It’s Fall! Everything I Want To Wear, Sip, Snuggle + Soup, Now On Sale At Zulily


Would you look at that, friends: it’s fall! And even though we’ve all been dressing like it’s fall all summer long (loungewear and cardis and slippers, oh my!), I love the sense of permission to be comfy that is typically associated with fall. Out with the cutoffs, in with the sweatpants. And since this fall looks a little different than most — 2020 fall fashion is, at least for me, still very much rooted in a bizarre work-and-school-from-home reality — I’m embracing the opportunity to really thrive in my chill, cozy element. Lucky for me, Zulily is right there with me.

This isn’t our first rodeo with Zulily, so you know all of the reasons why we genuinely love to shop there: exciting new sales unveiled every day, loads of tried-and-true brands, finds for the whole family (super impressed with their LEGO selection at the moment! I was a serious LEGO Maniac, and I’m so pumped that Lana is just as geeky about them as I am) — and their Joy of Shopping philosophy, which includes a best-price guarantee: if you find the same item at or, they’ll match or even beat their price. This is easy shopping, friends. Do we really have time for anything else?

And with their Weekend Shipping Special, when you place an order with paid shipping (Friday-Saturday), it opens a window of free shipping on additional orders for the rest of the weekend. That means, once you pay the initial shipping charge, anything additional ordered before 11:59pm PT on Sunday will ship for free. Since Zulily’s sales are new every day and are available for a limited time, there are definitely instances where I’ll place multiple orders on subsequent days as I find new deals, so I genuinely love this idea.

Joggers, Sweaters & Cuisinart: Fall Essentials For Staying Cozy

But like I said, you probably know all that. So let’s get into the good stuff: I’m ready to lean into this fall in all its unconventional, isolated, Zoom-School glory, and these are the pieces I’ll be wearing/using/snuggling while I do it.

Bring on the chill. We're getting cozy w/ cute joggers, sexy-but-Zoom-worthy sweaters, face masks (obvi) & Cuisinart for home. Zulily faves, inside.

1 (cardigan + pants) / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11

SIP, SNUGGLE, SOUP! 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

1 / Loungewear Duster and Palazzo Pants: This set feels so chic and ethereal — and I’m convinced that, with a silk cami underneath, you’d even be Zoom-appropriate up top.

2 / Hooded Sweatshirt Maxi: I can’t think of a better option to wear on our walk to school for material swaps on Fridays. Just add sneakers. (Bonus: it’s available in a few colors, and I love the idea of being the comfiest Sanderson Sisters ever for Halloween rocking these around the neighborhood — in whatever modified version of trick o’ treating we end up doing…)

3 / Wide-Leg Jogger Sweats: THESE. Like the wide-leg sweats we’ve all been so excited about (you know the ones…), but the elasticized ankle makes the volume even more dramatic — and they’re arguably even easier to style with a variety of shoes.

4 / Black V-Neck Henley: I can never have enough effortless, washed black tees in my closet, and a tomboyish henley is super classic. A little bit (OK, lotta bit) basic, but so be it.

5 / Green V-Neck Wrap Top: Easy, flattering and could be paired just as easily with jeans as with those jogger sweats up there. More colors, too.

6 / Tie-Dye Kangaroo Pocket Sweatshirt: Is it even a Zulily roundup without some tie-dye? They really have the best selection, and this is seasonal and even a little bit spooky without being cheesy.

7 / Raglan Tee: Total sucker for a baseball tee, and the v-neck on this one (that could be worn on or off the shoulder) makes it just a weeee bit sexy.

8 / Slouchy Knit Open Cardigan: This ochre color is surprisingly flattering on so many skin tones, and the varied textures make it feel special.

9 / Hooded Faux Sherpa Open Cardigan: I love that this looks like a jacket but wears like a sweatshirt. Cute, cozy — could technically be dressed up a bit. My fall bread and butter.

10 / Blush Faux Sherpa Bomber: This is so stinking cute — a little bit Pink Ladies, but less…shiny. Great little topper for distressed denim and sneaks.

11 / 100% Cotton Masks (Set of Six): Laura’s recent mask post made me realize that I’m missing some genuinely simple, flattering, solid-colored face masks that aren’t too cutesy or obnoxious in my collection. This set of six is perfect.

Bring on the chill. We're getting cozy w/ cute joggers, sexy-but-Zoom-worthy sweaters, face masks (obvi) & Cuisinart for home. Zulily faves, inside.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

1 / Cuisinart Silver Smart Stick Immersion Blender: This is my secret weapon for low-maintenance creamy soups and sauces. You use it right in the pot, and it’s SO easy to clean.

2 / Cuisinart Microwave Popcorn Maker: We just added a projection screen to our backyard, and this will be perfect for movie nights. Pops with or without butter or oil, the reviews are great, and it’s $13.

3 / Zwilling Double-Walled Latte Mugs (Set of 2): We have these and they keep our coffee and tea drinks SO hot for SO much longer. This is the large latte size, but there’s a traditional coffee mug size, too.

4 / Cuisinart Milk Frother: Our milk frother is without a doubt THE most-used small electric in our kitchen. We use it 3-4 times a day for lattes (and Lana loves drinking her milk as a “steamer” in the fall). Stellar price.

5 / Cuisinart Copper Tri-Ply Pans (Eight Piece Set): Pretty enough to leave out, durable enough to last a lifetime. Even heating — and such a good price.

6 / Reversible Weighted Blanket (Multiple Weights Available): Scotti’s review of weighted blankets has me totally convinced to try one, and I can’t believe what a deal this one is — almost 75% off, and available in multiple weights and colors. Highly recommended in reviews, too.

Oh, and friends — in case you need an around-the-house tee featuring what is more or less 2020’s motto, this:

Bring on the chill. We're getting cozy w/ cute joggers, sexy-but-Zoom-worthy sweaters, face masks (obvi) & Cuisinart for home. Zulily faves, inside.

As those ever-wise doormats all proclaim, happy fall, ya’ll!

Big thanks to Zulily for sponsoring this post. I always love waking up early to scour the site for the best deals for these posts — it’s seriously satisfying (and I routinely end up with a pretty full shopping cart, myself!). And, as always, thank you for reading along and supporting the brands that allow us to keep producing content and doing what we do. It’s a pretty sweet gig, and we so appreciate the opportunity.

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Bring on the chill. We're getting cozy w/ cute joggers, sexy-but-Zoom-worthy sweaters, face masks (obvi) & Cuisinart for home. Zulily faves, inside.

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