Shopping: My Favorite Everyday Summer Dresses


Mamas!  I obviously have summer shopping on the brain.  First sandals, now dresses.  But in my defense, some dresses are 20% off this weekend at Piperlime (use promo code DRESS), so it's a good time to be looking.  Here are thirteen of my favs (and most are either nursing friendly, pooch-hiding, or both.)

1. Free People Striped Uniearthen Dress, $128

Well.  If ever there was an earth-mother dress, it would be called the "Uniearthen".  GOOD GOD.  So drink, eat, dance around the fire….your pooch will be well-hidden.  The back is really low, so if the earth mother (aka you) must nourish her children, she may just shimmy-shimmy one strap down.  (You'll want a cute nursing bra, though – it'll show in the back.)

2. Ella Moss Striped Maxi Dress, $198

So often maxi dresses verge on being empire-waisted, and that silhouette is death for pooch-hiding.  BUT!  See the extra panel of fabric running down the front of this dress?  Genius.

3. VIva Vena Tie-Front Maxi Dress, $88

This bad-boy has two ties to ensure a good fit.  And all of that stuff (ties, pattern, etc.) is perfect for pooch-hiding…even on a curvy mama.

4. Viva Vena Strappy Trapeze Dress, $98

Yup.  Perfect.




1. Hive and Honey Double Layer Knit Maxi, $69

Love the color.  The fabric is model, so the neckline would easily stretch down for nursing.  Death on a pooch, though.

2. Cut 25 Shirred Gown, $225

The most comfortable evening dress ever.  Eat away.  It's also model, so would be a glamourous twist on your everyday maxi.

3. Line and Dot Pleated Trapeze Dress, $119

I've had my eye on this baby for a while.  "Trapeze" is music to my ears.  This will be a serious pooch-hider, no Spanx required. 


4. Riller and Fount Draped Front Mini Dress, $143

To nurse, I'd size up.  The cowl neckline will pull down easily (it's model as well – sense a theme) and all of the crazy draping will help to hide the pooch.  It's the standard tank dress, but way cooler, and made just for new moms.  This dress would rock on curvier figures as well. 

5. Soft Joie Craven Dress, $118

No, I take that back.  THIS is the dress for new moms.  Soft Joie is one of my favorite lines.

6. Isabel Lu Denim Dress, $92

Such a sweet silhouette made so cool in denim.  Those buttons snap close, so you can rip them open (like Superman) to nurse.  Dun-DAH!!


7. Young, Fab and Broke Jojo Maxi, $211

So slinky…and so sexy.  Nursing mamas, layer this over a nursing cami (or just a cute nursing bra if you dare)…poochy mamas?  Get it big enough to wear the rope low on your hips, and let the excess fabric hide the pooch.

8. LA Made Belted Wrap Maxi, $121

These long, column dresses are so glam for everyday.  Love the wrap for a nursing mama.

9. Velvet By Graham and Spencer Slub Maxi Dress, $108

I tried this one on last year.  It's just flowy enough to hide a small pooch and just low enough to be nursing-friendly.  Why didn't I buy it?  Hunh.  I don't know either.  (I suspect it had something to do with the fact that I was SUPPOSED to be shopping for bridesmaid dresses.)


Piperlime's promo code DRESS is good on selected* dress purchases until 5/4.

Happy shopping!



*ugh.  I originally missed this fine print.  Boo.





  1. No. 4, 5 and 7 really need to be in my closet (I can see my husband’s arched eyebrow when I say “need” ha!) A girl can dream though 😉 Thanks for so many fun options!
    So will you be revisiting No 9 and adding that to your closet this season?

  2. Ellen, my hands-down, favorite maternity dresses were a couple of Gap (non-maternity) maxi dresses.  Sure, I had to retire them eventually, but they worked perfectly until month 7ish.  So:  Yes! Almost any of these would work…I'd stay away from #3 (printed) and #6 and #8 (solids)…but the rest would be fab.
    Shana Draugelis, Ain't No Mom Jeans

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  3. I have #9 and it was perfect for my post-partum summer. Topped it with a jean jacket and a summer scarf on cooler days – I felt like a rockstar, even rocking my pooch!

  4. Oh – and I don’t agree with the review on piperlime. I have the dress in Ink, and never had any problem with the material being too thin or sheer. It was a typical slub t-shirt material. Maybe the reviewer was referring to the “Trail” color – that one looks like it could potentially be more sheer.

  5. wow nice dresses but expensive how about a few that are less then 200? I enjoy your blog and the style tips but the prices of some of your outfits are out of the park.

  6. I count eleven that are less than $200. And four of those are less than $100. I think part of the fun of this blog – and others – is that you can use them as fashion inspiration. See what you like here and then challenge yourself to find something similar at Forever 21 or Old Navy or on the sale racks for even less. 🙂

  7. These really aren’t nursing bra friendly (and we all know that most nursing bras aren’t exactly glamourous. I have Ds when not nursing so a flimsy strap just ain’t gonna cut it. Any chance you have thicker strap dress options out there?

  8. Love, love, LOVE them all! Now how do I narrow it down?
    I think my momiform this summer may just be these dresses in rotation. That’s not weird, right? Keep up the great work!

  9. You can throw a tank on under these. Just pull a color out of the print for a nice pop. Like no. 1, grab a red or blue tank, then the dress right over. I do this all the time when I need more coverage, but am sick to death of the completely uninspired cardigan over a dress.

  10. Jill, I had that same problem when Raines was born – I couldn't find dresses (or tanks even) that allowed me to hide the nursing bra straps…and I wasn't comfortable in a strapless bra.  What I ended up finding was cuter nursing bras, so I just let the straps show.  In particular, I love Cake Lingerie.  A bra like this one:  would look just fine peeking out of tanks/dresses, and it goes up to size DD-G.  
    That said, if I find any nursing-friendly dresses with thick straps, I'll write them up stat.  I remember how frustrating it was!

  11. The free people dress is hugeomongus! I ordered last week ( a size down)and couldn’t wait to get it but it was just too big. Def size down, way way down.
    Soft joie is a great line and I bought a few maxis last year after I had my son and they are still going strong. I live in a warm climate and have been anxiously awaiting your recommendations warm weather fashions. Yeah!!
    Also, to hide bra straps a cute shrunken denim vest (AE has one under $50) does the trick.
    I use to do the cardi but just got so bored of it.

  12. These are all beautiful, but almost all are maxis! I live in Las Cruces, NM, where it is routinely 105 degrees in June. Any suggestions for cute, short dresses? Thanks!

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