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After all of this necessary mask-wearing, I’ve been less about the fun face masks and more about the ones that go with everything.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’m down for a leopard print mask, but when I’m wearing a fun top, lots of color, a printed jacket…I want my face mask to be more subtle, ya know? I am also a full-time glasses wearer. Between the bangs I have, the glasses, AND the mask sometimes I’m like “Where is my face??”

Cute, Comfy Face Masks To Wear With Every Outfit

It finally dawned on me that finding a couple of face mask options that were closer to my skin tone or in a nice, neutral shade that wouldn’t clash with what I’m wearing would be useful to have. I figured some of you out there could be looking for these options as well, so I’ve rounded some up!

Some of these face masks are in a variety of skin tone shades, and others are just easy colors and patterns to mix in with your wardrobe. And the best part? All of these masks are comfy-to-wear fabrics. I mean, that’s key. 

Cute face masks in a variety of skintone shades, easy colors & neutral patterns to mix in w/ your outfits. Best part? Comfy, breathable fabrics.

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1 | Cotton gauze masks, multicolor: I have two of these and the light peach is what I’m wearing in the picture at the top. They are some of my new favorite face mask styles — so breathable and soft. I love the peach color, and I also have the mustard yellow because it’s one of my fav colors. These go really well with fall colors, grays and blues. Plus, they’re adjustable on the ear loops. Love that.

2 | Cotton gauze masks, subtle shades: I have this one too, in the pale lavender shade, and it’s really comfy to wear. The ear pieces are super-comfy, too. I wish they weren’t white, but it’s not a deal-breaker for me. These ear loops are also adjustable.

3 | Cotton jersey subtle tie dye: For some outfits, a little tie dye will still be ok. I mean, it’s what we all want right now anyway. I love that these from Everlane are really subtle. And jersey knit are some of my favorite styles to wear. 

4 | Wolf & Badger brown linen masks: These are a little bit fancy, but so lovely. Keep in mind that linen washes and softens. These just look comfy and are a beautiful color to match skin tone or blend with any other colors you’re wearing. They also offer single masks, like this one in peach and this one in a darker brown. Here’s a 3 pack of lighter pastels, too.

5 | Bloomie’s Little Brown Mask: Just like their Little Brown Bag…how adorable. This mask goes with everything! This set also includes a second cute mask printed with their little brown bags. Love that.

6 | Faherty Grey Cotton Jersey: I have to say, a jersey mask was one of my favorites to wear, until I found the cotton gauze above. These would be in high rotation and are just a nice neutral gray for all the casual lewks.

7 | Express Tonal Leopard Print: This is one of my favorites of the bunch. Love the tone-on-tone animal print! I’d wear this with my new favorite monochrome outfit. (See that here!)

8 | Madewell Oxford blue: I like the menswear vibe of this. It’s kinda like a pocket square for your face?

9 | Athleta mauve, plum & deep red: People rave about Athleta face masks, and while the red is a little more on the bold side of things, I thought the mauve and the plum would be really great colors to work into the fall wardrobe. If you have darker skin, the plum offers a nice alternative to a brown, but would still blend beautifully with many outfits, especially for fall.

10 | Cotton bamboo: These look really breathable and light. I love the variety of colors offered, too. The ear loops are adjustable here, as well.

Honorable mention: Old Navy Masks – These didn’t make it into the collage above, but I love the colors offered! Pale pink, tan, burgundy, and orange-red come in this set of pleated masks.

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Per usual, if you have a favorite mask or solution for having to wear all the cranial accessories at once right now (how will we also do hats in the winter???) please share your ideas! Thanks for wearing your masks out there and doing your part in getting the heck through this. Hugs, friends. I mean, distanced ones…



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This one’s for the pinners…

Cute face masks in a variety of skintone shades, easy colors & neutral patterns to mix in w/ your outfits. Best part? Comfy, breathable fabrics.


  1. Laura, great picks! As I was reading this, I thought to myself: wait! Someday we’ll look back at Fall 2020 and remember all of the insanity and be so grateful that it’s behind us. It gave me a little hope. Cheers to looking at this mask post a year or two from now with our maskless faces. Sending good vibes from the east coast to you all out west…

  2. OMG “pocket square for your face” hahahaa! It is kind of fun to coordinate… making the best of it, right? I sewed all the masks we have so some of them are kind of loud (hello leftover kid quilt prints) but there are two in a peach/coral color with white speckles that go with all the things.

  3. Thank you for the great recs! My favorite masks are the VIDA cotton masks, they range from a variety of solid colors to beautiful organic artist designed masks, made in California masks, etc. The company also gives back in a variety of ways. The masks fit really well, have a nose wire, and adjustable ear loops. I hope your air quality improves soon. Here in the Bay Area we finally could breathe deeply late Tuesday afternoon.

  4. I love the masks from Aplat. They are very cleverly designed and actually give you breathing space. Plus they come with a built-in lanyard so no around the ear pain!

  5. I have some of the Old Navy masks – there are lots of nice solid and neutral options and they seem to fit my face pretty well. I’m definitely going to check out the cotton bamboo one you recommended.

  6. I’ve been wearing gauzy neutral masks from Kitsch. They’re super soft and some packs are subtle colors with cute prints. I’m loving them! Well, love might be a little strong! I don’t actually love wearing masks at all, but you get my meaning!

  7. Just a note that a few studies have come out about the efficacy of face masks. Gauzy fabrics do NOT work well and synthetic fabrics aren’t great; best is multi-layer 100% cotton (even better with a filter). I’m curious if anyone else has read otherwise; I have been struggling with getting effective & comfortable masks (not too hot, etc).

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