Sneaker Wedges: The MOST PERFECT Mom Shoe? (I think so…)



Mamas.  I can run.  I can climb.  I can kick soccer balls, and walk around – all day – without an ounce of discomfort.  I can wear my super-thick woolly socks, I can pick up chubby Pax and I can even baby-wear him for a while.  I can do all of this – all of it!! – and?  And AND AND???  Be several inches taller.  

Taller is huge, people.  HUGE.  Even my hair looks better when I'm in heels.  (And I realize that referring to sneaker wedges as heels is a bit of a stretch….)

Diana-of-the-hunt knows how good tall feels.


I'll admit….it took me a while to get on board (I waited for a version that did NOT cost $300).  Once I tried them, however, the comfort+tall was so good that there was No. Going. Back.  Happily, styling sneaker wedges is pretty easy.  Once I got over my tendency to pair them only with over-sized tees and loads of black eyeliner…I found that these shoes are a perfectly modern substitute for tall, flat boots.  Kat from Does My Bum Look 40 In This (HA!) provides a ton of great inspiration for chic, sophisticated sneaker styling.  Check out the last look here for one example. 

Besides, what is that quote?  "The higher the heel, the closer to God?"  (snort)  

Can't you see my tree-like halo?


It's a sign, Mamas*.  Let's embrace it.  Here are my favorite sneaker wedges to date:


See By Chloe Lace-Up Wedge Sneakers, $375 | Marc Jacobs Camo Sneaker Wedge, $328 | Ash Cool Wedge With Mesh Inserts, $230

Nike Tonal Dunk Wedge Sneaks, $120 | Steve Madden Olympia Wedge Sneaker, $100 | Topshop Aerobic Wedge Sneaker, $90

Target Xhiliration Kahsha Wedge Sneaker, $35 | Target Xhiliration Sandra Wedge Sneaker, $30 | Bamboo Black Lace-Up Wedge Sneakers, $48


I have the ones by Steve Madden (middle row, middle column) and they are dead-ringers for my original obsession, the Ash wedge sneaks.  However, I'm getting so much wear out of them, that the $200 Ash's may have been the better purchase from a cost-per-wear objective (we'll see how long the Maddens last).  

What do you think, Mamas?  Is anyone else L-O-V-I-N-G the sneaker wedge trend as much as I am?



(*If that isn't shopping enabling, I don't know what is.)


ps.  Funny story about my bag:  I was in some boutique in Old City, when the tragically hip sales clerk commented on my bag.  "OMG your bag is SO COOL" were her exact words. "Thanks!" I said brightly.  Pause.  "It's a diaper bag!"  And then I just enjoyed her co-workers snorts of disbelief and her embarrassment.  Whatever.  They clearly haven't gotten the memo about how cool us moms are yet.


  1. Hmm, you’re making a strong argument. I’m still not sure if I’m on board… but the Target cheapies might make it worth a try.

  2. Never would I have EVER given these a second glance on my own… But suddenly I have an irresistible need to have my own pair right now! Why oh why did I agree to no more purchases this month?! Blasted Pottery Barn– had I known these would be needing me I totally would have saved the home decor for February. Time to finagle the dinero a bit…And thanks for enlightening the sales girl about rocking diaper bags. Someday she’ll thank you!

  3. I JUST told DH earlier today that I’m coveting a pair of sneaker wedges! He’s not on board yet, but I don’t care. haha. You look great in yours! I’ll definitely be buying a pair soon.

  4. I was all over the theory of the sneaker wedge. Tried on all of them I could find. And they either didn’t fit properly (couldn’t even get my foot in one of them) or they looked like orthopedics with too thick white soles. Still looking, but I’ve nearly given up. 🙁

  5. I have to tell you, I don’t care for sneaker wedges. Then again, I JUST succumbed to the skinny-jeans-in-tall-boots look, so I am obviously way behind the times! I guess I’m a “Late Adopter”!

  6. I’m with the no’s on this, but I think its my refusal to wear sneakers of any variety outside of working out! I just can’t, even the fashion-y ones!!

  7. So, the ones that really look like just a high top sneaker are alright, but I HATE the ones that the wedge is clearly visible. I won’t be wearing them, though, because like someone else commented, I don’t wear sneakers unless I’m exercising.

  8. This post may make me at least give them a try! They look so cute on you, I’m just not sure I can get behind this one… even though I could use the extra height. Desert wedges have been catching my eye for a whole now (Clark’s Yarra, J. Crew MacAlister), maybe that would be a better way to work in the wedge trend for some mamas? Thoughts?
    LOVE the diaper bag story.

  9. I’m a new convert to skinny pants – Old Navy has some great inexpensive options. I’ve been trying your suggestion of skinny jeans, tall socks and boots combo recently and I think it’s working (the hubby seems to be on board too!). So, I’m going to trust your judgement again, S. The wedge sneakers look really great on you and the comfort factor is huge! I’m leaning towards the Bamboo Black Lace-Ups because I’m not loving the white soles on the others plus the red laces are fun! Please keep the ideas coming!

  10. You look adorable as always, enviably so, but these are They just remind me of the “ghetto-fab” (think J-Lo) look that was popular about 10 years ago….without the “fab” part. :-p

  11. I’ve been dying for these, and wondering if I was crazy. Saw that you are also crazy, and so I ordered some great sketcher velcro ones immediately. Viva la wedge!

  12. Yup, they look great on you. But, no, I can’t do it. It reminds me of the early 90s steve madden platform sneaker trend. Remember that? I have tried for years to feel/look stylish in a sneaker (since sometimes it’s just the ONLY choice when you have two young boys) and I have never been able to pull it off.
    – Mad

  13. So I recently posted about this trend the other day on Facebook. I was totally against it. For one…at 34..I would feel too old to wear them and or two…I am 5’9 and my husband is 5’7, heels make me feel a little Tom crusy and Katy holmesy to me. But seeing them on you…I did some searching and found a flat pair at target and thought..hmmmm…….

  14. I haven’t quite decided whether it’s frustrating or wonderfully inspirational how pretty much EVERYTHING looks cute on you! I would have dismissed this idea out of hand had it not been for the pics. Gosh, I even considered trying them on.

  15. Ahhh.. I LOVE the sneaker looks great on your photos above, but I don’t know if I could rock those around these parts too well (South Carolina where everything is floral and pastels a la’ Lily Pulitzer and Vera Bradley!) Oh I miss the fashions of the West Coast. Heck, even the NorthEast!!

  16. DURN… I could cry, especially after hearing Shana say how much she’s been wearing it! I LOVE a splurge when the cost-per-wear makes it somewhat not really a splurge!?! Shana – one last question… incase I stumble across one… how is it sized? Are you wearing an XS or a S?

  17. I feel validated. I am almost 40 and 5’11” and love my tan wedge sneakers…and although they are way too much fun, I don’t feel out of place wearing them. Enjoying your posts and am inspired with new ideas. Thanks!

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