Sideline Style for Cool Soccer Moms


Whew – last week was the start of (pre)school, and I’m not gonna lie, it totally kicked my butt! Juggling everyone’s schedules, a work conference + a non-stop teether (pedi seriously thinks she’s getting molars at 10 mos #fml) = a major glitch in the system: missed the big kid’s actual 1st day of school then dropped her off on a day she wasn’t scheduled *headdesk*. (Better cross this t-shirt off my Christmas list.) The crazy week continued into the weekend: fast-forward to early Saturday morning swim lessons at the Y – and the cold, hard reality of metal bleachers. Soccer mamas everywhere, I salute you. There’s gotta be a way to make watching kids’ sports more comfortable and to look cool while staying warm. Since hanging out in the bleachers is where you’ll find lots of us come fall weekends, here are three ways to have more fun in the stands.

While this might be a viable solution, at some point you might want to socialize with other parents (or maybe not embarrass your kids?)! Here’s my take on stylish, modern options for staying warm, dry, comfortable and caffeinated while watching them play their little hearts out.


‘Prep’ped for the Game

Vintage appeal and poppy modern graphics make even the rainiest fall days cheerful & bright, no pink & green required.

Swiss Army Blanket: I love the iconic graphic and rugged wool warmth of these blankets. They’re the real deal, but never issued or used so no ick-factor! Since they’re wool, they’re water-repellent and durable – think picnic blanket, camping, makeshift rain shelter, adding a vintage-industrial touch to the end of a bed – they’re like the Swiss army knife of blankets. Naturally.

Hunter Bubble Umbrella: The transparent design is great for being able to actually see the action on the field while staying dry and staying on good terms with those sitting behind you. The pop of color on the umbrella’s edge comes in tons of colors – the bright red is gorgeous, too, and kids will be able to spot you easily in the stands.

Ventura Reclining Seat: This may be the killer app to finally make bleachers less of a (literal) pain in the butt! I’m not sure why one would need 6 different reclining angles, but there you go. It also comes in a bunch of colors and two patterns – superfan points for choosing your school colors.

PackIt Freezable Shopping Bag: This is actually a grocery bag, but it’s bigger than the picnic bag version and still packs down to a small size – just pop it in the freezer the night before the game. Also great for tailgating, when your main concern is chilling adult bevvies instead of orange slices.

CamelBak Groove Water Bottle: Genius water bottle design incorporates a filter in the straw so your refill from the nearest water fountain (or bubbler, depending where you live) actually tastes good.

Women’s Fleece Gloves: Keep hands warm while you’re snapping action shots or just browsing the interweb during downtime. I love these inexpensive but warm tech gloves from Old Navy, I picked up multiple pairs last winter so I didn’t get caught out in the cold.

kate spade Thermal Travel Mug: Cold hands, warm heart, can’t lose? Sounds about right to me. Always love the red & pink color combo.

Scout Original Deano Bag: How are you going to get all your super stylish spectating gear to the game? How about this generously-sized tote with awesomely-named colors? I love Scout’s lightweight, wipe-clean bags in always fun designs. It’s shown in Fleetwood Black here, also check out Lattice Quo & Hot Pink Floyd.




Spiked in the End Zone

Hoo boy, mamas, it’s about to get wild with a little somethin’ somethin’ warming up your hot chocolate…

Clear Bubble Umbrella: Simple design, big impact – great style of umbrella if you’re stuck outside for a while…pray for no overtime!

Oniva Reclining Seat: I like the streamlined, portable design and color options. Since it has a carrying strap, you could even load up a little to help lug stuff to the field.

Stanley Thermos: I’d trust a classic heavy-duty thermos with the all-important job of keeping hot chocolate warm. The standard issue green is always cool, but loving the navy!

Bangle Flask: Psst – want to warm up even faster?  Keep the main hot chocolate supply in the thermos “virgin” so everyone can enjoy, then spike yours on the sly with this incognito flask bracelet.

Plaid Throw: Supersoft and machine washable, so it’s perfect for outdoor use. Gets great reviews and has lots of color choices, but I’m partial to the navy!

Retro Picnic Cooler: Puts the ‘cool’ back in cooler! Love the vintage design that still manages to look sleek & modern. Bonus – a bottle opener built into the side.

Leather Glitten: My hands always stay warmer in mittens, but then I can’t use my phone which is super annoying. Problem solved – enter the glitten.  These are soft metallic leather (4 colors, gunmetal is badass) with touch-screen friendly knit gloves inside…I’m in love.

S’well Teakwood Water Bottle: This unique ‘wood’ water bottle totally fooled me – it’s actually gorgeously hand-painted! Multi-purpose too, it claims to keep drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12. Judging by the rave fan reviews, they’re doing something right!





Glam in the Stands

Bring your Sasha Fierce game face to the field. I’d pick a few of these luxe accessories to pair with jeans to spread a little glam wherever you go.

Faux Fur Cowl: On crisp fall days that aren’t quite warm enough for a full coat, but need a little more than a vest, I love a soft, warm faux fur cowl. It’s even more of a no-brainer than infinity scarves, which can be fussy when figuring out how to get the loops to lay right. The two-tone version is so chic – check out the gray/black and unique peachy/apricot version too.

Glass & Glitter Silicone Water Bottle: Fancy up your water with a glittery silicone sleeve that removes easily for washing. Love this.

Winking Eyes Umbrella: A little bit Audrey Hepburn-ish, no? Even if you forgot mascara, she’s got you covered.

Coleman Cooler Satchel: Could go incognito as a purse, with enough space to hold snacks for the whole fam.

‘Doe a Deer’ Throw: Looks so bambi-soft, I just want to pet it! Love the print, it reminds me of Scotti’s pretty diaper bag.

The Upgrade Seat Cushion: Aptly named! I love the sleek design and stylish carrying case for this memory foam cushion that also works in desk chairs, cars and airplanes.

Zojirushi Travel Mug: This pink champagne travel mug is beyond gorgeous and gets damn near perfect user reviews. I’d love to see it on my desk every day, too.


Hmm, I’m kind of looking forward to Saturday morning, double-fisting a pretty water bottle and caffeine container on a cushy seat, feeling the warm, humid air of the pool area – almost like being on vacation, right? #magicalthinking

Go, sports!