Sneaker Comparison: P448 Mid Tops vs. Steve Madden Serena High Tops


Hello TME crew. Welcome to another fun comparison of a higher-end brand to a less expensive brand. We all always want to know “are they worth the price tag?” You know I love doing these posts with jeans, so I thought I’d foray into sneakers. (Also, #puppypaws above are killing me.)

Cam and Shana casually mentioned this brand, P448, when discussing their love of the Golden Goose sneaks, and I had to investigate further…mostly because they mentioned they’re half the price. I can thank my mom for instilling me with the love of a better deal. But at over $200 I was still skeptical…who needs sneakers that are that expensive? Will they chip in and do some chores for me at that price? #iwish So I ordered a few pairs to see what the deal with higher-end sneakers was.

P448 Love Mixed Media High Tops

Tee – XS | Overalls (similar)

P448 Love Mixed Media Mid Tops — First off. These are SO rad. I mean. Look at them. You can see why I wanted to try them. I love that they already have that broken-in look, they have a cool combo of mixed textures and colors, and they are truly comfy inside (padded heel!) I also adore where they hit on my ankle. SO FLATTERING. And the copper snakeskin? Stahhp it.

BUT, honestly the only problem I had with them (sadly, it’s a big one), is that I don’t freaking fit European sizing. I’m right between a 38 and 39. Meh. Most brands don’t offer a half-size in between. They got everything else right with these though. I would imagine they will break in a little bit and possibly could be stretched out, but hmm. It is an investment to start with, and I kinda wasn’t up for spending that coin and then hoping they’d break in. Bleh.

Steve Madden Serena

 Blazer – S | Jeans – 6P (run small) | Sneakers – TTS

Tank – S | Bra – S | Leggings – S

Steve Madden Serena High Tops – First off, I will say this jacket is making these sneaks look pretty rad, but these shoes stand on their own even without a fab plaid jacket. They’re comfy, fit well, and have that cool mix of textures/fabrics that the P448 have. PLUS, they’re part of the #nsale and are under $60. I know. They fit TTS and come up higher on the leg than the P448 high tops, which, besides not having the cool broken-in factor, is my only draw back with them. They are definitely stiffer and not buttery soft inside like the P448 are, but, they fit my foot. A win for shoes, in my book. I think they’ll eventually gain some of that broken-in vibe, but it’ll just take wearing them. And I want to! Because they’re cool. They even look rad with workout clothes.

BTW: Cams Tried Them in Black

Heya! Cams here. I am a tried and true Golden Goose fan, as Laura mentioned, but that said…I can always appreciate a more affordable option (not everyone is willing to spend upwards of $500 on a pair of sneaks). So.

I tried on the Steve Maddens and, overall, I think that for the price (under $100) they are a great option. They’re comfortable (once the laces are loosened up a bit) and with my years of experience with Maddens, I’d say they will last a good amount of time. My only thing to note — they can be hard to zip up. The glitter makes them a bit stiff on the sides. That said, I did find that loosening up the laces made it easier to zip them up.

plaid blazer charcoal grey jeans high tops

black sequin high top sneaker

Blazer – size S, (similar style here) | Top – size 6 | Jeans – size 4 | Sneakers – TTS, size 9.5

And Just For Funzies, I Tried the Low P448’s, Too

P448 Mixed Leather Low Top – Love these. I was more on the hunt for the high top, but wanted to compare. These are my favorite of the two lower versions. Again, they’re super-comfy inside, but the sizing was off for me. Buttery soft interior though! (It sounds like I’m talking about a pastry…)

Tank – S | Jeans – 27

P448 Miami Sneakers – Super cute. Didn’t love the darker suede color, but again with the fit issues. Just a little too in-between sizes. This style with the darker color makes my foot look really short, too. Or maybe that’s just me?

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This was such a fun experiment. The overall take-away for me is that IF the sizing had worked better for me, I think the price point of the P448 shoes would be worth it. If you’re a sneaker girl like me, you know you get great wear out of your rad comfy shoes like this. BUT, this is why we try these things out. And I’m so glad I did. I can definitely feel the difference between the brands here, but it still comes down to fit and budget. I hope this try-out session was helpful. Let me know if there are any other brands in this style you love!



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