Remember when you first learned you were pregnant?  That very first time?  I remember desperately trying to keep it a secret from friends/family/coworkers/Facebook, but everywhere I looked….BABIES.  Babies were everywhere.  It was a plot, executed by the universe, to wear my husband down until he finally cracked, at a party attended by both friends and co-workers, his excited voice booming over the music, “SHANA IS PREGNANT!!  BUT ONLY THREE WEEKS SO DON’T TELL HER THAT YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!”

Nice one, Mike.  Imagine my surprise as I fake-drank my beer to have 30 people suddenly rush up and congratulate me.  If I recall correctly, I started actually drinking the beer.

In any case, I’ve had overalls on the brain.  Overalls and kimonos, specifically.  And, like babies, they are suddenly popping up everywhere.  So let’s take this as a universal sign TO GO SHOPPING.



1. For the Rock Chick

Love the edgy railroad stripes with a floral kimono.  It’s a seriously cool mixed-print combo.

Forever 21 Railroad Stripe Overalls, on sale for $20

SheInside Rose Red Vintage Floral Kimono, $18

2. For the Casual Boho Mom

Achieves that whole, “this old thing?” nonchalance.

Blank Denim Overalls, $108

SheInside White Short Sleeve Vintage Floral Kimono, $17

3.  For the Romantic Tomboy

It’s hard to beat lace and soft chambray.  These have gotta be the comfiest overalls of the bunch.

Madewell Park Overalls in Skyview, $148

Lace Cardigan, $38 at Nordstrom

4. For the Urban Mama

Tribal prints and Faux-leather?  Yes, please.

Current/Elliot Ranch Hand Coated Overalls, $348 at Nordstrom

Apricot Tribal Print Kimono, $23 at SheInside

5. For Moms Who Seek Cozy-Chic

I have these overalls – they’re the exact same pair I featured in my best of Nordstrom Anniversary sale #dressingroomselfies.  Even at full-price, they’re a steal for $54.  Love them with a cozy knit kimono.  So cute on a cool fall day with ankle boots, scarf and a knit hat.  Right?

Fire Destroyed Slim Overalls, $54

Batwing Sleeve Loose Knit Top, $21 at SheInside


Happy Monday!




  1. I’m loving this look, but still not sure I can pull it off in my day to day life! I suppose I felt the same way about skinny jeans a few years ago, and they’ve become my momiform of choice, so there’s that. I guess I just need a little more confidence, or to see them on someone over 21 around here! Am I brave enough???

    • I’m not- lol! No matter how darn cute Shana looked in them I just can’t stop seeing myself with a baby T and Birks circa 1990something…

      • PRECISELY!!! Furthermore I am totally convinced that you have be very lithe to pull the look off. I would look like a frumpy dumpy crazy farmer or something. Kudos to those brave enough to wear this look! I will however be sporting the kimonos. BUY ALL THE KIMONOS!!!

  2. I am SO excited about these overalls. I still miss the pair I had 20 years ago that were flare leg. Did you ever have a pair of those? They were the most comfortable things ever and I wore them to death.

    I’m 5 months post-partum (from boy #3!) and one of the things that is KILLING me about moving back into “real” clothes are the waistbands. They just make me crazy. I’m thinking a pair of these would be just the ticket. 🙂

    I really love the look of the Madewell ones, but I’ve never bought anything from them before. Do their clothes hold up pretty well? Enough to last more than a season of constant wear while chasing three boys? (Well, chasing two and carrying a third?)

  3. I love you S, I really do. But I just CAN’T get on board the overalls and kimono train. It’s just too much of a dressing like a child + Mrs Roper for me. And believe me, I LOVE me some Mrs Roper…

  4. Love the look of the cute kimonos but am I the only person who has seen the most horrible reviews of I read that the quality and shipping are awful and customer service basically doesn’t exist. I’m kind of surprised that you would feature them. Is this post sponsored by them?

    • I would never do a sponsored post without disclosing it in some totally obvious way. So…no. This is not a sponsored post. But I’ll admit that I rarely order from SheInside for the reasons you described above – the quality IS hit-or-miss. However, if I want to try out a new trend before totally committing to it, or if I just need a little trendy something to perk up an outfit, SheInside is great. I find the quality to be the same (or hey – in some cases, better) than Forever 21. I started paying closer attention when we snapped this cool chick, who happened to be wearing a SheInside coat:

      That coat was awesome – looked WAY more expensive than it was. But shipping is pretty sloooow…sooooooo…

      • I appreciate the scoop. I have a friend who got burned with an order so I did a little digging on them in the past. It’s hard to not want to try the site out when they have some seriously cute and ridiculously inexpensive items.

    • Yeah, I’d agree with Shana. Quality is hit or miss – I’ve ordered two cardigans which were super cheap and I LOVE and a jacket where the fit was terrible. I was eventually able to return it, but there was a bit of back and forth with various customer service reps before they gave me an address and authorization number for returns. But it is super cheap and if you equate it with Forever 21, it’s good for the occasional trendy piece.

    • You bet – let me do a little digging (I know some came from Target and some from Etsy) and see if I can find actual links.

  5. I’ve been overall obsessed lately and just bought a pair from Target today. I turn 40 in a little over a month. I HOPE I can pull it off! Shana, got any suggestions for a pair of railroad stripe jeans? I’m dying for a pair but can’t find any that aren’t super low waist or super expensive.

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