Shopping: My Fav Denim, On Sale Everywhere


Denim sales abound!  And many of the styles I've featured here on ANMJ are now on sale….


Moto Denim

Remember how we were all drooling over cozy sweaters and moto pants?  Yes. Exactly.  And how awesome are preppy white jeans as moto denim? (ps.  The Free People Moto previously featured are also on sale.)


1. DL1961 Hazel Moto Skinny Jeans, $130

2.  AG Coated Moto Skinny Jean, $122

3.  J Brand Mid-Rise Moto Skinny, $253 (25% off with code DENIM)

4.  Hudson Stark Moto Jeans, $220 (25% off with code DENIM)


Patched or Destroyed Denim

This whole category makes my heart beat fast.  I wantwantwant each pair below.  (But if I'm forced to play favorites the leather patches OMG.)


1. True Religion Carrie Patchwork Flare Denim, $226

2. Textile Elizabeth and James Patched Jean, $135

3. Seven For All Mankind Josefina Destroyed, $225 (25% off with code DENIM)

4. Blank NYC Relaxed Straight Leg, $88

(This style was on sale at Piperlime, but sold out before I could publish.  However, Shopbop has them in stock – comparatively affordable, even at full price.)


The Perfect Gray Jean

I've been on a hunt for the perfect gray jean.  I want something interesting, something with variation and whiskering. These fit the bill exactly. 




1. Current / Elliott Ankle Skinny, $159

2. Rag and Bone Bomber Legging Jean, $184

3. Citizens of Humanity Racer Jeans, $119  (or a few sizes here for $160 – call and Nordies will price match)

4. Citizens Avedon Ultra Skinny, $218 (25% off with code DENIM)


Coated Denim

I'm a coated denim devotee.  Not only are they comfortable and insanely cool, but they actually repel water a bit better than regular denim, making them my go-tos on rainy days.  TRUE STORY.

(ps.  Am also DYING over Rag and Bone's Portobello pant.  Typically $440, but on sale for $130.  Like a coated denim/dress pant hybrid. #sofreakinggorgeous)


1. Blank Coated Denim, $60

2. 7 For All Mankind High Shine Skinnies, $198 (25% off with code DENIM)

3. AG The Legging, Coated, $164

4. J Brand Coated Skinny Jean, $144  (or here in a slightly darker wash)

I have this jean and it's crazy-soft.  One of my most-worn pairs (see it here).



My Tried and True

These are my current favorites – I've worn each of these over&over&over.


1.  JBrand Love Story in Cosmo, $185 (25% off with code DENIM) 

These are my favorite flares.  You can see them here or here.

2. AG The Legging Jean in Prado, $125 or 4 years seattle, 6 years dive or 18 year heartbreaker, each $220 (25% off with code)

One of my very favorite skinnies.  AG Denim is super soft and comfortable, but really knocks it out of the park with their washes.  That perfect blue, that pefectly faded look, truly the best I've seen.  

3. J Brand Mid-Rise Skinny Cord in black, $123

I have these in camel, and love the fit (thank you JBrand for the mid rise).  Love how the black cords almost look like velvet.  #rockstar

4. Rag and Bone Skinny or Cigarette, $145

Rag and Bones are my current favs.  They are really skinny through the leg, and I've found that they look better with ankle booties than most other jeans.


No promises on sizes, Mamas – these things are selling quick.  

Happy Shopping!



  1. I’m a coated denim convert (totally thanks to S, of course!) and after ordering and returning approximately a thousand pairs, lucked into Lucky Brand – Charlie Super Skinny. (Don’t let the name scare you – I’m a curvy 29 with a bit – ahem – of pooch after three babies but my thighs are my least favorite feature.) I honestly feel like a hot mama every time I wear them (whether with heels to a party or Chuck’s to…life) and my hubby agrees. πŸ™‚
    Also, I’m eyeing up those Blank straight leg jeans. I ordered a pair of Blanks during my coated quest and Shopbop reviews said Blank runs super skinny. I ordered a size up but they were HUGE, so thinking they might fit a curvy girl well for a more destroyed/casual style in one’s actual size…

  2. Do you really have to dry clean the coated denim! Please tell me you put them in the wash and they still look good. Or that you wear them a billion times and they aren’t all stretched out. Then I could justify a splurge πŸ™‚

  3. KAS- I have a pair of coated denim from Citizens that I got last year- I wore them ALL the time- no lie- about 4 times a week from November until March. The coating started to wear off a bit during that time, and they didn’t really stretch out all that much. I doubt they are meant to be worn the way I did. I LOVE them. Comfy, edgy, easy to dress up for date night or down for school drop off. For me it is a definite key piece in my wardrobe. Bought another pair this year.

  4. Shana-OMG I LOVE those Rag and Bone Portobello pants! They are amazing- if they weren’t final sale I would completely grab a pair!
    Question for you- the J Brand Coated skinny- do you have the lighter or darker wash?
    And,I have long legs, but somehow the cropped denim doesn’t look right no me- I do better when it is almost bunched up at my ankle for some reason- the motto denim looks shorter- any thoughts on how to style for someone with longer legs?
    As always you nailed it!!! xo

  5. I LOVE AG denim! If you like the legging you should try the absolute legging. They are my fave and I have 4 pairs. The fit is almost identical to the legging, a tad tighter but loosen up with wear and about an inch shorter, not as short as the ankle legging but perfect for shorter ladies, I’m 5’3! With enough bunching at the ankles and they also look great rolled up!

  6. Beth, the wash I have is slightly lighter than the darker wash, but not as light as the lighter one. (Wow. So helpful here.)
    Anyway….your long legs “problem”. πŸ™‚ Besides high heels…do you have a mid-size boot? Something higher than ankle boots but much (MUCH) lower than a tall boot? And where do the cropped pants hit you? I’m having trouble seeing why that wouldn’t work, unless it was halfway up your calf? xoxo

  7. Dry clean??? Pshaw! I NEVER.
    But in the spirit of full disclosure, I rarely wash my denim. I’m a spot-clean kinda girl. But YES. I have washed them, and hung to dry. I sometimes will dry them for 3-5 minutes just to keep them soft.

  8. Shana- No mid-size boot. I have the tall boots (which after wearing non-stop for 5 years I am beyond tired of!) and then I have a pair of ankle booties (Rag and Bone).
    The problem is that while I don’t have cankles, I do have thicker calves, so the abrupt end point hits at the bottom of my calf- maybe an inch above the ankle- just looks odd. I am thinking more of when the weather turns nicer and I want to wear something other than the ankle bootie with them.
    Thanks!!!! xoxo

  9. Late to this post thanks to a nasty staph infection for my five year old πŸ™ but as a stay home mom I’m always searching for the perfect jeans! But losing extra weight from baby has left me with a happy size eight tho quite lose skin – I know tmi but love how honest your posts are so I’m keeping it real. Anyway I’ve read about Diesel jogg jeans that are hybrid of sweatpants and jeans. Heard some amazing things about them on a denim blog tho they seem hard to find except diesel website. Have u or any other mommas tried them? I just ordered two from your list so thanks again tho I’m far from your fabulous size I still trust your knowledge – and that of your readers too- and insight so much!

  10. We're moms, Kim.  At this point very few things are TMI.  :). Hope your little one is on the mend.  But to answer your question…I haven't tried Diesel's pj jean! Will look into those.  I mean seriously – it sounds like something on an infomercial!  But if anyone could pull it off, Diesel could.
    Sent from my iPhone

  11. Ended up going with the AG legging, not coated. Figured I should start there. Got them yesterday and am in love! They are delicious! and I will live in them! Going coated denim next. Thanks for the advice.

  12. I second the Madewell shout-out. The higher-rise skinny has been great postpartum option for me and they keep their shape well. Thanks for the great article!

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