Shopping: Sporty Chic


Mamas, I have baseball hats, track pants, and sporty striped shirts on the brain.  Here are a few pieces I've been obsessing over…



1. Walk the Dog

I'm kinda loving the whimsical dog-print quilted joggers ($70 from Topshop) with a bright sneaker and wool hat.

ps.  Target has a slightly similar hat for only $12. 

2.  Camo Cool

I love the unexpected navy camo detail in a soft, silky pant.  Add a burgundy hat and burgundy lips, too.

Madewell Flannel Baseball Hat, $48…Topshop Camo Joggers, $90….New Balance Sneaks, on sale for $60. 

3.  Street Chic

With a drapey tee and cool jacket (I'm thinking moto or denim) you could wear this trio just about anywhere.  

Target Hat, $12….APC Boxing Sweatpants, $160…Black Asics, now on sale for $75

 4. Here, Kitty Kitty

This might be my fav.  I mean seriously:  Add t-shirt. Done. Funny how leopard-print elevates everything. (And those J.Crew track pants are amazing – really.)

Leopard Print Baseball Hat, $16 from Nordstroms…J.Crew Wool Track Pant, $148…Adidas now on sale for $52.





1. Free People Baseball Jacket, $168

This jacket is amazing.  Love how it could be sporty, preppy, or street-wise, depending on the styling.  If you were hoping Free People would come out with a a baseball-jacket-gone-boho, then try this one.  Gorg.

2. Alternative Apparel Baseball Tee, $42

Just a simple baseball tee, but I love the cool burnout detail.  One of the best I've found.

3. Gap Jersey Raglan Tee, $30

V-necks tees are more flattering for the busty, but baseball tees are typically of the high-crew variety.  (Disclaimer:  I don't know if I'm still in the "busty" category…but in those first few months of nursing I sure was.)  Anyway, Gap solves my problem with a v-neck baseball tee.  Thank you, Gap. 

4. Express Mesh Baseball Jacket, $50

Ok.  I feel the need to explain this one.  Mesh is weird, I know, and fraught with danger.  BUT…I'm seeing this baseball jacket with a pencil skirt and killer heels for date night (would be amazing on curvy Mamas) OR with some sort of Audrey-cropped pant and ballet flats (or TOMS) for playdates.  Right? 

5. Madewell Varsity Stripe Sweater, $85

Gah!  This one is almost sold out!  Shoot – I should've published this article last week as planned.  Hmmmm…try this one

6. Madewell Varsity Striped Tee, $50

I have the burgundy, but was seriously debating between that and the white…

7. Glamorous Varsity Letter Sweater, $55 at Shopbop

Stock is seriously low on this one, too.  Sheesh.  But grab an old sweater from high school, DIY something onto a basic sweatshirt, or switch letters for numbers and wear a football-inspired tee like this one from Free People. 

Happy Shopping, Mamas!



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  1. Awesome! Do you think the black/lime tigers are neutral enough to pair with colored straight/slim cords (wine and cobalt from the current gap line)? I leave for Italy on Sunday and *need* new sneaks from zappos pronto! Thank you, enabler πŸ™‚

  2. I confess to having been a doubter on the whole track pant thing, but O.M.G. those J. Crew ones in black? Stop it. If $150 were burning a hole in my pocket…. Love!

  3. Just dropping in to say that Target’s girls’ department has a baseball jacket with sheer sleeves right now for $19.99. I have looked at it several times and haven’t committed yet. YET.
    Hope you’re feeling feisty – good thoughts, good vibes and love to you, mama.

  4. Just ordered the New Balance sneaks from for $49! They have a 15% code and Zappos was sold out in my size. Now to return the New Balance I just bought since I love these more! Thanks enabler!

  5. I just picked up this h&m baseball tee.
    I am not sporty. I wore it for pre-school drop-off with a black maxi & a sparkly necklace & was comfy & put together all day! I need to try with jeans & some extra lipstick. How else can I wear a baseball tee without looking too casual (even though I’m a sahm) I still want to look put -together. Thanks!
    Sending out healthy happy vibes!!

  6. Melissa can I come with pleease….there will just be a couple toddlers and a baby in tow?? Aaand can’t leave the hubs behind:) But seriously soo jealous right now! I don’t think tigers ever go out of style over there, fai fare bella figura girl! Have fun!

  7. Thanks! Only one toddler permitted on this go ’round πŸ™‚ We figure it’s best to squeeze in all the major international hauling while we still adults still outnumber kids.
    But I know those Italian women are a lot to keep up with in the fashion department. I have a hard enough time looking stylish here in LA!

  8. I’d keep the lipstick, cuff the jeans, throw on leopard print ballet slippers and call it a day. But I’d also wear leopard print ballet slippers to bed, sooo…. πŸ™‚

  9. Damn, Maggie. You nailed it.
    Lyn, if you aren’t a denim girl, you can also pair baseball tees with any type of skirt…or even cropped (and/or printed) pants. Think Audrey Hepburn at the ballgame. πŸ™‚

  10. Oh yes! Cropped pants! That I can do! Skirts (except when it’s just too hot for ANYTHING here in the midwest) are just not my go-to with the kids. I always, ALWAYS get my bum exposed somehow. Seriously! On our road trip is summer I wore a short jersey skirt for an all day in the car driving day because it was like I was in pjs. Except it started to mist somewhere outside Winslow Arizona. Somewhere in the middle of New Mexico, and We stopped at a rest area for a pit stop. I was hurrying & of course in flip flops & slid on the sidewalk & flash several fellow travelers. Ugh. So yeah. Cropped pants. Yes. Thanks!

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