Shopping: Shimmery Tees and Chic Track Pants


Due to a trick of lighting in my last post…it looks like I was wearing a shimmery tee with my old beat-up bootcuts.  The problem NOW is that I'm now dying for a shimmery tee…and based on the comments, I'm not the only one.

Also, many of you have recommended some really cool track pant/trouser hybrids after seeing how cute Rachel looked in hers…so CLEARLY a shopping post is in order.  (Let the record show that I am NOT the only shopping enabler here.)

Here we go!


1. Eileen Fisher V-Neck Tee in Moon, $138 at Nordstroms (also in a tank)

2.  Patterson J Kincaid Foiled Tee, on sale for $45 at 6pm

3. Nic + Zoe Shimmer Tee, $78 at Zappos

4. Vince Camuto V-Neck Foiled Tee, $59 at Nordstroms

5  Vince Camuto Metallic Slouchy Tee, on sale for $35 at Lord and Taylor


Which is your favorite?  I love the wash of #2 from Patterson J Kincaid – a perfect blend of old-gray-tee and shimmer…but I really prefer a v-neck.  I just wish Eileen Fisher's (#1) had a lower neckline (and price)…perhaps if you size up?  But for only $35, it's hard to beat #5.




1. WAYF Track Pants, $58 at Nordstroms

2. RVCA Jersey Knit Pant, on sale for $30 at Piperlime

3. Topshop Clutter Moth Print Pants, $70 at Nordstroms

4. Sweatpants with Zippers, $35 at H&M

5. Terry Drawstring Loungers, $40 at Gap


Is is just me, or is this pair ever-so-slightly reminiscent of the $300 Thakoon sweatery knit ones? Hmmmm….

Happy Friday!





  1. I was thinking about that shirt myself! Can anyone wear these slouchy pants? I think I might feel dumpy. Can someone sharer some pics? I will then persuade myself that I need them.

  2. Hilarious, when I checked out the shirt link from the last post I was bummed that it wasnt shimmery! Seeing this post cracked me up, I was sooo wanting a casual shimmery shirt! Thank you for being a mind reader.

  3. I’ll be postpartum when skinny sweat season rolls in and I like the look of #2 up there and those H&M ones. My issue is length, at 6′ maybe they’ll be too short, but then again they are sweats… maybe it doesn’t really matter.

  4. I’m 5′ 11″ and found your black pair in lightweight knit on of all places. They offer them in talks and I actually have enough to have some gathered fabric around my ankles. I think there’s a grey too. I love all these options but length is always an issue for me too. Need at least a 34 to not look goofy.

  5. I saw your post this morning and then headed out to Kohl’s to return items. Normally, I don’t like their clothes, but I bought this Rock & Republic top on sale for $15.
    I like the pooch-hiding ability and the sleeves are fitted and just the right length my-not-so-skinny-anymore arms.
    On a different note … you mentioned in a previous post that you will probably be losing your hair mid-September. My son is in chemo right now, so I talk to lots of parents and children also dealing with cancer. One girl had really long hair, then two weeks into treatment she rapidly started losing hair. Instead of shaving all her hair off at once, she spent several hours cutting her hair into different hairstyles. She and a friend would chop off several inches, then take photos. Then they take off more inches and shape it into a different line, more photos. I think they repeated this process many times before finally arriving at the bald head. It kind of made the event into not such a downer. She could see herself with short haircuts that she had never dared try in the past. Plus, it will be a good to consult the photos once her hair does start growing back and she needs a short hairdo. I thought it was a good idea and wanted to share it.

    • Yeah, me either. THEORETICALLY (as in, all of the models/model-type bloggers do it)…you can wear a pair of sneakers like Nike frees, but I haven’t quite figured that out yet. I wear mine with ballet flats mostly, or flat sandals.

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