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Amazon, you guys. It truly is the hostess with the mostess. Every time I set out to update The Mom Edit’s Amazon Storefront, it’s a love story between me and the 1-48 of 50,000 results toolbar. I can’t stop next-page-ing.

While extremely overwhelming, it’s also thrillingly enticing to find the gems. At least for me, a self-proclaimed (and self-) licensed find finder. So put aside the online-shopping expedition and allow me.

Our Storefront harbors tons of random finds like a lot of the ones below, but also seasonal and trending fashion, shoes, accessories, home, lifestyle, travel, eats, beauty, and much, much more. It’s a conglomerate of our faves, all regularly updated in one place.

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Amazon, you guys. From puffers to massage candles to lunchboxes to doormats...you know I could go on. Here are 30 random but cool finds you need to see.

30 Cool Things On Amazon RN — Straight From Our Storefront

Caution: Cheeky randomness ahead. Also, two-day shipping if you fall in love fast.

I apologize for the lack of cohesiveness in the coming 30 finds, but I think it makes it really fun. (And keeps the clicks coming. Which I also enjoy. Hehe. You’ll just never know what’s coming up next….)

1. Tuning in to your inner Fieri, Flay or Ray in ’23? This cookbook is your new BFF.

2. Up late? Meet your savior à la de-puff (aka under-eye gel patches).

3. Feeling blue? This Pistola mockneck sweater cozily bestows a positive connotation.

4. Fancying a fancy shower? $crub-a-dub-dub with some luxe body wash.

5. Recovering people-pleaser? Let’s get healthily selfish & read a self-help book.

6. Allergic to mornings? Snoopy too. Here’s a cute graphic tee to express just that.

7. Need to keep better track of your sh*t? Bluetooth Tile tracker two-pack, at your service.

8. Waste-conscious? Make your leftovers loud with this Kate Spade food-storage set.

9. Brittle hair got you down? Introducing: shiny and shinier (aka a shampoo & conditioner set).

10. Can’t decide between good sleep and good energy? Easy. Have both with Moon Juice magnesium supplements.

11. Channeling your inner Ulla Johnson? Get these cuffed jeans.

12. Received an invitation to a random third cousin’s wedding in Belgium? Take the cheaper, crispy-soft, Sunday-morning-smelling, easy way out, and bring Belguim to you with this waffle maker. And don’t forget to send one to the happy couple.

13. Not puffered-out yet? This cropped puffer jacket.

14. Into spending $40 on Vitamin C? K… here. (It does actually have rave reviews.)

15. Want to get sculpted? Grab your smock — we’re playing with clay.

16. Obsessed with those little egg-bite things at Starbucks? Get this egg pan and save (probably) 10 grand a year.

17. Heart NY? Wear it loud and proud (in super-cute Kate Spade earring form).

18. Loathe those unmeasurable brown-sugar clumps? Enter: the world’s most adorable problem-solving, sugar-softening bear.

19. Want to make better coffee? Try a milk frother. Easy as f*** (foam).

20. Shoes looking older than the dirt that’s encrusting them? Revive those things with a shoe-cleaner kit.

21. Need a hairy pick-me-up? This Rahua leave-in treatment has got your back. Or your head.

22. Sporty Spice your fave? She’d approve of these track pants.

23. Multitasker at heart? Snap up a massage candle (part candle, part massage oil). Sniff & rub.

24. Want to update your basic tees? You’re so Kule.

25. Appreciate when things are just pretty? Bam. Water carafe. Unnecessary pretty thing.

26. Want to heal your inner child? Take this Hydroflask lunchbox to work. With a thermos. Of alphabet soup.

27. Need chocolate like you need water? Just buy these mini M&Ms.

28. Enjoy an excuse to spell out an expletive? Throw down this customizable doormat and cutely tell everyone on your doorstep to F off ;).

29. Looking to get your glow on, sans-UV? Go ahead and radiate, gradually, with this illuminating tanning lotion from Tan-Luxe.

30. Best-for-last-saver? Me too. This long cardigan is really calling my name.

With the endless pages of options on Amazon, you’re bound to find some real winners. Or I’ll find them for you. Remember to follow our Amazon Storefront to keep up with all of our new lists & fun finds!

Xo, Abby

Amazon, you guys. From puffers to massage candles to lunchboxes to doormats...you know I could go on. Here are 30 random but cool finds you need to see.
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