20+ Refreshing Amazon Finds To Start The New Year Off Right


We all want to better ourselves in the new year, no? Whether it’s in mind, body, spirit, or nutrition, the new year brings a feeling of refreshment & improvement. And for good reason. (I’ll spare you from the overly used new year, new me …does it still count if it’s in parenthesis?)

My Amazon Faves for a 2023 Wellness Reset

Let’s make this easy. First off, I’ve rounded up twenty must-haves for an easy 2023 wellness refresh. Then, if you want more, check out my continued selection of Amazon faves — beauty products & skin care as well as books, food, drinks & supplements — for nutrition, mindfulness and chill vibes.

And these helpful things are, of course, on Amazon. Yes, you can get matcha gummies, red-light therapy, a sound machine alarm clock, or healthy lollipops delivered right to your home. Praise to the higher powers for Prime shipping!

2023 is the year you get vegan skincare, matcha gummies, red-light therapy, a sound machine alarm clock + healthy lollipops delivered to your door.

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There’s More Where That Came From: Wellness Must-Haves… Continued!

For those of you that want more than the top twenty, and want to really get into it that helpful new year magic with me, I’ve rounded up three hundred Amazon finds. Yes, 3-0-0. I’m really loving talking about lots of things lately.

Shop Skin Care For Glowing Skin

Glowing/poreless/hydrated/exfoliated/clear/supple skin. You catch my drift. Because flawless… isn’t really possible. But we can try. And our skin gets that new year, newly brilliant-skin memo, right? Right.

Shop Products For Healthy & Luscious Hair

Luscious/long/tame/healthy/frizz-free/soft – yeah, whatever you wish for. Let’s keep our hair healthy while we’re at it.

Shop Personal Care For Smooth Skin

Don’t forget this category! Take a bath for god’s sake. And really scrub. Baby’s-butt softness is really fun.

Shop Trusted Supplements

Supplement shopping (especially on Amazon because…100,000+ options) can be really freaking overwhelming, so I’ve only added super high-rated, reviewed & loved (by myself or people I know) supplements for your choosing & vitamin-ing.

Shop Useful Everyday Items

Sunrise alarms? Portable foot heaters? Back-support pillows? Mini facial steamers? Water bottle organizers? Anti-nausea bands? Some would say these are all unnecessary, but they’re those once you have it there’s no going back types of things. Enjoy the finer life.

Shop Inspiring Reads

I think this is my favorite category. Whether it’s for mental clarity, a sh*t-ton of salad recipes (OMG — Salad Freak!), or just a coffee table book to make it look like you care (whether or not you actually do is A-OK!), these are amazing options for a life-knowledge and/or decor refresh.

Shop Yummy Eats

Yummy AND healthy. In some way. Did you know dark chocolate is recommended daily? Yeah. Fact-check me on that one then go indulge. And no, it doesn’t matter if it’s filled with caramel or hazelnuts. Eat up for those antioxidants, low cholesterol & pure joy!

Shop Nutritious Drinks

All of these drinks are pretty dang cool. I love the additions of adaptogens, nootropics, and anything that suggests a little bit of mental/spiritual magic. Being less stressed, more focused, and on the happier side of things gets quite addicting.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, clear, smooth, supple, well-rested, well-fed new year! Hehe.

Xo, Abby

2023 is the year you get vegan skincare, matcha gummies, red-light therapy, a sound machine alarm clock + healthy lollipops delivered to your door.
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  1. Just a note that if you are a Costco member, this exact Health Ade Kombucha flavor set is also available there! And if you are an Aldi shopper, they sell single bottles at a lower price than Target, if you want to try a few flavors out before committing to a case.

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