5 Simple Tips To Rock Your At-Home Style


My dear friend and amazing photographer Posy Quarterman (best name ever) asked if I would write a few tips on dressing for at-home work for an online class she is teaching. I had fun coming up with some simple outfits and thought I would share this information with you guys, too!

I have worked from home as a designer for over 10 years now. It’s really easy to get into the habit of wearing pajamas all day. I noticed a few years ago though that when I get myself dressed in the morning, before I sit down at the computer, I feel better about my work. I also vowed never to wear my pjs to preschool drop-off (even though I really want to!) and people have commented on how I look put-together. That makes me feel great and ready to start the work day. The beginning of the year is always a good time to put something new into practice. Here are some ideas for easily pulling together work-from-home outfits.

1. Put on jeans instead of leaving on your leggings or sweats

outfit 2


This is the first thing I do to keep myself from leaving my lounge wear on all day. I love jeans. I wear a lot of black jeans and they are so easy to dress up or down, quickly, but (almost) any jean is going to look better than stretchy pants. Find a few pairs that fit you well and keep them at the ready for each morning. Try to have some black or dark washes in the mix. They are flattering and can be dressed up. If you hate jeans, try a pant in a fabric you do find comfortable. There are also denim joggers out there that are cute/updated and comfy, like the ones above. (Things were selling out left and right as I was making this post! I tried to find items that were very similar but that still had a decent number of sizes left. Except for those Anthro joggers. OMG. I want them but they only have one size left).






2. Pick out a cool pair of shoes

outfit 4


Picking out a shoe for your outfit instantly ties it together. Even if you don’t wear the shoes around your house all day it gives you a good sense of the overall look. I get really excited about boots and often throw those on before I would ever grab a pair of tennis shoes. If you are a tennis shoe person, pick out a special pair that feel ‘dressier’ or try an oxford shoe…or a shoe with a cool print, like the pair above.

3. Get rid of your t-shirts


I’m only sort of kidding here. I accidentally got rid of many of my t-shirts during my closet decluttering. This has been a good thing lately because it pushes me to wear more interesting tops. I wear a sweater with a tank or a button down shirt under it most days in winter. The key here is to think outside the t-shirt box. If you love t-shirts, buy a few soft, light, button-down shirts and maybe size up a little. Try out some lightweight sweaters to mix up your look. Definitely get rid of any worn or dated t-shirts and if you have to hang on to some sentimentally, put them well out of reach so you don’t use them as go-to tops.
Update! Zappos seems to be out of this color of the Frye boots, but 6pm.com has them on sale here!

4. Rad jacket = finished outfit


Jackets are the best things, second only to boots, of course. You can really make a basic outfit shine with a cool jacket. A simple top, nice jeans and classic boots are a great backdrop for showing off a cool jacket. There are good jackets for all climates and times of the year and you can have fun owning a few styles and pairing them with various other pieces. I LOVE a moto jacket paired with girly items like blouses and dresses to toughen the softness. A preppy blazer is wonderful paired with casual pieces. Of course, you’re not going to sport a jacket around the house all day, but good jackets are wonderful for throwing on before a client meeting or for running errands.


5. Try a little makeup and put on some simple jewelry


We all know Scotti is the makeup expert around here and I am no authority on it, but I do think a little face prep in the mornings is essential. Wear whatever amount you feel comfortable in. I only wear mascara, under eye concealer and a little blush, but I put it on everyday. I put a little lip gloss on when going out of the house during the daytime. You don’t have to overdo it, but I think it’s the act of getting yourself ready that makes such a big difference. If you don’t do makeup, just clean your face each morning and maybe put on a brightening moisturizer and a little lip gloss. It will make a difference in how you feel!

Jewelry can be a really simple way to add polish to your outfit. I get in a habit of wearing the same pieces for days in a row, but that’s fine! Find what works for you and stick with it, I say. I love a simple earring and a cool ring. A lovely necklace will also add sparkle and make you feel great. The pieces above are tasteful and not fussy and would add a little finish to any of the outfits posted.

A few more mix-and-match combinations:



additional 1





additional 2


Update! Zappos seems to be out of this color of the Frye boots, but 6pm.com has them on sale here!





additional 3









I hope some of these things help inspire you to feel ready for work at home, whatever it may be! Let me know if you have some go-to outfit combinations that work for you.