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Remember when I said Black Friday sales were starting early? Well, here’s one solid example: Under Armour is having a two-day sale of 40% off specific pieces (with code). Additionally, their regular sale section is chock full of seriously great finds, including a ton of cold weather athletic gear for my little (and not-so-little) guy. The advantage, of course, to starting now is that there’s still a decent selection of sizes left, but I can’t imagine that will last for long.

On that note, let’s get into it:

Under Armour Sale Top Picks: For Women

Let’s start with, uh, stuff for mahself, if you please. Actually, the collage below is a mix of my top picks AND other TME editor’s top picks, so there’s a we in there somewhere. ‘Tis the season for cold weather athletic gear.

Under Armour joggers & coldgear leggings are how we survive winter sports.

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Hey Mama, Don’t Miss….

  1. ColdGear Infrared Down Jacket – Fun fact: Under Armour makes seriously technical jackets (they’ve been Raines’ favorites for years), and OMG THIS COLOR. This is one of those colors that looks good on basically every skin tone (according to ‘Real Simple Magazine’ in 2005 — I never forgot that nugget of wisdom.)
  2. Cold Weather Full-Length Leggings – Calling all playground Mamas, all outdoor adventurers, all skiers, snowboarders, and sledders: you need these winter leggings. Under Armour basically started the cold-weather-legging trend, and these are still some of the warmest out there. Also in black.
  3. Women’s Project Rock Fleece Printed Short Sleeve Hoodie – This was Laura’s top pick. We love the cropped shape, and Laura plans to throw this one on over leggings & a sports bra for an updated twist.
  4. Women’s UA Vanish Joggers – These fast-drying joggers are Jess’ top pick. She needs something warm enough to entice her down to the Peloton in her “freezing” basement, yet lightweight and wicking enough for a sweaty workout. (And whoa, Peloton always brings on the sweat.)
  5. UA Reflect Leggings – Another Jess pick! And she makes a good point: now that it’s getting dark so darn early, wearing reflective leggings on nightly walks feels a little safer. Love.
  6. Women’s UA Woven Anorak Jacket & Women’s UA Rival Fleece Pants – I know this looks fancy, but it’s a pair of sweatpants & matching windbreaker. This mix of textures is such a practical idea and looks so freaking cool. Would make an unexpected (and fun) gift!

Under Armour Sale Top Picks: For Men

Though my husband only has pieces from Under Armour — base layers and workout gear — they are some of his most worn clothes. Happily, they’re part of the sale.

Under Armour sweatpants and gym clothing are my husbands go-to workout gear.

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For Fun Dads…

  1. ColdGear Armour Fitted Mock Long Sleeve – This is the baselayer top Mike swears by on really cold days. He’s tried a bunch, and this is the warmest option.
  2. ColdGear Armour Leggings – These are the matching baselayer bottoms. Once again, the warmest set of baselayers in the game.
  3. UA Tech 2.0 Textured Short Sleeve T-Shirt – Both Mike and Raines love these ubiquitous workout tees. Picking them up on sale is a plus.
  4. UA Sportstyle Joggers – All Dads need cool joggers. These look and fit great.

Under Armour Top Picks: For Kids

Ok Under Armour, take all my money. THIS is the category I’m wild about. Basically, all of the clothes my kids actually wear and love are on sale right now.

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Get In My Cart…

  1. Girls’ UA Tassel Beanie – Hmm…marketed as for girls but my boys would totally wear this. Regardless, Under Armour makes REALLY good winter hats. (So if you find one you like for yourself, you won’t be disappointed, either.)
  2. Girls’ UA Favorite Mittens – Again, ignore the ‘girls’ part, I propose these as unisex mittens. Or maybe even for me.
  3. Boys’ UA Cotton Boxerjock® 4-Pack – Boring, I know. But these are already in my cart.
  4. Boys’ UA Base 4.0 Crew – Darnit! This one just sold out. I’m going to leave it here because it’s worth checking back for restocks/returns. THIS, my friends, is the one skiing/snowboarding baselayer that I buy in multiples every year. It’s both of my boys’ favorite, and we basically wear and wash and wear and wash and hand these down year after year after year. They do eventually pill and get gross…but only after 3-4 years of hard use, so that’s pretty darn good.
  5. Girls’ ColdGear® Crew Long Sleeve – Same baselayer as above, but with a more feminine cut.
  6. Boys’ Armour Fleece® Pants – I might try these this year. Sweatpants, but with a modern cut. We’ll see how the boys feel about that one.
  7. Boys’ UA Waffle Long Sleeve – Just a really great basic for winter.
  8. Boys’ UA Match Play Shorts – Tailored shorts, but with technical details. Raines lives in these all summer.
  9. Boys’ ColdGear® Armour Leggings – These are our skiing baselayer bottoms. They’re not *quite* as warm as the 4.0 stuff, but they’re warm enough for my active guys. In fact, the entire ColdGear line is great.
  10. Kids’ ColdGear® Infrared Fleece Gloves – My boys do prefer lightweight gloves, and these are pretty warm.
  11. Under Armour Girls’ UA Cold Weather Printed Leggings – Again, these aren’t quite as warm as the official “ColdGear” line, but they are thicker and warmer than the average legging.
  12. Girls’ UA Rival Fleece Joggers – Seriously cute sweatpants.
  13. Boys’ UA Pennant Pants – One of my boy’s favorite sweatpants.
  14. Under Armour Girls’ UA Ansa Graphic Slides – OK, these aren’t for winter, but soooooo cute. Had to include. (And frankly, my kids would prob try to wear them anyway.)


Huge thank you to ShopStyle Collective & Under Armour for sponsoring this post! We’ve been relying on Under Armour for years, so this was a fun (and easy) collaboration. Yay for sale stuff we’ll be buying anyway. As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own. And readers, thank you for your continued support. It doesn’t go unnoticed and is so very much appreciated. 

The whole family loves Under Armour's winter gear.
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