Add Some Glam To Your Plain Sweaters With Statement Jewelry From Heidi Daus


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I’ve always been a sucker for accessories. I used to pile on ALL of my mom’s jewelry at once…bracelets up and down my arms, layers of rings and necklaces…and if I found clip-on earrings? Jackpot. (My dad didn’t let me get my ears pierced until age 14…pure torture.)

I still love accessories just as much as I did back then (earrings are my favorites), especially now when there are so many Zoom meetings and get-togethers taking place. When I don’t feel like dressing up? I can throw on a plain sweater, add some fancy earrings and be ready to go. Black turtleneck, graphic t-shirt, oversized sweater…they all look dressed up the second you add some statement jewelry.

HSN has some great deals right now on fashion jewelry from Heidi Daus, who’s been designing jewelry for over 35 years. The crystals in her pieces (that she describes as wearable art) are all set by hand and I personally love all of the gorgeous colors she uses. (And right now HSN has a special offer for first-time customers as well: get $20 your first order of $40 or more with code HSN2020, an offer I used myself to snag those pretty green earrings!) Here are some of my favorite pieces including today’s *smart deal* — a gorg 3-piece set that comes with free S&H:

Fashion jewelry from Heidi Daus (via HSN & a coupon code) is a fab way to glam up Zoom sweaters or ant outfit. Wearable art for the virtual life? YES.

1 | “Hot Rocks” Geometric Earrings – These are the ones I have, and they’re so pretty in person. The colors are gorgeous; I love that you can see right through the stones.

2 | Skinny Tassel Earrings – Love the length of these earrings! I can’t decide between the “Montana Blue” or “Aurora Borealis” colors, but they also come in clear and metallic gold.

3 | Confection Statement Convertible Earrings – These are cool because that bottom stone can be removed–so you can wear them without or add them back on for a little more sparkle and movement.

4 | “Hot Rocks” Solitaire Cocktail Ring – I didn’t see this when I purchased the earrings, but I love it! I need to add this matching statement ring to my collection ASAP (it comes in sizes 5-12, so you can buy it for whatever finger you want, which I love, because I’m usually stuck with just one size to choose from).

5 | “Double Play” Crystal Drop Earrings – You have to check out the color options of these earrings. SO pretty…a great way to add a pop of color.

6 | “Shades of Sparkle” Crystal Drop Earrings – These are really unique–I love the clear bottom half with the color of the top part.

7 | Skinny Tassel Lariat Necklace – The thing I love about this necklace is that it can be worn so many different ways: wrap it around your neck like a scarf or fold it in half and loop the ends through; wear it tight like a choker or loose; have the ends hang in front or show off the back of a cool shirt and hang them behind. Love the colors, too.

8 | Crystal and Glass Bead Drop Earrings – Talk about statement earrings! I kinda love the swan figures on top of these…so fun.

9 | Bow Wreath Lariat Necklace – A statement necklace that would look great with a black turtleneck or add a bit of sparkle to a plain sweater.

10 | “On-Line” Linear Drop Earrings – Check out the video to see how these sparkle in real life. I love the crystal clear, but that light purple is really eye-catching too.

11 | HD Beaded Necklace, Shortener Clasp & Hoop Earring 3pc Set – Their *smart deal* for the day that comes with free S&H.

A huge thank you to ShopStyle & HSN for sponsoring this post! Fashion jewelry is so fun and I love my new “Zoom earrings!” Amy, thanks for the pic!!



PS. This one’s for the pinners…

Fashion jewelry from Heidi Daus (via HSN & a coupon code) is a fab way to glam up Zoom sweaters or ant outfit. Wearable art for the virtual life? YES.

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