Sleepwear or Streetwear: Soft Little Shorts


So.  I fell in love with these shorts:



They are made of a soft, comfy fabric, with a crochet trim.  They were being sold next to bikinis and sweatshirts. 

Baffling. Are they board shorts?  A coverup?  Summer PJ bottoms?

I wore them every night to bed.  But they were so comfy, I found myself wearing them outside.  First, just to the beach…

Working on our entry in Grand Haven's sandcastle contest.  We did NOT win.



And then to grab coffee…

DSC_8017(wearing: sweatshirt, size L….shortsshoesmore sizes herebag) 


Mike wanted me to take my sweatshirt off.  I am wearing a nice shirt underneath.  A nice shirt that I had slept in the night before.


In my defense, we had gone Out.  I also forgot to take my makeup off.  Horrors!


But…I like the shorts.  I think they look city-wearable, at least for summer.



(wearing: shirt….shortsshoes - more sizes herebag) 


They feel like a new, fresh, shorts option.  I get stuck in a denim cut-off rut each summer, and chino shorts just never feel quite as comfortable.  Leave it to the surf brands to turn out some perfect summer pieces (I also love Billabong's printed shorts, Roxy's polka-dot chambray, this seriously sweet floral by Quiksilver, or – oh mythis fancy pair.)



Also…my surgery is Wednesday.  Gulp.  Happily, I have a few bloggers lined up to do some fun guest posts on their summer mom-uniform.  So awesome.  And M will shoot out an update here once the surgery passes successfully. Heck, I may even instagram (@shanachristine) a bit.  Wish me luck, Mamas.