25 Random Amazon Finds For Late Summer/Early Fall


There’s something about late summer that makes me want a refresh.

At this point, I’ve been wearing my favorite denim shorts on repeat, throwing on the easiest tanks in my closet, and skipping the full-blown beauty routine. (That’s what summer’s all about, yeah?)

But once August rolls around and we start to talk fall, I’m suddenly charmed by fancy hairbrushes, and my closet and home are both begging for a little pick-me-up.

I was recently perusing Amazon (what else is new) and found a ton of exciting stuff. So, I threw it all into a fresh, shoppable Storefront for ya.

We’re talking cool upgrades (like a laundry detergent to MATCH YOUR PERFUME), trending pieces (charms are back, baby), fall closet staples (including a windbreaker that’s actually cute), and of course, the most random of random finds. Let’s get into it:

Late summer makes me want a refresh, & these Amazon finds are li'l luxuries (tinted sunscreen, fall boots, a fly fan) that are worth your money.

Need A Pick-Me-Up? 25 Random Amazon Finds From Our Storefront

Vibe Check: simple little luxuries that are worth your money.

Yup, that’s what we’re going for in this conglomerate of a 25-piece roundup. So buckle in. (Check out our Amazon Storefront for all of these finds + more.)

1. Tinted sunscreen that won’t break you out? EltaMD has us intrigued

2. Craving a sweet snack? These sweet-potato sticks are nutritious and texture-heaven.

3. If you forgot a birthday, it’s fine. This fun card set won’t let you forget again.

4. Best way to assure your lip color stays all day? Stain it on.

5. BRB, doing my self-care. With this stainless-steel gua sha tool.

6. You’re just so charming. So get a Elizabeth Cole charm necklace to match.

7. Can’t ever figure out how to organize your bags? This closet divider exists!!!

8. Nothing makes me angrier than a rogue cable. Freaking tie that thing up.

9. I know you’re dying for a $275 hairbrush. Thank God I found one!

10. Trending on TikTok. So you know this filtered showerhead is the real deal.

11. Never had a date? This syrup will change that.

12. Shuck Yeah. I just love saying that, and now it’s on a tote.

13. Campfire stories are always a hit. Grab “The Pendleton Field Guide” book and set the autumnal vibe.

14. Why are things 10 times better when they’re packable? This Free People windbreaker is example #1.

15. Throw away all of those flimsy damn tea boxes. And organize your tea bags in this bamboo box instead.

16. Want to save $6,800 on a lift? This Nippies boob tape is cheap and stitchless!

17. Because who doesn’t love to slather on a luxurious body cream? This Ouai lotion is my next purchase. (Thx, reviewers.)

18. Li’l date night tops always make jeans shine. This ASTR the Label tank is my current fave.

19. You match your laundry detergent to your perfume? I’ve never heard of anything cooler.

20. Nothing kills a mood faster than flies on food. Shoo. Get a fly fan.

21. Want to walk with a little more confidence? Carry this bad boy — a cute personal safety alarm.

22. Really cool Chelsea boots under $100? I’ve got you.

23. It’s freakin’ bats. If you got that quote, I applaud you. P.S. I know it’s early, but BOO — Halloween decorations!

24. Best end-of-summer cocktail? Anything with this blackberry rimming sugar.

25. Well, this is the coolest find of them all. Enter: a candle-warmer lamp if the fragrance is too strong. (Mind = blown.)

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Xo, Abby

Hey there, Pinners. You know we didn’t forget you.

Late summer makes me want a refresh, & these Amazon finds are li'l luxuries (tinted sunscreen, fall boots, a fly fan) that are worth your money.

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