Winter Coat Try-On & Review


Warmth and comfort have taken on a whole new meaning this year. Especially now that winter is almost here and seeing anyone outside our little social bubble means actually spending time outside (masked, of course). So warm and comfy coats? A must.

The Lowdown On Warm Winter Puffer Coats: A Video Review

But I find winter coats–especially puffer coats–really hard to shop for online. They almost never seem to fit the way I think they’re going to. But this most recent batch of coats I tried? They’re really good. SO good that my mom, someone who has had the same North Face coat for years now, even kept two for herself–two!

So in honor of some truly great winter coat finds (many of which are sustainable and almost all of which are on sale), here’s a video that shows all the cool details and fit that can get lost in the online searching. All pieces featured in the video are linked below.

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Oh hey, Pinners…

More time outside means warm winter coats (hooded & water-resistant) are a must. So we're reviewing cute puffers. Think Bernardo, Ralph Lauren & The North Face.
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