Sleepwear or Streetwear: Soft Little Shorts


So.  I fell in love with these shorts:



They are made of a soft, comfy fabric, with a crochet trim.  They were being sold next to bikinis and sweatshirts. 

Baffling. Are they board shorts?  A coverup?  Summer PJ bottoms?

I wore them every night to bed.  But they were so comfy, I found myself wearing them outside.  First, just to the beach…

Working on our entry in Grand Haven's sandcastle contest.  We did NOT win.



And then to grab coffee…

DSC_8017(wearing: sweatshirt, size L….shortsshoesmore sizes herebag) 


Mike wanted me to take my sweatshirt off.  I am wearing a nice shirt underneath.  A nice shirt that I had slept in the night before.


In my defense, we had gone Out.  I also forgot to take my makeup off.  Horrors!


But…I like the shorts.  I think they look city-wearable, at least for summer.



(wearing: shirt….shortsshoes - more sizes herebag) 


They feel like a new, fresh, shorts option.  I get stuck in a denim cut-off rut each summer, and chino shorts just never feel quite as comfortable.  Leave it to the surf brands to turn out some perfect summer pieces (I also love Billabong's printed shorts, Roxy's polka-dot chambray, this seriously sweet floral by Quiksilver, or – oh mythis fancy pair.)



Also…my surgery is Wednesday.  Gulp.  Happily, I have a few bloggers lined up to do some fun guest posts on their summer mom-uniform.  So awesome.  And M will shoot out an update here once the surgery passes successfully. Heck, I may even instagram (@shanachristine) a bit.  Wish me luck, Mamas.




  1. OMG – thoughts with you my dear the rest of the week! You are going to rock it Wednesday and blog it by Thursday i just know it, you’re that BADASS!!! Seriously though, all the best… XXOO (Oh and the shorts – perfection on your hot little bod!)

  2. If I had your legs, I’d wear them out too. They look adorable.
    p.s. I’ll be sending my most powerful healing thoughts your direction on Wednesday and hope to hear that your surgery was a success and you’re soon on the mend.

  3. Good luck, Shana! You are so strong. Here’s to a safe surgery, speedy recovery and then back to your sweet life with your boys! You’ve got this!

  4. You are freaking adorable!…You can nail it every time! Amazing…wishing you the best…going to miss your posts…see you on instagram:)

  5. Wishing your all the best in surgery!
    I have a pair of Victoria’s Secret Pink shorts that used to be strictly inside only (they’re a bit roomier, so if I bend over the wrong way you can see EVERYTHING, but now that I’m pregnant and it’s been so so hot here in NYC, I’m wearing them outside (much to the chagrin of my husband, who doesn’t want me flaunting my, ahem, assets every time we go out). But they’re so cool and light and comfortable, I can’t help myself…

  6. Still haven’t found the words to comment since I hear your news and I’m still surprised at how much it has affected me. I wish I could send you something helpful or do something meaningful for you. Everything will be ok, I can feel that. My thoughts are with you. Xo

  7. Praying for you and your family…so glad you were able to enjoy Grand Haven (I soooo miss that coast of Michigan!) before everything….make sure to take time to recover both physically and emotionally. You’ve got spunk – you’ll come back quick!

  8. These shorts are really cute! We were in Grand Haven on Saturday for the first time for me, and I just LOVE that town!

  9. Love the shorts! And more importantly…good luck with your surgery and I’ll be sending tons of good thoughts/prayers/healing vibes your way this week. I know everything will go smoothly and you’ll be back before we know it! You are, as always, an inspiration!!

  10. So impressed by you. This blog truly is about being a woman and a mother. Thank you for continuing to post. GOOD LUCK AND THINKING OF YOU! xox

  11. Sending you love and good wishes for Wednesday. We will all be waiting anxiously to hear that it went well, because I know it will.

  12. Love the shorts and they make your legs look great! More importantly, I am sending positive thoughts and all the luck I can spare in your direction. Post-surgery will suck for a little while but you will do great and then it will be OVER. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with you as a person and as a mom. I’ll look forward to getting your posts again when you are feeling better. Maybe your readers can all team up to send you Nordstrom sale suggestions? You’ll have some time for online shopping as you recover, right? 🙂

  13. Hey! You’re right down the road from me here in Holland! Love that.
    And the very best of luck in surgery. Prayers skillful surgeons and staff, freedom from infection, and a calm and peaceful heart.

  14. Sending all good thoughts for health and healing to you. Thank you so much for keeping the blog up during all of this, and for your zest for life. You are a beacon of hope to all of us who despair every morning when it’s time to get dressed (and a lot of other times of the day too).
    Love the shorts!

  15. Oops … pushed post before I was done. Your story touches me because I just weaned my 30-month-old in March and I would totally have thought the same thing as you did with any lump in those weeks afterwards. But you were so smart to go to the doctor. Thanks for encouraging women to get things checked.

  16. Love the shorts, if I had your gams, I would wear them everywhere, too! Thoughts and prayers for Wednesday, and for a speedy recovery.

  17. Shana,
    you are so special. I tried to comment this in an early post but I don’t think it worked. Coming from and RN
    remember sometimes you have to ask for your pain medication
    don’t be afraid to be a “squeaky wheel” you are worth it! And truly (at least in my hospital) we are so busy we think if you are not complaining you are doing okay. Bring your own lip balm and pillow and maybe even pictures of your family to hang on the wall. I know this will go great. I am praying for you and your family, sending all kinds of love surrounding you, your doctors, nurses, and family in light. If you have any questions I might help with please email me. I work on a pretty small oncology floor but if there is anything I might be able to do to ease your mind I would love to. Much love my friend.
    oh yeah, don’t let anyone stick you more than twice no matter what! get the iv expert!

  18. Leslie – managed to catch this comment as I was getting ready to go. (Distraction technique?). Packing lip balm now.  Thank you!!!!!
    Sent from my iPhone

  19. Best of luck tomorrow, strong Mama! Whatever anyone (including you) thinks of the shorts, you have liberty to wear them all f-ing summer. Just call them your “I kicked cancer so I’m gonna wear my damn shorts” shorts.
    But hopefully you’ve already stepped away from your computer to take the girls to the beach for the day 😉

  20. Love this!! One of my summer favorites is actually a nightgown, but I like to pretend that it’s a maxi dress. Yes, it’s from the Gap Body section, but it’s a black dress…right?
    So glad you posted-like many other readers, I’ve been thinking about you a lot.

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