Should Moms Wear Slouchy, Cropped Trousers?


I keep seeing these pants everywhere.  The cropped, slouchy trouser, usually complete with a higher waist and pleats.  Slightly reminiscent of MC Hammer.  The kind of pants I tell my husband to stay away from. 

Why do they look so fresh?  Because they are different.  We're so used to seeing low waisted jeans (complete with the corresponding muffin top) that these pants in comparison look sophisticated and flattering.  And it doesn't hurt that this trend came back in a big way due to Stella McCartney – the pants shown at left are hers, in silk, and can be purchased at Net-a-porter for $795. 

The question I'm struggling with…are these a good choice for moms?  The higher waist is very mom friendly – no muffin-top potential, hides a slight pooch belly and won't irritate a c-section scar – and the bum is loose enough to high any sagginess problems.  However, after careful consideration, my answer is: no. 

The problem with these pants is not the pants themselves, but what must be paired with these pants in order to achieve the desired effect:  sophisticated and fashion forward.  These pants can quickly go in the opposite direction (dowdy, matronly) when worn incorrectly.  They are too reminiscent of the awful pants some of our mothers may have worn….yes, I did.  I'm comparing them to "mom jeans". 

In order to stay in the sophisticated and fashion forward realm, I really like these pants paired with something a little silky on top (the whole button down shirt thing looks too much like a costume) and with some serious heels.  As you know, silky tops and serious heels die a quick and certain death when the little ones are around.  So.  My advice for moms?  Skip it.  This is one trend to let pass by.

If, however, you are looking for a fresher work look or a fun girl's night out look (but want to benefit from the anti-muffin top, bum hiding potential and sophisticated look of this pant)….then I've thrown together a couple of looks.  But only for those of us at work or out on the town.  The rest of us….don't even go there.  And no, you cannot just pair the pant with a cute sneak or flat shoe.  You might as well put on your mom jeans and your "Think Spring" bunny sweater.   

Girls Night Out

XOXO Cuffed Cropped Trouser Print Floral Racer Top by Parker
KORS Gladiator Sandal

The above cropped trousers are the XOXO Cuffed Cropped Pants, retailing for $49 at Macy's.  The gorgeous floral blouse is the Print Ruffle Racer Top from Parker, $150, paired with the KORS Tajines Platform Gladiator Sandal, $225, both from

Work It, Girl

Alexander McQueen for Target TRS Pant
 Alexander McQueen for Target Cropped Blazer Tank Gladiator Sandal

Usually, good tailoring costs a bit more.  But Alexander McQueen's line for Target has two outstanding pieces — one being an excellent version of the cropped trouser we've discussed!  This TRS pant (it's actual name at Target) looks amazing with the Alexander McQueen for Target Cropped Blazer.  The blazer has a very nipped-in waist and both are surprisingly flattering and well made for a Target line.  The pants retail for $40, the blazer for $50.  You can pair the two with any streamlined shirt underneath – I like the Friendship and Love Knit Tank, $12 at Forever21, for a pop of color and a bit of fun underneath such a serious jacket.  Lastly, I think this looks best a little sexed up with the Mossimo Petrova Gladiator Sandal, at Target for $30.  If your office is very conservative, you could wear black pumps or booties – just make sure the heel is sky high!




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