Shopping The Denim of Spring: Light Wash Boyfriend Jeans


Happy Spring!  [throws flower petals in the air]  

You know how I’ve been on this multi-year quest to find the perfect pair of worn-in-just-right-light-wash denim?  Well.  IT’S HAPPENING, PEOPLE.  Spring 2014 is all about the light wash boyfriend jean….and I couldn’t be happier.  For inspiration, The Frisky has the best collection of boyfriend jean street style snaps I’ve seen yet.  I’ve pinned my favorites here.  

(Side note:  I loved Maggie’s comment on yesterday’s post, “If I Pin one more pair of destroyed boyfriends with heels or – heaven forbid, sandals – before realizing that hypothermia would set in before I made it to the end of the driveway…”  Sing it, sister.  That pretty much summarizes ALL of the inspiration I’ve been seeing, too.  There are so many cool ways to wear these now – I’ll work on it.)


Back to the boyfriend jeans!



1.  Rag and Bone The Dre, $204

Easily my favorite pair of the bunch.  Rag and Bone is always super soft, and this wash is gorgeous.  Would wear them allllll summer long. 

2.  Blank Denim Galaxy Jeans, $108

Nothing too crazy, just a solid choice. 

3.  Blank Denim Relaxed Straight Legs, $88  (also here for $76, only a few sizes left)

I really, really like this pair.  The distressing is unique and….cool.  Blank Denim gets really good reviews, and considering the price point…hunh.  I may have to try these.



4. Old Navy Distressed Patch Jeans, $34

No promises about what the bum looks like on these, but patches!  Yes, Old Navy!

5. Madewell Slim Boy Jean Rip and Repair, $145

More patch love.  I found these jeans to run big, so size down.

6. Gap Real Straight Skimmer Jeans, $69

If you recall, Gap’s Real Straight jeans are the perfect boyfriend jean for mamas with curves.  However, I don’t love that dark piece at the bottom hem…I’d chop it off or roll it.  



7. James Jeans Neo Beau Boyfriend Jeans, $180

A shade darker than the others…this pair is pretty much the gold standard of boyfriend jeans. Love the updated slimmer shape. 

8. Current/Elliott Traveler Jeans, $218

These are might bump Rag and Bone’s Dre Jeans out of my top spot.  I know Current/Elliott is crazy-soft…but check out how these look unrolled, as well.  Hmmmmm……

9. Gap Sexy Boyfriend Jeans, on sale for $43

These are not as soft as I would like, and they run really big.  However, the color is spot-on and the price is now so low, I had to include them.


Happy Shopping!




  1. Love these picks! Can you make a post (or direct me to an old one) that has outfit ideas from play dates to brunch to date night? I never know what to pair these with- and my footwear always seems off. Thanks again! Perfect timing!!

  2. Maggie, seriously, we ARE pinterest sisters separated at birth! And I just wear my pumps in the snow…..if spring doesn’t come then I’ll just pretend it did ๐Ÿ™‚
    S, I love your denim quest almost as much as your stripe quest, they feed my obsessions!

  3. Seriously. No lie. And THANK YOU!
    I am so tired of my skinny jeans. While I won’t retire them, I feel like boyfriend jeans are just the right way to go for me in the warmer months, and fit my body well. I see you in them and you look casual, chic and often times a bit edgier (in a good way) than I do in mine. I have a pair of the AG Tomboy that I bought last year and LOVE them. I find I want to wear shoes with a little bit of height but never seem to nail it- same with topping them off with a cute jacket/blazer.
    And I LOVE you- thank you for pulling up some ideas! I need them. xo

  4. Do all boyfriend jeans have an unflattering backside? I love how they look from the front, but the back is another story!

  5. Yessssss!
    KAS, seriously! I’d love to break out my blue suede heels with this look but I think my ankles would end up blue, too. ๐Ÿ™
    Bianca, I’m with you on the backside question. I’ve got…ahem, plenty, so droopy butt is a DISASTER.

  6. I just ordered no. 3! Your blog has inspired me to expand my denim collection (I have two pairs of skinny jeans in a similar wash) and I was at a loss where to start. Should I get a pair of straight legs, boyfriend, high waist, destructed, grey wash? I really like the look of these Blank Denim jeans; since they are sort of boyfriend, straight leg, and destructed, I’m killing three birds with one stone! Hoping I look okay in them… Looking forward to your recommendations on how to dress these up and down.

  7. These probably don’t count as light wash (though they are lighter than they appear online), but the “destructed boyfriend skinny” A.N.A. jeans (from JC Penney – what?) are the BEST. I randomly found them last fall, and have recommended them to several friends – tall, short, skinny, curvy, weeks post partum, etc., and every. single. woman. has loved them. They’re truly magic.
    And, um, did I mention that they’re $19.99?
    I swear I don’t work for JC Penney. I just love these freaking jeans.

  8. Any maternity ones? I’ve been hunting for some and have resorted to wearing my non-maternity ones completely unbuttoned and unzipped.

  9. Seriously. Thank you! I am so tired of my skinny jeans right now. Last spring I got a great pair of AG boyfriend jeans and loved them- but had no clue what to wear with them. I like to have a little height with my shoes but wedges looked off paired with them.
    LOVE the jeans above, and LOVE you S! Thank you mama! xo

  10. Just bought number 6 last weekend. I am not what you would consider curvy but the for description on these is spot on for my body type. Slim through the hip and thigh. To me these are a cross between a skinny and you’re typical boyfriend. I did not like the raw edge but rolled twice on my 5’3″ frame made them the perfect boyfriend jean. Might I add the rise is perfect!!

  11. What about colored boyfriend jeans?? I have a mint colored pair of AG cigarette jeans from a thrift store that (thanks to my body shape) fit like boyfriend jeans and I usually wear rolled up… but I feel like a child or cartoon character in baggy mint green pants. Is there a solution to this??

  12. Yes. It is. Not all have horrifying backsides, but I don’t think the boyfriend jean bum will ever compare to a skinny jean bum. Boyfriend jeans have a bit of a ‘man repeller’ vibe. I just go with it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. YES. I tend to bust mine out in the summer months. But this year…I’ve started wearing them early (I think I’m just sick of this winter.) Post about it coming out these week. xoxo

  14. Marcia, I’ve been thinking about you and your baggy mint green pants. (And, yes, giggling at your description.) I think I have some ideas for you….will come out with a post soonish.

  15. They run a little big! And the jeans feel a bit heavy. But I love the wash and the feel of the fabric. I think I could have sized down but I’m just going to keep them and have an excuse to buy a new belt!

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