Shopping: Insanely Cool Sweatshirts (Including Nursing-Friendly Ones)


Mamas, the boys and I all got hit with disgusting, nasty colds this week.  UGH.  But I wanted to get this article out…based on your emails & comments, many of you are planning to do a little shopping this weekend.  So in true shopping enabler fashion…here are my, uh, nineteen favorite sweatshirts. 

*NOTE:  While I did find some great options under $40….I have also included sweatshirts in the $100+ range.  Why?  Well…conventional wisdom may recommend only spending money on classic items like wool blazers, for example, but that's just not applicable to this stage of my life.  By my own personal CPW (cost-per-wear) calculation, something like a wear-everywhere sweatshirt is a much better bet than a blazer.  For those interested, I talked about this debate in the quality vs. quantity article.



1. Riller & Fount Raglan Sleeve Sweatshirt, $165

This is some serious chic, all wrapped up in a comfy sweatshirt.  The sleeves are chambray.  LOVE.


2. Billabong High Note Sweatshirt, $35

A more playful, younger vibe than the Riller & Fount, but just as cool for a fraction of the cost.  


3. Quilted Faux Leather Shoulder Sweatshirt, $58

Yup.  Still loving leather detailing.


4. Topshop Dip Dye Cutout Sweatshirt, $60

So insanely sexy.  Have you ever heard anyone complain about "fat shoulders"?  Me neither.  



1. Monrow Camo Print, $135

So hardcore, yet so comfy.  Perfect with some preppy floral shorts, a girly skirt or – best yet – white denim.


2. J.Crew Eyelet Front Sweatshirt, $88

Eyelet + sweatshirt?  Damn.  J.Crew does it again.  I'd pair this with faux-leather pants STAT and pretend it's Spring. (Thanks for the find, Abby!)


3. Free People Handful of Petals Pullover, $200

Is anyone else totally annoyed by the price?  NO FREE PEOPLE, NO.  It is, however, the best floral-printed sweatshirt I've found.  Let's wait until this goes on sale, shall we?  (And a big XO to anyone who finds me a better one for less….)


4. Nordstroms Lace Front Sweatshirt, $39

That's better.  Alright.



1.  Olivia Moon Contrast Stitch Sweatshirt, $42

Love the contrast stitch and the ballet-inspired vibe. 


2. Lanston Boyfriend Sweatshirt, $88

Well hello, drapy fabulousness.  Come to Mama and hide this pooch.  (I'll bet that neckline pulls down nicely for nursing….)


3.  Quiksilver Elbow Patch Sweatshirt, $39

OMG ELBOW PATCHES.  Yesssss.  They just make everything cooler.


4.  Free People Oversized Sweatshirt, $68

Now THIS, Free People, I can get on board with.  Love the over-sized drapiness, the side-tie potential, and the pooch-hiding abilities.  Bravo!!



1. Zoe Karssen Army of Lovers Sweatshirt, $125

Draugelis family motto, right there.  


2. Sundry Pullover Striped Sleeve, $115

Sleeve stripes make my heart beat fast every. time.


3. Alternative Apparel Maniac Sport Sweatshirt, $48

Oooo…this is gooood.



1. Ruched French Terry Sweatshirt, $68

OMG!  Look at those sleeves.  This sweatshirt comes in some cah-razy gorgeous patterns, and is certified nursing-friendly and pooch-hiding by curvy reader Sara (pictures coming later this week – thanks, Sara)!

2.  RVCA Surf Break Hoodie, $52

A cowl-neck and an oversized fit?  That's how we do it, folks.  Nursing-friendly, pooch-hiding in style.

3. Free People Off The Shoulder V-Back Pullover, $49

Don a pretty nursing bra and slip this little number down to nurse.  [Insert terrible joke about bringing sexy 'back' while nursing]

4. 23 Graphic Varsity Sweatshirt, $38

This might seem like an odd choice, but I loved crop tops for nursing.  Just layer these babies over a nursing cami, and go up with the crop-top and down with the cami when the time comes.  Most of these crop tops swing a bit and are forgiving on a smallish pooch. 


That's it!  My highly-edited (snort) list of sweatshirts.  In all seriousness, there are so many to choose from (many, many more than shown here) that it's a good time to be shopping fleece.

Any other favs I missed?



ps.  We have another How We Wear It coming up this week.  So if you'd like to play along, get ready to style up a basic cardigan….


  1. Ok, first you seriously rock..everyone having a booger of a cold (pun…intended.-let it be known, I can’t help myself )
    And you will NEVER have to apologize for *too many* options! Choice is wonderful 🙂
    Those elbow patches are calling, I daresay *screaming* for me to buy it! (I have been wanting a Something-Elbow-Patch for a long time now. Thanks for this!
    Thanks for all your hard word. Hope you all feel better soon! (And YAY for the How We Wear It..this makes me happy 🙂

  2. WHY OH WHY are my favorites ALL THE MOST EXPENSIVE DAMN SWEATSHIRTS???? For surrious. The camo? That very first baseball sleeve one? The Army of Lovers? Sigh. I just have ‘spensive taste.

  3. Oh thank you! even when you are sick! you poor thing:(
    Well I agree can’t decide!! Really like alot of them..esp the higher priced!
    hope you feel better..

  4. I just got an awesome lace combo one from Zara! I think the official name might be lace combination sweatshirt.
    I’ve been thinking about getting that J. Crew one also after seeing in the newest style guide.

  5. Yessss – finally, one that will actually work for nursing!! I’ve been coming up empty so thanks for hooking a Mama up!! The Free People one – with ANMJ-inspired and FABULOUS nursing bras underneath – is on my immediate to-do list!

  6. Yes please…camo, tribal print, hombre, leather patches….one of each! Some of these will be great pooch hiders post pregos in aug. thanks S!

  7. Cool picks! I’ve had the faux leather shoulder sweatshirt (1st grouping, #3) home and I wouldn’t recommend it, though. Very cropped, very stiff fabric and the faux leather is particularly “faux” looking. I was disappointed. It also runs very small. Just FYI.

  8. I just got that Bobeau one from Nordstrom you recommended a few posts back, it’s awesome! Perfect for nursing, I’ve worn it like everyday. Best $40 spent in awhile. Thanks! Love hearing specific recommendations.

  9. Hmm, does this mean my bleach marked Red Sox sweatshirt with the cutout neck (it was too tight!) is not okay for public consumption? Too late…
    I’m looking for new sweatshirts ASAP!

  10. i channeled ANMJ last night and bought myself fleece-lined leggings (they feel like HEAVEN…..oh my gosh) and a beautiful fun sweatshirt in bright blue with pretty detailing and a little glitter on it. thanks so much for the inspirations!

  11. Love the site!! Question about the the elbow patch shirt. This is totally my style but I am a little concerned about the front pocket. Will this highlight my middle(really don’t want that) it needs hidden not highlighted. Thought?

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