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People coming together to support each other…THAT is what I’m totally into right now. It’s amazing to see how people are really stepping up to help and give and share love and make people laugh (I’m looking at you Trevor Noah and Chrissy Teigen.) GAH I need to laugh right now. I highly recommend seeking out the funny things. That’s my go-to, and I’ve been sharing all the funny memes/tweets/comments with the people in my life lately.

On a local level, we’re seeing all kinds of friends share ideas for supporting their favorite shops and restaurants and businesses right now. Buying gift cards to these places might be a way to help them right now, but call and ask first. Many businesses, as I’m sure you’re aware, already have stock and food and whatnot they have spent money on, so check in with them to see if they’re shipping, doing curbside pick-up, delivery, etc.,

Small Business Love — Portland: Support Laura’s Local Faves

MANY of our local places have implemented one or all of these options. And of course, ordering things online (like that gorgeous red bag above from Marcher here in Portland) continually support our favorite businesses.

**Of Note: With the recent Stay-At-Home order for Oregon, things are changing day-to-day here. So some of these offerings, delivery services, etc., could change by the time you see this. I’d love if you’d bookmark all these places for later, too! Or snag a gift card if you can!

We're going all in on local love for our fave small businesses in Portland, Oregon. Providing relief through gift cards, online orders, take-out & merch — let's do it.

Red Sail PDX – Red Sail is one of my favorite spots to grab gifts and jewelry, and anything small and beautiful for your home. They have the most gorgeous collection of items, including baby gifts, interesting prints, hand-printed bags and gorgeous ceramics. You can order from them online wherever you are. Their store, for later reference, is on NE Alberta in Portland. Featured above: Animal Go Pouch Set | Colima Ring by Betsy & Iya

Woo PDX – Right now, Woo PDX is closed for in-store shopping, but they’re soon bringing online shopping to their site. In the meantime, check out their Instagram feed and give them a ring and they’ll ship any item.

PedX Shoes – PedX was recently offering delivery service, but for now, a gift card to their amazing shoe store is your best bet. Keep an eye out on their site or Instagram; I wonder if they’ll try to also offer online shopping. In addition to amazing shoes, they also have fabulous local jewelry and bags and a few fun gifts. I’ve been shopping here for nine years now and always find something seriously beautiful.

Consign Couture – My friend Tamara owns this amazing high-end consignment shop in Lake Oswego. They do the best outreach on social media. They have live sales on Facebook, and keep up well with their Instagram, too. They’ve recently been offering porch deliveries of what they have in store, so definitely check them out on Facebook for the most up-to-date items.

Gracie’s Apizza – Gracie’s has the BEST pizza and appetizers/salads in our neighborhood (and honestly in all of Portland—don’t fight me on this, Portlanders.) They’re currently offering take-out orders and some delivery, too! Omg, you will not be disappointed. The menu changes regularly, but the ricotta pie is usually on it and I say go for that for sure. Grab one of their delicious salads or veggie sides and a bottle of wine, too.

Lisa Congdon Art & Illustration – Until yesterday, my friend Lisa was offering everything from her gorgeous collection online, but now shipping is halted for the time being due to our recent state order. Definitely peruse the amazing pieces and tag for later, but in the meantime, grab an online class of hers! I highly recommend her Sketchbook Explorations and More Sketchbook Explorations. They really get you out of a rut and into new ways of thinking about keeping a regular sketchbook practice. LOVE. And I’m thinking of diving into Creative Boot Camp to get some fresh ideas in my struggling creative brain right now.

I know not all of us are in a position to afford much extra right now, but if you do have the means and can continue to help out your favorite places, it means so much. Buy some coffee beans from your favorite coffee shop (and send them to your local nurses) or order swag from them if they have it.

Grab a few gifts for people for later this year, or heck just do it to keep some of the generosity vibe going strong (to offset all the hoarding that is happening right now, right? UGH) Coming together (apart) is what is going to get us ALL through this weird thing. Have those virtual happy hours or dinner dates or book clubs or knitting groups with your friends to keep a little inkling of normal. Much love to all of you and stay safe, stay home. Seriously, all the social distancing hugs and high fives…



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  1. Fun stuff! Just ordered some Lusa Congdon cards, it will be a nice surprise when they arrive some time in the future!

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