Sneakers for Girls who Don’t Wear Sneakers



Look at that cute little face peeking out!

Truth be told, I’ve never been much of a “sneaker girl.”  I’ve always worn running shoes (or any other athletic-type shoes) solely for running.  I’ve pretty much just always worn heels.  I remember a conversation I had with Shana when she told me her lifestyle “didn’t support heels” and thinking “what is she talking about?  Why would you NOT wear heels??”  Aaaand then . . . life changed.  Baby G was born . . . and now?  It is all. about. comfort.  Lucky for me (and anyone else who has an aversion to athletic shoes), there are a TON of awesome sneakers-that-don’t-have-a-sneaker-vibe out there.  I’m seriously loving the slip-on style for its ease, comfort, and chic look.  I’ll still rock a mean heel on occasion (I love wearing some seriously fabulous ones with boyfriend jeans and a plain t), but I’ve invested in a few comfy pairs of sneaks that I can wear for hours and hours without regret.  See the boutique below for my favorite slip-on sneaks.






Sneaks: Rocket Dog

Top: Old but I love this statement and this one as well (because, right??)

Jeans: Express Boyfriend Jeans

Bralette: Similar from ASOS (mine is from the Victoria’s Secret PINK line and they discontinued them??  does anyone have a suggestion for a replacement?  I LOVED these lace bralettes and they’re awesome for nursing as well . . . WHY would they discontinue them?)

Sunglasses: Oakley

Jewelry: bracelets from BaubleBar, Ann Taylor and Kendra Scottearrings and necklace from BaubleBarrings from gorjana (similar)

My favorite slip-on sneakers:


Ok, and I couldn’t resist including these adorable photos of Greenlea . . . I love the faces she makes! Anyone have any suggestions on how to keep her hat on?  She’ll wear it for a bit but then when she decides to take it off, it’s over . . .   Slip-On-Sneakers-9



Greenlea’s Outfit

Top: Old Navy Embroidered Top

Shorts: Old Navy Ruffled Twill Shorts

Hat: Straw Fedora

Stroller:  Baby Jogger City Select (we LOVE it)


I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend!!






  1. I don’t have any suggestions for the hat, but I DO have a question, one that I have often wondered… how do you pronounce her name? Is it Green”LEE” or is it Green”LEAH.” Have been curious for so long. I think the name (and the baby) is adorable either way. 🙂

  2. If you are looking for super comfy bralettes my sister owns a USA made, organic cotton underwear company that makes awesome undies and bralettes. The company is called pansyco and she’s been featured on Refinery29 blog! Even did a photo shoot with pregnant ladies recently. She’s based out of Oakland, CA but ships everywhere 🙂

  3. My babe is also fair and had not much hair when she was little, so this hat was our friend: I’ll admit they don’t look all that amazing (especially compared to the hipster hat you have) but they are pretty cute once they are on, and they are so practical and the tie is really long and really works. My kids’ heads are 100th-percentile (fortunately they were average-headed at birth!) and so the flap-happy-hats don’t fit anymore – now we’ve moved up to these, which also have a chin strap, lots of fun prints and are quite cute: Good luck!

  4. Try a bonnet for Greenlea! I love Urban Baby Bonnets, they have poppers (snaps!) under the chin so those cheeky little monkeys can’t pull them off!

  5. Super cute sneaks. Welcome to the comfy side.

    Only hat that has ever reliably worked for us are these Twinklebelle ones: — they are adjustable for head circumference AND (best part) the strap underneath the chin has a break-away clasp, so it’s super safe too. Of course we lost the cutest one last year and are stuck with the utilitarian but kinda dull gender-neutral ones.

  6. Ah this was the push I needed to try out those Sanuks! I swear, if yall saw my shoe collection you could make a game of connecting my purchases to ANMJ and TME recs/articles. Greenlea is a doll! Babies in hats get all the heart eyes from me!!

  7. I was also going to recommend Urban Baby Bonnets. Also Beek on Etsy makes bonnets as well. Both snap under the chin and stay on very well. My kid takes off everything that I put on her head except these.

  8. I am with you on the sneakers thing. I wore heels up until my second baby, who was a super late walker and had to be carried around everywhere–I always felt like I was going to topple over while holding him. Then I just fell out of practice. Sold all my really interesting heels at a yard sale. Now I try to invest in very interesting flats. 🙂 I have, however, always adored Adidas Superstars–I wore mine to death in college. I wish I could find a pair but they seem to be sold out everywhere!

    Anyway, I love this roundup. And the pics of Greenlea. She’s precious!

  9. The way I got my daughters to wear hats is that *I* started to wear a hat all the time when out in the sun. I’m wearing shoes, so you’re wearing shoes. I’m wearing a hat, so you’re wearing a hat. It is just what we do. (Even though it messes up my hair.)
    Great photos.

  10. The Sanuks are AWESOME!! But not the ones with the chunky soles. I’ve been wearing mine for years. I wash and dry them at least once a week!!!

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