A Small Bathroom with Big Style


As a mama, a soothing bathroom retreat is high-up on the list of things I want in my home. It doesn’t have to be massive but it does have to be stylish, well-designed, bright and clean!   A recent bathroom renovation we worked on definitely checked all these boxes.

Designing a Small Bathroom with Big Style

Just because a space is small doesn’t mean we can’t go for maximum impact. People tend to avoid dark colors and mixing patterns because they think it will overwhelm  a small room. I think the opposite; I love using bold choices and large-scale patterns to make the space stand out.

Go for Maximum Impact

For this project we utilized a graphic black and white patterned floor tile to create a big design statement. These tiles from Home Depot are faux cement tiles–which means they are easy maintenance and even easier on the pocket book!

small bathroom makeover small bathroom makeover

Pops of Color

I love thinking outside the box when it comes to color and it’s application. The most common place to inject color into a space is through the walls, but sometimes it can make an even greater impact if you limit its use to one impactful piece.

For this high-style bathroom we kept most of the finishes neutral and introduced a stunning teal vanity. The crisp finishes around it not only allow the bathroom to feel larger and brighter, but really let this custom vanity be the star of the show!

small bathroom makeovers

Mix it Up

One of the secrets to a well designed space is creating a sense of layering. This can be done through mixing and matching of patterns to create a perfectly curated space. A small space is no different. In this bathroom we achieved it by mixing in a combo of ikat pattern textile for window treatment, the tile floor and classic black and white stripe towels. All the patterns play perfectly off the overall color scheme of the room but add just the right amount of interest!

We also created visual interest by mixing the metal finishes. Antique brass finishes for the faucets and mirror balance the more modern matte black light fixtures.

Never Underestimate Fresh Flowers

Seriously – Fresh flowers are a designers best friend!  A $2 bouquet of brightly colored grocery store carnations goes a long way in this small bathroom. Have a designated vase or bowl worked into the design plan and fill it regularly. Thank me later.

Small spaces don’t have to be boring, bland or non-functional. Make bold design decisions, mix patterns and finishes and add thoughtful pops of color and you will be sure to have a small space with maximum style.

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-Allison H

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  1. Is that a wood transition from the tile to the drywall!?!? I love it! What kind of moulding did you use and what staining technique to get that look?!

    • Yes it is! We just selected a standard stock chair rail option from Lowes and stained it. I would have to dig back through project records to find the exact spec but I want to say it was Minwax Special Walnut. We originally had looked at doing a traditional tile transition piece on top of the subway tile but budget restrictions required us to flex some creative muscle. I LOVE how the end result was. It is a perfect solution budget wise but also is a great interesting design detail for this eclectic bathroom.

  2. If that were my bathroom I would have to relocate that pretty basket elsewhere. My three little boys don’t have good aim and anything around the toilet gets sprayed with pee! So gross!

  3. We just remodeled our home and I love your posts as I still need to figure out the accessories, baskets, etc. This is beautiful and I’m getting some great ideas. I need some shallower baskets, but now I have some ideas as where to go find them! Thanks

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE! Though its cracking me up that you call it a “small” bathroom. I was expecting it to be smaller, this one is bigger than ours. Beautiful!

  5. Wondering about the paint colors. Also – would love a list of your favorite neutrals (is there a warm white that isn’t yellow – help!) and your take on small kitchens! LOVE this bathroom!

  6. Where did you get the bath towels and the hooks? I love the brass/gold with the clear balls! The ones in the bottom of the post don’t match. Thank you! Great renovation!

    • Bath towels were from Target and hooks from World Market… both no longer available so we linked the closest we could find!

  7. I love this bathroom! It’s giving me great ideas for our own space that is similar, albeit smaller. Did you get new hardware for the shower/ tub? We have a similar bathroom with a claw foot that we are planning on renovating soon. It’s been difficult to find new faucet/ shower for the tub. Also, how is the ceramic tile- I love the look but always think it would be cold and hard to clean with grout. Also have similar issue with little boys and aim as above reader ?

    • The curtain was custom made with a “trade-only” fabric source. Perks of working with us is access to things others can’t get their hands on!

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