My little girl is turning four in a couple of months. FOUR! How did this happen…I know every mama says this. I almost cry thinking about having to leave her amazing preschool in another year, but I am also in awe of the hilarious, smart, creative, serious-dance-moves-having girl she is becoming. (Like, seriously, her dance moves. You may have witnessed them on my IG stories over @elletrain – don’t worry, there will be plenty more to come if you haven’t yet).

In honor of her growing up into such a little buddy person, I thought it was time she upgraded from using an old, too-huge-queen-sized quilt as her bedspread and a pretty but not-so-comfy rug in her room. Follow me to see her before and after…

The Nursery

You can see here why I’ve been frustrated with S’s room. I have ever since we moved into our new house two years ago. This. Was her nursery. This was in our previous house and the light in her room was beyond gorgeous. The shape of the room was way easier (now it’s long and narrow) and there was even room for a giant white dresser (that now holds our TV if that gives you any indication of size) on the left wall. Granted, I had a lot of time to focus on this room while I was pregnant and all those nesting instincts got me super inspired. I even had time to knit that blanket on the rocker and sew that Boppy cover and more. Whoa. With her room now, I’m just happy to get the books, clothes, and all the tiny Calico Critter parts somewhat put away. But we’re making progress…

The Big Girl Room

You can see I’m a sucker for soft colors with graphic pops of black and white thrown in. I love the pale blue of her walls for just a hint of pretty light color and then the touches of shiny gold are fun, too.

I’m also a collector of adorable illustration so being able to do a collection of art on her walls and around her room has been super fun. The lovely constellation piece is by my SIL (LOVE it) and the gorgeous artwork of mother and child is by my stepmom. I have talented family. Some of the other artwork is still available online and detailed below. Definitely adding this print by my friend and super talented artist Lisa Congdon. (You may have seen this quote…on my arm!)

I still have some updates I’d like to make and I really need to figure out some artwork or something over her bed. I’ve thought about doing a white tulle canopy but will she get all tangled in it at night? I can’t decide what to do but I need something there that is super cute and safe above her bed (to detract from the window with the ‘lovely’ AC unit in it at the foot of her bed.) We shall see what works. I’ll keep you posted.

Room Details

BedspreadPillowfort Jersey Stars Comforter Set – We love this. It’s soft jersey on top and soft cotton blend underneath. The gold stars are amazingly cute. Sienna hates a flat sheet, so I love that she thinks this is cozy and that it’s also super easy to wash. It comes with a comforter and a pillow sham, shown here in Twin size.

Heart sheetsMetallic Hearts Sheet Set Pillowfort – Love these sheets. Cute designs, inexpensive, super soft.

Crown pillowPillowfort Crown Throw Pillow – Super cute and reverses to white with gold stripes on the other side.

Panda pillowPanda Throw Pillow – I don’t know if pandas are every graphic designer’s favorite animal, but they are mine. You just can’t beat that pretty black and white and it looks great here with the gray and gold.

Cloud pillow – (similar) – Ours is old Ikea, but this one from Land of Nod is soooo adorable! Those cheeks!

Elephant pillow (similar) – Ours is straight from Thailand thanks to sweet friends, but loving this one from World Market that has a little more color but a very similar style.

Black/white rugNate Berkus Linear Shag Rug – I adore this rug as a soft update to her old rug. This one is brighter than it looks online and is almost a white versus a cream color. It’s so great for sitting on and soft on your feet!

Pear printPirum Parum Poster – This is a Swedish print I could not resist when I was designing Sienna’s nursery. It still is and will always be my favorite. There’s just something about it I love.

Fox print – (similar) I can’t find the original print here, but the artist that did the cowgirl print in Sienna’s room has this adorable fox.

Cowgirl printCowgirl – By Kelli Murray Art. Love this so. Sienna has always loved horses and her grandma used to barrel race in Central Oregon as a girl, so this has an extra special meaning to us!

My Favorite Black/White/Pastel Kid’s Room Finds


Any other fans of graphic patterns and pastels out there for your kids’ rooms? I’d love to see what you’ve found lately along these lines. I know someday I may not have as much say in creating a soft, light-filled room for S with all things I love, but for now I’ll just sit on her new cozy rug and enjoy it.




  1. I love how much personality you gave this room and yet did not clutter it up. It is a perfect space for a sweet little girl!..great job

    By the way, and yes I’m that person that’s going to ask about the one thing that’s not posted, hahaha.

    What color did you paint her room???? That is the exact shade I have been looking for!


    • Thanks so much! Haha. Wouldn’t you know we have all the cans of paint for every other room, but not Sienna’s. Arg! I used Sherwin Williams paint. I’ll try to find it. I used Sea Salt in our bedroom and adore it, but it is a bit grayer and darker than Sienna’s. I’ll see if I can find it somewhere!

    • I’m also about to paint our bathroom in color Topsail, also Sherwin Williams and it’s super close to Sienna’s room color.

      • Sold!!! I am totally going to copy you and paint my bathroom Topsail as well! Thank you so much for taking out the guesswork and choosing a color! This was such perfect timing I can’t tell you how helpful your response was to me! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond

    • It was passed down to us. It’s IKEA but from a while ago. It’s a good one though! They probably have something similar still I would imagine.

  2. I love her little piggy bank! My little girl turned 4 in January, and she has a piggy bank now. She saves for the stuffed animals or games she wants and earns money by doing simple chores from her chore chart (aka picking up Calico Critter-esque toys). It’s great to see save and plan, AND it cuts way down on the number of toys we accumulate. Love the room! Do you have any of her artwork you could hang above the bed?

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