15 Fresh Amazon Finds To Kick Off Spring & Summer


It’s that time again. We’re diving back into the sweet, sweet chasm of Amazon for some cart-filling fun.

Luckily for you, this type of activity (finding the shiniest needles in the haystack) exhilarates me really to no end. There’s a type of thrill to it that I’ve come to love. (See times one, two and three when I embarked on this same random-find treasure hunt before.)

(Oh, hey! Laura did the same recently too.)

I've got spring + summer on my mind, & these 15 Amazon finds evoke sunny, warm vibes. Face serums, beach towels, sexy dresses & more, all on our Storefront.

Sunnier Days Ahead: 15 Spring + Summer Finds From Our Amazon Storefront

So, here’s another set of fun random finds for ya. I’ve obviously got spring AND summer on the mind, so a bunch of these items evoke sunnier, warmer vibes that we have yet to experience this year (but SOON!). I’ve also updated our Storefront with a bunch of seasonal lists like All The Beach Bag Things, Cute Jewelry & Accessories, Spring Makeup and more, so go have a gander.

1. Slipped your mind that those lovely warm rays of sun crisp your shoulders to tomato red in 0.5 seconds? Aloe sunburn-relief spray always remembers.

2. Love all things pump & juicy? No better adjectives — nor face serums — exist.

3. In need of a sexy dress under $150? This silky dress looks three times more expensive than it is.

4. How about one under $250? Norma just gets it.

5. Are you a Gray Malin fan like the rest of us? Now your beach towel is a work of art.

6. Always buying notebooks that you’ll never fill? Bet you don’t have one with a surfer van on it. What’s one more?

7. Hat Attack-er? Us too. Here’s the latest.

8. Blush always rubs off? Make it stick(y).

9. Charlotte Tilbury dupes make your heart beat fast? Apparently this $14 product puts this $50 one to shame.

10. An admirer of overly expensive & insufferably gorgeous tops? SEA is your BFF (& kryptonite).

11. Feeling shady? This portable sunshade fits in any beach bag.

12. Can’t remember the last time you didn’t have a button-up in rotation? This new one is in the prettiest color, Sunray.

13. Fam gets bored at the beach? (Judging a little…but…) Go play some waterproof card games, DUH.

14. Not yet a black belt? I’d choose to stay blue belt forever if this was what I was working with.

15. Spring winds make your hair unruly? Here’s a temporary, fashionable fix. Here’s a tighter one.

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Make sure to check out our Amazon Storefront for alllll of the stuff. I update that thing like nobody’s business.

Xo, Abby

Hey there, Pinners…

I've got spring + summer on my mind, & these 15 Amazon finds evoke sunny, warm vibes. Face serums, beach towels, sexy dresses & more, all on our Storefront.
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