Ministry of Silly Walks fans in your life.
Image Credit: Zulily

“Yes but I think that with government backing I could make it very silly.”

2 | Keep Calm + Carry Balm

Winston Churchill Keep Calm & Carry Balm Chapstick.
Image Credit: Zulily

Winston said it best. No chapped lips.

3 | Urban Bird Watching Journal

Urban Birdwatching Journal.
Image Credit: Zulily

Maybe counting pigeons is your thing…

4 | Scoops Troop Tee

Stranger Things T-Shirt. Blue with "Scoop Troop" illustration.
Image Credit: Zulily

“It’s this stupid hat. I am telling you, it’s totally blowing my best feature.” What? You haven’t watched Stranger Things?

5 | Yiddish Insults Mug

Colorful Yiddish insults mug!
Image Credit: Zulily

Pretty sure it’s scientifically proven that if you say it in Yiddish it works better.

6 | Jane Austen Tarot

Jane Austen Tarot Deck: If you like your tarot a little more Victorian, understated & judge-y.
Image Credit: Zulily

If you like your tarot a little more Victorian, understated and judge-y.

7 | Warhol Pins

Andy Warhol pins.
Image Credit: Zulily

Have your soup and wear it, too.

8 | Umbra Natural Woody Wall Hook

A wooden wall sculpture with spherical hooks to hang kids clothes.
Image Credit: Zulily

Such a cute little guy! Perfect in the kiddo’s room or by the door.

9 | Captain’s Log

A great gift for Star Trek lovers! The Captain's Log notebook.
Image Credit: Zulily

Stardate 41153.7. “Things are only impossible until they’re not.” Next Generation is the best. Fight me.

10 | Penmanship Notebook

A penmanship notebook to practice cursive handwriting. A cute gift!
Image Credit: Zulily

Cursive! It still exists!

11 | “Scream” Finger Puppet

A tiny finger puppet of Edvard Munch's "Scream." Painted in 1893. Still relevant today.
Image Credit: Zulily

For self-care.

12 | Wild Unknown Pocket Tarot

My favorite tarot deck, now in travel size! Kim Krans illustrations are beautiful.
Image Credit: Zulily

These are my favorite tarot decks…so beautifully illustrated by Kim Krans. Need this pocket version!

13 | Beautiful World 100 Piece Puzzle

A colorful & kid safe animal puzzle for the whole family.
Image Credit: Zulily

So pretty! And big enough pieces for the kids to enjoy.

14 | Roald Dahl Mug

Colorful Roald Dahl mug with quotes & illustrations. “Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.”
Image Credit: Zulily

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

15 | Constellation Mug

Dreamy constellation gift mug.
Image Credit: Zulily

For your starry-eyed friends.

16 | RBG Magnetic Puppet

RBG magnetic finger puppet.
Image Credit: Zulily

A friendly fridge reminder to all in your household about who wears the lace collar in the relationship…

17 | Dress To Dissent Magnet Set

RBG Dress Up Doll
Image Credit: Zulily

Angsty? Let RBG help refocus that energy.

18 | Freddie Candle

Freddie Mercury Votive Candle
Image Credit: Zulily

When you want to break free…or just need a break. I have to do it…now “Radio Gaga” will be stuck in YOUR head all day, too.

Shop All These Fun Gifts At Zulily

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Happy Shopping (complete with hopefully a few giggles)!



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