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Mamas, don't get me wrong:  I luuuuv pink.  But it sometimes feels like kid's clothing designers (and retailers) are trying to shove pink clothes down the throats of our little girls.  Like pink is the only way to express femininity.  (Or glitter, or tulle, etc. etc) 

Growing up, I typically avoided pink and all things fussy.  I was a huge tomboy and always felt…like someone else when all decked out.  (The dresses in the 80's just about killed me.)  But despite my insistence on denim-everyday (wow – not much has changed), I still wanted to look like a girl.  And consequently, I wanted clothing that would let me play hard, but was just a tiny-bit girly….without being fussy.  Not all tomboys want to be boys (although my haircut was a different matter…sigh).

I'm loving all of the choices out there for little girls today.  Yes, there's a ton of pink.  And yes, there's a ton of glittery-tulle explosions….but there's also a ton of adorable, simple basics with just a hint of girly-chic.  Pieces that pair really well with hiking boots.  Cause you can't really rule the jungle gym in dainty little ballet flats.  (Or the rink.  How awesome is that old photo of roller derby girls?  LOVE.)


A Simple Striped Dress

This simple yellow and white dress from Gap's new Spring line is actually what inspired this article.  Wear it now with red thick tights and warm, black winter basics, with rainboots and a windbreaker this spring, or sneakers this summer.  


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Gap Boatneck Ponte Dress | Hanna Andersson Organic Cotton Turtleneck and Polka Dot Tights | Kamik Snow Boots |  Patagonia Down Sweater


Winter Shorts

The below outfit would've been my favorite outfit at age 6.  And 8.  And heck – probably even now.

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MiniBoden Teddy Half Zip |Zara Checked ShirtMiniBoden Ribbed Tights | Zara Bermuda Shorts with Belt | Keen Kids Basin Boots


Sweatshirt + Leggings

Bright green, navy and yellow will never be wrong. And dots and stripes will never be wrong. There's gotta be some sort of formula in here somewhere…navy + yellow + green = x(happy dots + cool stripes) where x=I love my outfit?  Yes.

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Zara Knit Hat | Zara Dot Blouse | J. Crew Striped Leggings | Jack Rogers Kids Rainboots | J.Crew Terry Sweatshirt

Happy playing!!




  1. I had all these awesome non-pink outfits both bought and handed down (score!). My 2.5 year old daughter will have nothing to do with them – anything that is not pink is “smelly and gross”. So we’re up to our eyeballs in sparkles, tutus, ruffles, Hello Kitty and every shade of pink you can imagine (but I won’t give in on the princess crap, because IT is smelly and gross :P).
    All this is to say I love this collection of ideas and I yearn to be able to dress my kid this way. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I’m so glad you posted this! I’m expecting a little girl and was actually getting mad while looking at the clothes because everything seems to be pink, princessy and covered in glitter. I mean, if she turns out to be into that, it’s fine, but I’m not going to dress her that way before she has an opinion on it.

  3. Vera – So nice of you to mention us! Thank you!
    Rachel – Yes. I’m on it. Me too.
    Seanna – I thought that the fun of having boys is that I could dress them their entire lives (or at least until they got married)…but no. R has very clear ideas about clothing, LOL! In a way it’s fun that he has such a strong opinion…but sigh. I try to let him just do his thing. Which, ironically, involves pink! So…I feel ya.
    Leah – Sing it, sister.

  4. I was just thinking what a great idea for someone to open a “Tomboy” store for girls’ clothes. It is really hard to find clothes my almost 3 year old will wear, unless we are in the boys section. She loves trucks, tractors and sports. I started out dressing her in glittery tutus, but she has her own ideas and personality – who am I to squelch that? So, now I get looks from people when she wears boys clothes, and people call her Shiloh. But I know I will be sad when peer pressure makes her want to wear pink one day. I just have to let her be who she, and hope that lasts a long time.

  5. I was inspired by this post to buy a new outfit for my 2 1/2 year old, whose clothes have become far too girly for my liking. I came up with an outfit I LOVED — a boys’ bright blue/navy/red/white flannel plaid shirt, a twirly but comfy short red skirt, and navy leggings. Excited, I showed my daughter … who promptly stuck out her tongue and declared “bleh!” LOL She’s sure to warm up to it, right? ๐Ÿ™‚

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