On Repeat: The Graphic Tees I’ve Been Wearing All-Day, Everyday



 (wearing:  sincerely jules tee, blank denim cut-offs….on Raines: raybans stolen from me that stinker, Soul +Jah tee by 2mylu)


There are a handful of t-shirts that have been the backbone of my daily mom-uniform the last 6 months or so.  I wear them to school drop-off, I wear them to the park.  I find myself wearing them with high heels and pretty skirts on date night, or under suits when I want to look professional, but still like myself.  Most of these tees have been slept in a night or two (or ten).  Nights when I'm so exhausted that I fall asleep putting the kids down…and then (cringe) Iweartheteeallthenextday.  #momconfessions  These tees have been washed and dried a countless number of times, and they are all still hanging in there.  And to make this whole thing rurrl easy, my daily everytees are either from J.Crew (and currently 30% off) or Sincerely Jules.


Photo (10)

Sincerely Jules Popsickle Tee | Sincerely Jules Pina Colada Tee

Sincerely Jules Flamingo Tee | Sincerely Jules Cali Palms Tee


If you haven't heard of Sincerely Jules, you're in for a treat. A TREAT I SAY!  Jules is a fashion blogger who started designing a line of seriously cool tees and sweatshirts.  I love the quirky, interesting prints, the soft, drapey fabric, and the slightly boyish cut.  These tees wash and dry really well (and I'm forever using stain stick on mine because, duh, white).  But best of all?  Jules is a total sweetheart.  

(For size references, I'm wearing an XS in the top pic.)  

One word of caution on the popsickle tee:  my kids take one look and are all, "Whoa, cool popsicle!  What a good idea, Mum! Can we have ones like THAT?"  and then they DO NOT WANT the healthy homemade yogurt pops no mo'.  


Photo (11)

J.Crew Linen Amazing Tee | J.Crew Drapey Tee in Venice Beach

J.Crew Drapey Tee in Beach Heart | J.Crew Vintage Cotton Tee in Stars


J.Crew's graphic tees are thin, perfectly drapey, and soft (even the linen).  I wash and dry mine, but the linen tee will shorten in the dryer.  I prefer my t-shirts slightly oversized, so I size up to a medium in J.Crew tees, then can wash and dry without fear.  Fearless washing, just how I like it. J.Crew is also having a sale – most tees are currently 30% off with code HISUMMER.

Speaking of…Hi, Summer!  We're so very glad to see you.



  1. I have been obsessing over that “Amazing” tee! I see it everywhere now. There was even a girl wearing it in the monthly Birchbox sneak peak. Maybe it is a sign I need to bite the bullet and buy it before it runs out?

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