Ski Season Prep: Water-Resistant UGGs and This PARKA


Gang, it’s almost that time of year (at least in Pennsylvania).  I’m talking, of course, about ski season, which has already started in Colorado, a fact that Raines and Pax can’t get their heads around.  Raines, especially, is almost blind with jealousy.  We’re on a near-constant snow watch, and every morning they ask me to check Blue Mountain’s Instagram to see if any progress has been made on the snow-making front.

Um.  The random 60-degree temps have NOT been helping.

To appease the beasts (and prep just in case Blue is open by 12/17 – fingers crossed!!), we cruised on up to get new helmets and seasonal rentals for the boys….and to fix Mike’s boots.  (If anyone knows of a ski-boot whisperer please let us know.  Mike has been skiing with foot pain for two years running now, so UGH.)

Despite the cold, gray, and (annoyingly) snow-free day….I was warm, toasty and comfy, thanks to my new fav parka and…..drumroll please…..water-resistant UGGs.  They’re just like my old UGG minis, but with a thicker sole (I detect a slight wedge) and a snugger fit.  I was debating between black and gray, and in hindsight, I should’ve purchased the gray – the black shows signs of wear very quickly.  Ah, well.  Live and learn.  But they’re so totally soft and cozy I kinda don’t care.







Raines, defeated. No. Snow. #thestruggleisreal


See the scuff marks? GRAY. Shoulda gone gray.






Still looking for snow, poor guy.



Outfit Details

sweater: Equipment Oscar Cashmere Sweater (size xs for reference)

parka: S13/NYC Faux-Fur Parka – 45% off!! (wearing xs for reference) – I typically like parkas that are somewhat lightweight – I find I get more use out of them.  This one is perfect.  However, it won’t be warm enough for the 40 below temps of my youth in Michigan.  So.  This coat won’t replace the giant head-to-toe puffers for the truly cold days, but will be fine for 30-40 degree temps.  (Take this with a grain of salt – I HATE being cold.  Others might be fine all winter in this thing.)

jeans: AG The Ankle Leggings in 7 year break with raw hem  – 25% off!!  (size 25 – my usual size – I also hacked these off quite a bit)

boots: UGG Australia Kristin Classic Slim Water Resistant Boots in black – I went down a half size (I typically buy boots to fit over thick socks…but not these).  They fit snugger than my other UGGs, but will stretch.

bag:  See by Chloe Joyrider Backpack (only black is left)

On Raines

jacketColumbia Gold Water Resistant Jacket – sold out!  Try The North Face Thermoball Primaloft jacket (R says it looks like Spiderman’s jacket)

shoes: Adidas Superstars

On Pax

jacket: The North Face Thermoball Primaloft jacket (but in toddler and little boy sizes) – this one is much lighter and thinner than the jacket R is wearing….I think he’d actually prefer this one.

shoes: Supra Vaiders


Shop My Fav Parkas

I look for four things when searching for the perfect parka:

1. Waist-friendly design – a cinched waist is almost always best

2. Good drape – I want it to look like a parka, not a puffer

3. Tasteful fur detail – nothing that looks like it’s eating your head

4. And speaking of fur…faux.  Always.  (Which is why you’ll see The North Face in this list below….but not Canada Goose.)

Shop Water Resistant UGGS


I didn’t include any UGGs for men…would your husband wear them?  Mike said he *might* wear these after skiing….soooooo comfy…..



A huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!!  (And for humoring my unending love affair with UGGs and parkas.)  As always, all thoughts, opinions, and product choices are my own.  And readers, thank you for your continued support.  It doesn’t go unnoticed, and is so very much appreciated.  xo!

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  1. As someone who skied with foot pain for several years, I can highly recommend new boots. My brand new Atomic boots were never comfortable. I took them in for several adjustments, bought fancy (read: expensive) footbeds, got different socks and nada. Still painful. I would stop skiing because my feet hurt so much. I was even told that it was my skiing style, which I doubted as a friend who is an excellent skier had the same boots and same problems. I finally got new boots–a different brand–and it has been joy. The new ones are Salomons. I did chat with a ski racer who told me that the problem might be the flex in the boot, which refers to how easy it is to flex your foot forward. Also, just like shoes, different boots fit differently even though they are the same size and whereas I think Atomic boots are worse than all seven circles of Dante’s hell others might find them comfortable. So, I’d go to a ski shop and explain what isn’t working and have them make suggestions about a different brand of boots.

    • Yes – this sounds like Mike last year. He’s tried two different boots, is now having the liners moulded to his feet, adding liners, etc. So annoying, right?

  2. Go see Dieter up at Alpina in the Poconos on Route 940 (just minutes off the Turnpike, same exit for route 80). He’s done wonders for my husband!

    My oldest will be doing the Mountaineers program at Blue this winter and is also very excited to get started!

  3. On my MacBook and iPhone the link for the sweater goes to the parka…would love to see the link. Also- if MIke’s foot pain is NOT due to the boots, but due to his actual foot- then find a PT who does Functional Movement Screenings (FMS). The screening looks at movement patterns that can impact how you carry your body. For my husband, it gave him some great info, simple exercises and then no pain! (And it was how he was sitting that lead to pain while running)

    • GAH! Sorry about that – the link is (finally) fixed. And thanks for the advice – it might actually be worth checking out this route (barefoot running did a number on him YEARS ago….he’s never been quite the same.) 🙂

  4. I picked up a pair of the UGG boots that aren’t like their classic look, but more like standard good leather boots but that still have the fuzzy interior. While my husband also hates the popular UGG boot, even he thinks these are awesome and is rethinking the brand. He’s always warm though so probably not for him, but I bet a lot of other men would get on board with the less classic look UGGs.

  5. I have been searching for the perfect parka for years and fell in love with the one you’re wearing. I’m in Alabama and 30-40 degrees is COLD to me ; ) Alas, it is sold out everywhere in the green color : (

  6. If he doesn’t already have them, get Superfeet for his ski boots. He can even have them custom-made in the ski shop. And…Superfeet for his footwear off the slopes too.

  7. If anyone’s looking for Shana’s parka, Zappos has an almost identical S13 one in green called the “canyon parka”, and it’s on sale. I’m guessing it’s last year’s model or something? It doesn’t have the cool black cuffs but otherwise seems identical. I ordered it in medium and large and just need to decide which looks better! Love it, though.

  8. My husband was born with severe club foot so ski boots are hard for him because they hold his foot in a position it isn’t comfortably in. We looked into this last year at the end of the ski season. I believe it’s Fisher who makes ski boots that you can have molded to your feet. You have to find a location that has the machine to mold the boots. I think we may give them a try this year for him. Could be worth a shot looking into it. Also sending snow wishes your way. We were just at our local ski slope and they were making snow this weekend. It’s finally cold enough! Yay!

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