Warm Weather Wardrobe Basics from Abercrombie & Fitch


I’m pretty organized when it comes to my closet. Not exactly Marie Kondo level (she is GOALS), but I can get pretty close. With our seasons in Upper Michigan being as dramatic as they are, it can just feel really nice to celebrate the end of a brutal winter by whipping out your summer clothes.

To soak up our sunnier days as much as possible (and keep the snowier days exciting), I try to keep things special by separating my wardrobe into “cold weather” and “warm weather” — when it’s winter, the warm weather clothes are in storage, and vice versa.

The beginning of this month is always a really fun time when you can score puffer jackets and swim suits right next to each other in stores (or is that just Michigan?). Turns out it’s also when I post about winter outfit formulas one week, and warm weather wardrobes the next. But this is just my brain getting in a sunnier state of mind; it gives me something to look forward to!

Bike Shorts, ’90s Style Tanks + A Mini Dress: Fun Spring Basics At A&F

Thankfully, Abercrombie & Fitch satisfied my warm weather desires with their new items released this past month. From super soft bike shorts to ’90s style tank tops and even an active mini dress (what? I must know more) I found myself putting items in my shopping cart that I would normally never wear (ahem, as in, anything form fitting that is/are not leggings) and listening to Caribbean steal drum playlists on Spotify (who wants to make the mai tais!?).

’90s Contour Bike Shorts

Thankfully, A & F satisfied my warm weather desires. Soft bike shorts, '90s-style tank tops & even an active mini dress (what? I must know more). #addtocart

Bike Shorts | Graphic Tee

Let’s start off with a BANG! These bike shorts are absolutely incredible. Maybe I should give you a little backstory — I’ve been rocking the bike shorts for the past two summers and have been loving every second of it. Some were quick to dismiss the trend as a mistake that was fleeting, but when Vogue Paris did a Princess Diana inspired spread in 2019 with Hailey Bieber in bike shorts + crewnecks, I knew they were going to stick around for awhile. Fast forward to my closet full of assorted bike shorts, and I’m here to say I don’t have any as comfortable as these. They aren’t as body contouring as my fav bike short from Lululemon, but when you feel how soft they are, you don’t even care. If you’re into bike shorts, you must buy these (but also the tee, which is amaaaazingly lotion soft in its own right).

90s Seamless Rib Squareneck Tank

90’s Tank | High Rise Mom Jeans | Bike Shorts

I’m not exactly sure what inspired me to buy this… especially in the color white. But I found myself adding this popular style to my cart with naive high hopes I would magically look like the model while wearing it. It’s form fitting and very comfortable; you just gotta be into the tight stuff (the bodysuit version of this tank comes in a TON of epic colors). While I probably won’t be wearing the white ’90s rib tank by itself (I’m a believer in never saying never) I realized it makes the PERFECT bra for under white tees, especially if you’re someone who likes to tuck things.

TIP: I prefer tucking my tops up under a longer tank bra rather than into my pants. It doesn’t always work for heavier tops such as bulky sweaters, but it’s perfect with lighter tees. You don’t get a weird fabric bunch at the waist band of your pants, and it allows you to move much more freely! Aerie tank bras and True & Co bras both work well for this purpose, too!

Active Knit Mini Dress

Thankfully, A & F satisfied my warm weather desires. Soft bike shorts, '90s-style tank tops & even an active mini dress (what? I must know more). #addtocart

Active Mini Dress

Ahh, this. The item that started this whole blog post, because when I saw it…I was so dang intrigued. I love a short summer dress, especially for throwing over swim suits, but this one appeared to have built-in biker shorts so I could like, hop on the bike in this dress or something. I wasn’t even sure, but I was sure that I needed to try it (I’m 5’9″ with long legs and wearing “regular” length for reference). Surprisingly, I fell in love. While I feel like I do need a tennis racket in hand, it made me feel sporty yet dressy all at the same time — it’s totally a wardrobe item that could be on repeat in hot weather. It is like absolutely nothing that I own but I’m very excited to style it up and make it into something a little funkier.

Thankfully, A & F satisfied my warm weather desires. Soft bike shorts, '90s-style tank tops & even an active mini dress (what? I must know more). #addtocart

Bonus, it doesn’t just have bike shorts built in — but a whole dang boob to butt Spanx-type-situation. The dress might look plain from the outside, but it’s a whole magic trick of fun underneath!

Forever A Mystery

I ordered two items that I was going to include in this post that were not so great. The crazy thing? Even though I found them in the “new arrivals” section just a few weeks ago, the dress is listed in clearance with just a few straggler sizes left, and the tank has been completely removed from the website — but my sneaky suspicion is they put this tank top in its place, since it looks to be a tailored version of the one I ordered. Ah well, I still love you A&F.

Although the ones I posted pictures of were all winners (even if one is going to be used as a bra), this bike short + graphic tee combo is going to be on repeat, especially while playing on the floor with this outrageous gummy smile, fuzzy- headed baby!

Thankfully, A & F satisfied my warm weather desires. Soft bike shorts, '90s-style tank tops & even an active mini dress (what? I must know more). #addtocart

Here’s to sunnier days…!
Xx, Amy

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    • Dang it!! I’ll keep my watchful eye on it and try to announce on social channels if they restock!! I would be surprised if they didn’t!

    • Oh totally! I ordered all tops in a Large – I’m between a C and D cup for reference. The biker shorts are medium, and the dress sold FAST (hoping they restock) but I ordered a Medium Tall (I’m 5’9″ so it is SUPER mini in length, haha). I find most of their stuff pretty true to size!

  1. I won’t lie I came here for the baby shots. I will consider AF some day but for now I clicked this story for that adorable toothless smile. Many congrats and I hope you’re hanging on to your sleep and sanity through it all!

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